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Thursday, July 28, 2005

damn it!! could things get any worse than this?!?

mood : frustrated
music : bodies by drowning pool

well, as u noe, i'm starting college now. n whut's so frustrating or 'menyakitkan hati' is dat out of 4 classes, 3 of them, i'll be classmate with intan!! yepperz. that bitch dat i hate. i noe she's my x's x, but once i hate sumone, it's very hard for me to accept dat person. like i sad b4, i have a problem of letting go. now my mood to study have completely gone. n i juz can't ignore her cuz the feeling of disgusted by her is always there. even at the other class where we're not in the same class, her frens r there, n even tho i dunnoe them, at all, i hate them. aarrggghhhh!!! damn it!! could things get any worse than this?!?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


mood : bored
music : *none at the moment*

today, i started my first class for my degree. we didn't really study today since the lecturer just gave a bit briefing to us. our class does combine with sum mass comm student so kathy, hannah and zi hui were there as well. there were also 2 of 'dat gurl' frens there. n there's thiz one bossy gurl, raja zarith i think ( i heard sumone call her that ). unfortunately, she'll be in another same class with me. i hope she's not as bad as i think she is ( 1st impression counts ) cuz i dun wanna make any more 'enemies' in college than i already have. i won't say that 'they' r my enemies, but i think it's all clear dat we dun like each other, or shall i say, dun click.i won't be having any class 2morrow. wonder whut i'll be doing. i can't really study since there's no thing to study. i havn't got a clue whut my lessons will be like. maybe, if my mum's free, i'll ask her to buy my text books. they're so expensive.hmm. i noe college might be a boring thing to write about but that's whut's happening in my life rite now.

on my way back after picking up my sis from her skool, i swear i saw zaim. i guess i feel juz the same like feez ( as stated in her blog ). anyone who has ever owned me will own me for the rest of time. i can't help it. i won't let go. u see, i'm pretty sure i have the problem of letting go. i noe he doesn't mean a thing to me now, but it's very hard to forget him. not juz bcuz whut he did to me ( tho that wuz a bit expected ) but also how much i cared about him. even tho i noe whut we had would not even last ( better yet, even serious ). bleugh. nuff said.

i really wanna take guitar lessons. i love playing the guitar ( u noe whut i mean ). i luv being able to sing while playing the guitar. it'll be so damn cool. i'm prepare to practise even if it takes a year to be very good at it. i'm willing to do it. yeay!! =b i could imagine myself playin. hahaha. i'm so blur rite now. i have no idea whut to type, but like always, i'll update this blog as often as i can. at least once a week.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

a new blog for a new life

mood: normal
music: life goes on - leann rimes

from now on, i'll be posting in this new blog. new website, new nickname etc. i've finished my foundation n now starting my degree, tho my registration is not approved yet. wishing i could take guitar lesson starting next month. i've set up my mind to change my attitude. i'm gonna do my best to achieve whut i want. i noe i've said that b4 but hopefully i'll be able to do it for real now. last saturday, i had a small gathering wif jue, shikin, n anis. che'ah wus there too. we had fun, it was nice meeting them n remembering the gud old days. here's a pic of us at mid valley.

we're planning to have another gathering which is yet to be confirm. i dun hav much to write at this moment, but i'll do my best to update this blog as often as i can. till then, wish me luck in whutever i do.