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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Whichever is convenient....

so my block leave was approved!! woot!! will have a long break n enjoy the World Cup with the fam.. yeayy.. Japan was eliminated (the last asian team), n Spain kicked Ronaldo's ass hahahah at least there's sumthing to rejoice about...

most ppl r on leave today.. feels so quiet here *creeking sound*

might go to Sogo this weekend.. shopping!! Sale!! so yeah.. fine dining!!

went to watch Toy Story 3 last night... was fun n a lil sad.. i remember back then when i had toys like dat.. still have a few stuffed animals (the survivors) but they're just on display with the exceptance of Mr Teddy (izads') n Baba (yayas') of which i sumtimes sleep wif =b yeah i like sleeping with them.. especially Mr Teddy.. very hugable.. i used to sleep with my penguin but the fur just ain't right.. makes me wanna sneeze so won't be getting a nice sleep then... anyway, will be watching Karate Kid wif my sis later on... free tix from Usu.. yeay!! not really sure when to watch a-team wif mohsin.. mayb sum other time..

currently watching loads of Psych episodes.. streaming rox with unifi.. but sux with megavideo.. 72mins max a shot.. so an episode a day will keep u sane..Shawn n Gus are so random.. (reminds me of sum1).. they have that likeable characteristic..

whut else.. whut else??

nothing much to do with the title ay?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

draft, draft, draft yet again

laziness is invading me yet again... another draft (in my head), a serious note so not really the time to dwell on unifi at home n we've been downloading movies as if our lives depends on it.. 1 selling point of it was dat downloading movies would be faster, n they weren't kidding.. 1hr for a movie, well that's a new record in this household.. so yeah, if the police decided to raid the place, i'm not quite sure whether we will ever get out of jail...

arghh busy at work? sorta.. i hate my job.. need to get a new one prompto.. sleepy sleepy... football season but haven't really watched those 2:30am matches... might wanna consider tonight as Spain will be meeting Portugal... so Go Spain!! thought of taking my block leave from 7th till 13th.. semis n finals baby!! woot!! Argentina or Brazil?? Messi or Kaka??

MRM dinner was fun... we performed, we ate, we had a blast.. Glow in the Dark was awesome (for a rookie) n the guys (aka Sam) killed it.. he was hillarious bahahah fun night indeed.. food was great, tho should've eaten more... no pix will be posted here (was there ever?).. if u're lucky, might find some at my tumblr... (need a blogspot app for bb asap)

still can't figure out how to do this report.. mayb cuz there's no redemption, but it's hard to tell.. just learnt it yesterday n with no practise, i'm not sure if it's right.. might just leave it as it is n pick it up back tomorrow..

Movie night with my sisters n my mum... papa won't be joining us as usual (i think he's alergic to d cinema) hahaha kidding.. Toy Story 3 tonight!!! woot!! i think i'm gonna cry..

i miss u Ducky, wherever u r....

Friday, June 18, 2010


too many draft here n not even one is completed... dun really have time to blog away... so just a quickie here...

World Cup is here!!! rooting for France but they currently sux.. tied the first match n lost to Mexico yesterday.... next up, they're facing South Africa.. n being at home ground, not sure how that'll turn out to be.. please win at least once!!! u guyz were in the finals the last time.... dun't u remeber?? headbutt?? haishh...

nevertheless... while not watching all matches, i'm enjoying the games at the moment... frustrating game from spain d other day.... argentina seems to be having a good one...

busy with work... think about giving 1 year max here then might take off... not really sumthing i wanna do for a living...

gtg now... hope to c u soon... toodles..

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Wishfull Thinking

i left a note on my bed, the only way of explaining my intentions.. i'll never have the guts to say it to their face, so a written note would do.. after making sure that my bags were packed, i took a last look at my bedroom, for i noe that the next time i lay eyes on it, would be for a long time.. the cab was waiting outside, so i hurriedly went down n locked the door.. as i hopped on tha cab, i thought to myself, how things would change from now on.. i've made a drastic decision for once in my life that i noe will have a huge impact on several ppl especially my family.. on the way to the airport, i thought back on how i've come to make this decision.. it doesn't seem like me at all, but whut i do for a living doesn't quite satisfy me the way i hope my life would be.. i go on and on for days and weeks without really thinking much about whut i do.. so when news broke about the attack, and seeing ppl forwarding msgs or changing their profile pics at fb, i thought, that ain't gonna do nothing for them.. condemning actions are easy, i can say things, but to walk the talk is tough.. suddenly, i felt the urge to do sumthing productive.. something that i noe would make me happy by helping others.. only God noes how much i've been thinking about it but i always contemplate that without money, the only thing i could offer is energy and i havn't really done much about it.. of course i've thought about it a lot, but now i felt like it's time.. it's time to do something worthwhile.. and so i signed up for this organisation as an activist, went thruogh their training, n finally chosen to help out..

i arrived at the airport about an hour later and met up with a few frens i made along the way.. we board the plane and from then on, i knew there was no turning back.. we've come for a mission and i won't be coming back until my job here is done.. it was gonna be a long flight and even though i tried to rest my eyes, my mind wouldn't stop thinking about the possibilities..

back home, my family came back to an empty house.. eventually, my note will be read n i can imagine how their reactions will be.. but by then, i'll already be halfway to my destination.. i'm sorry for any disappointement or pain i caused, i never meant to be selfish..


unfinished shoty i did a while back.. posting this up on 29.11.2010.. it's been a while...