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Friday, December 31, 2010

Just A Thought

are we biased? no, seriously, are we? i do think so, in some ways.. the winning of the Football match did give us hope that we can make it, somehow.. although there are still much to improve.. today, we were given the day off to celebrate, but really there were a lot to celebrate (in terms of sports) way before we won the AFF Cup.. and no, i'm not talking about equestrian hahahaha =b have we not forgotten that we excell greatly in Squash and Badminton.. do we not have the no.1 player IN THE WORLD for these two sports instead of South East Asia (lets not mention how small that is.. it's not Asia we're talking about here cuz they won't even stand a chance against Japan or Korea etc).. yet, after all these while (even when Nicol David n Lee Chong Wei was awarded the Datukship which they truly deserve) why havn't we been celebrating it as a nation? why haven't we been granted Public Holidays in honor of them, who in my opinion deserved it more..
maybe it's because we have been waiting for years just to win this.. maybe it's because we can't afford to have a public holiday, each time Nicol n Chong Wei are no.1 (considereing how often that is).. i'm not hating here, just stating the obvious n also not the only person to say this (go to twitter, ppl are retweeting this).. nevertheless, it's an accomplishment that needs to be acknowledge..and when the PM announces a public holiday, i doubt many will complain.. anyway, it's just a thought.. what's the reason really to rejoice for a certain event.. the sports that's played, the ppl who plays it? i don't noe.. whatever it is (cue post merepek), i'm gonna marry a footballer who earns $200 000 a week, who's name doesn't rhymes with Fernando or gurney hahahaha oklah dah merepek, backdated post anyway.. toodles..

Name This For Me

it wasn't too long ago that we first met,
it's one of those days that i'll never forget,
you came gracefully and i embraced you,
you were like the rest, the ones that came before you.

now you're slowly fading away,
i can't stop you, i can't make you stay,
you will be replaced by another,
just like how you did with the others.

and just like always, i start to remember,
about the times when they were here,
the sorrows and the joy they bring,
and the possibilities that might lies within.

and just how i treated the others, i'll treat this new one just the same,
with an open mind and another middle name,
they vary from strong, optimistic and happy,
but never fragile, pathetic nor crappy.

you'll never be forgotten,
my dearest two-o-ten,
and so here i am with arms wide open,
here i am, welcoming two-o-eleven.

***Happy New Year All***

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let it be 5:45 already

can't wait for it to be 5:45 n rush home.. another long weekend for me hehehe almost new year.. excited? well, same old-same old ay.. i'm only looking forward to 1st jan cuz of the bbq (yes, u guessed it) other than that, nothing much.. currently staring at the clock so that it'll move a bit faster..doesn't work tho.. what are ur plans tomorrow? i'm just gonna stay at home as usual... grab a book, or getting hook on Sims or Sorority Life.. either way, it's still a good life for me...

(post tangkap muat)

Congratulations Harimau Malaya

at least that's what they've been saying all day long... a huge shoutout to M'sian football team!! woot!! u23 right? another big shoutout esepcially to Khairul Fahmi the goallie n Safee for a superb performance both home and away.. thanks to this AFF Suzuki cup, i'm starting to get to noe the names of our local players.. n that's rare.. i used to noe the names of Syed Adney (cuz die cute nk mampos), n the glamorous twins for their celebrity WAG.. so it's actually refreshing to noe our players by their talent..
my review of the game? i enjoyed the home leg better, mainly cuz we were attacking.. they played a little sloppy in terms of passing n all (not to mention the aggression), but all 3 goals were superb.. top class indeed hehehe but i knew when they scored 3-0 at home, they'll be playing defence away.. not to be mean, i think the defenders suck.. the only reason Indonesia didn't score as much as they could've (which fortunately didn't) was because their strikers were a bit off in terms of aiming.. lots of shots but not shots on goal (don't really noe the statistics)..another reason is cuz WE HAVE A SUPER AMAZING GOALLIE!!! hahaha ok, maybe not to Iker Casillas nyer standard but really good la.. i vote him for Man of the Match =b
anyway, Najib declared tomorrow to be a public holiday (woot!!), although it's not like we won the World Cup or anything.. we have enough public holidays already, not that i'm complaining hehehe but it was typical of him so who cares.. as long as i don have to sit in the office n die slowly hehehe
on another note, the Gunners tied against Wigan.. =( shame on you... wigan kodi ok!!! if u can't even win against them, what does that say about u?? ok, back to work...
Happy New Year all... n #iheartmalaysia

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Writers Block

if u cherish 5 minutes of ur time, let me tell u upfront that this is not worth reading... cuz this will be 5 minutes of ur life, u'll never get back..

writer's block...i get this all the time.. not that i'm an author or anything.. it's just that sometimes, i don't know what to right about.. ironically, it usually happens at times when i feel like writing n i have more spare time at hand that i usually do.. when does ideas come flowing? most of the time, when i'm in bed or away from my pen & paper.. yes, i do still enjoy physically writing on papers although i don't do it that often.. it's hard to find a pen lying around in my house.. on the other hand, papers are everywhere.. i still have my skechers book nearby... i feel like combining all stuff that i wrote in one place.. owh wait, that's here.. actually i was thinking more in the line of poetries (not that i write a lot of those)... but it's nice to see them in one place, organised n chronicled by date.. then i could actually see how i evolve (if i ever did) n what topics do i enjoy writing about... these 2 years were a lot about deaths n suicide n all those emo stuff.. few years back was all about heartbreak.. n between the lines were about love n friendship.. i'm thinking of writing something new.. about inspiration, desire or all those ambitious things.. unfortunately i don't know much of them to write about..

n unfortunately i always tend to write rhymes, although poetry doesn't have to be that way.. it's just when i re-read what i write, it sounds a bit odd when it's off.. it might not seem so in the song, but i fail in that area so i tend to fall back to my comfort zone.. and then there's the short stories i never seem to finish (to be honest, i've only got 2).. if only there's a pc that could read my mind n write out whatever i think, i'll have tons of short stories in my credentials... but those are just in my head, n my stories seems good in my head n not so good on paper.. i could visualise something but it's a bit hard to describe it in words.. maybe that's why i only write half of the story.. the other half are still finding the words to describe itself.. hmmm maybe i'll start another one soon n put that on my list of new year resolution.. write a story n finish it within a year.. that'll be nice.. although being pessimistic about myself as it is, i truly doubt this one goal...

anyway.. last week of 2010.. did u have a good year? if u could relive this year, which part of it will it be? hard to choose right.. cuz it all contributes to a great year.. owhhh time goes by so fast, so Unchained Melody and Hung Up, what were u thinking?? i'm gonna be 25 next year!! that's a quarter of a century... just imagine, i've lived this long.. i wonder what my parents were up to when they were 25.. i think i'll ask them later n write about it hehehe maybe that'll be fun...

u noe what else is fun? The Gunners beating The Blues!!! it'll be super awesome if that was MU they were trashing but then chelsea will do too.. 3-1, goals by Alex Song, Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcott.. rugi jer xtgk but nevertheless, as long as we win, i am happy.. hahahaha oklah.. merepek gler dh ni... counting down till saturday.. should write out a list on what to buy, but yaya is at home so i think i'll leave that to her n mama...

Monday, December 27, 2010

I Miss My Long Weekend

so after 4 1/2 days of heaven, i'm finally back in hell hahaha kidding.. although sometimes it does feels like it... it was fun sitting at home, not doing much, something that i'm used to back in my college days... during those days, i went to Ikea for another round of meatball, went to Selayang to visit the newborn Qaliff Qaiser (cute gler) and potong pokok rambutan opah, went out to celebrate my parents' anniversary, and hang out with my sisters... out of those four days, i only managed to work out (sorta) once huhuhuh kinda disappointed with my lack of determination but i do also think that that's some accomplishment for me as well.. had a fit yesterday cuz of how much i've 'grown horizontally'.. i'm becoming more of kim kardashian from the back =s n it kinda sux cuz everyhting i wear now makes me look huge n are super uncomfortable... so i tried to make it my mission yesterday to at least buy something new for my wardrobe.. only managed to buy one top, no thanx to my stupid shoes that hurts my feet n this lousy unfit arm that ache after cutting my opah's tree...

The adorable Qaliff born on 22nd December 2010.. he was 2 days old at this time n already rambut dh lebat kn...

on 25th December, we went to Asal @ Kota Damansara to celebrate our parents' anniversary... we were the only customer there when we reached the place and was kinda bummed when we had a look at the menu...

because of our low expectation, the food tasted super yummy... we ended up ordering another round of this... had one like this but chicken, chicken leg with rice (mcm nasi ayam la gak), then iranian bread with beef curry n iranian salad.... sedap sedap sedap... i'd give it 8.5/10 n highly recommend this place...

see, we all ate smp licin hbs la... iranian bread (mcm pita bread) je tinggal sket sbb kenyang sgt dh... plus we had another thing in mind later...

which was this!! we're officially froyo freaks... they opened another outlet in OU!!! that was supposed to be ours huhuh we gave our parents their presents.. mama didn't seem to like hers huhuhuhu double sedih...

this activity made my arm sore... no regrets, it was fun tho n i was happy that opah was happy =D but sayang, the tree is getting old, n the rambutans itselves dah xberapa manis n juicy...

tired but satisfying... can't wait for this coming saturday @ new year.. it's gonna be our family barbeque.. n contrary to my so-called 'new year resolution', i'm planning to eat a lot =b so to make it up to it, i'll try to eat less for this week, n if i fail to do so, then the next coming week heheheh let's fit myself back into my old favourite jeans!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Don't Wanna Go Back To Work!!!

staying at home these past few days were great... i don't feel like going back to the office tomorrow =( aarrgghhh the horror... got pics to post so it'll be up later... chillaxing at home... another week to go till this year end.. enjoy 2010 while it last..


Friday, December 24, 2010

Do We Live For Our Parents, Or Do We Live For Ourselves

sometimes, when making decisions in ur life, there are certain things we would consider such as, what's in it for me...other times we'd consider about what our parents reactions would be.. for my case, it has always been the latter.. almost all major decisions in my life (dat usually define what my course of life would be) were made based on what my parents would say, rather on what i i have always been the kind of person who lives for my parents.. ask me this a few months or even weeks ago, n i'll say in some ways, i hoped i could change that.. but something that my mum said yesterday, kinda hit me hard.. you see, tomorrow mark my parents' 28th anniversary (ke 27th??).. but it's also the 15th year my atok passed away.. n we were talking about this and how he was in the police force, when my mum said "mama xpuas berkhidmat utk atok".. at first i thought she was talking about police work, but then i realized she was talking about something else.. i might be biased here, but i truly think she's the best role model ever, especially as a daughter and i'll be honour if i could end up being just even half of her as how she is to opah.. i realised the words she said has deeper meaning, cuz the one thing that we lack now is time.. if only we had more time together, how great would that be... i could picture her taking atok for umrah as well, just how she did for opah, nek usu n she paid for toksu din.. i could imagine how she'll visit them weekly, without fail, or even calling them if she couldn't make it.. yes, i do realise what she mean.. she hasn't feel like she's done enough to give back all the great things her parents has done for her.. all the sacrifices they've been through to raise her well n mold her as the woman she's become today.. she is lucky though to still have my opah and do what she's meant to do twice as much..

and for that simple sentence, i wouldn't mind living for my parents.. cuz really, what else is there to live for anyway?

i dedicate this post to Abdul Majid, our lovely bapak and atok.. we would've love it if you could be here with us today.. we all miss u very much.. u left too soon..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dinner With The Boys

i don't really have the mood to write this past few days... anyway, aunty ozy and the boys came over last night after going to Bently Music n Ikea.. my sister told me this around 7 sumthing..alang drove to work that day but only knew about it when he reached Parliment so he didn't have time to tell me dat hehe so i reached home and changed a bit before we head out for dinner.. papa had some kenduri to go to, so there was 8 of us.. we went to Santai cuz it was nearest.. it was full when we reached there but luckily there was a table for us.. didn't take pics of food cuz we were hungry... i had Mee Bandung, my sis had Nasi goreng padprik ayam, mama had nasi putih with tom yam campur n telur dadar, alang had nasi goreng ayam merah and telur dadar, aunt ozy had nasi putih with kerabu mangga n sayur kailan, abang had nasi goreng pattaya, isa had mee hun goreng, n ilyas had mee hun tom yam... haa it's amazing how my mind remembers odd things =b anyway alang blanja mkn,so thanx a lot.. total damage was rm73.40 for 8 ppl.. not so bad compared to the last time we went to santai which cost us rm63 for 3 ppl huhuhu

xready lg, looked up n saw aunty ozy aiming her bb to us so last minute pose =b
L-R: yaya, me, abang n ilyas

checking out the menu n ordering food before getting seated

L-R: ilyas, isa, alang n aunt ozy

reserved just for us, cuz we're special like dat hahaha

evryone is full.. nyum2.. L-R: isa, alang n abang

owh on 1st Jan, we're gonna have our family bbq again!! woot!! i love this occasion.. this family is rather small compare to my dad's side (obviously, duh) but we still have fun during gatherings.. we tried to make this an annual thing.. oklah, actually tried every quarter of the year but i think we managed about twice a year.. normal menu would be lamb chop, chicken wings, steak (for those yg xmkn lamb), hot dogs n some other random thing we felt like doing... last time we had baked pasta, n might have dat as well on yop of burgers n shrimp.. agak overla just to feed 14 ppl but when else can we go all out kn.. can't wait for dat..

on another note.. will be taking half day leave today and continue till friday.. woot!! long weekend =D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


so 2011 is approaching fast.. what a year this was.. just like any other year, it's full with ups and downs.. ppl are going on about achieving their resolutions, and planning on making new ones.. i'm not sure whether i made any, cuz i basically never achieve any so why bother right? well, that's how i thought of it all these while.. but really, maybe we do need these targets or goals in life, just so we could feel that sense of accomplishment.. my resolutions have always been the same i think.. working out more n get a tee wee bit more healthy, spending less money and save more.. then there were those back in the days, practise (i mean learning) to play the guitar.. i guess i'm at the point where i need to change some goals.. i thought i made them logic, reasonable n achievable, but who am i kidding right? nevertheless, if i look back at what i've done so far, there might be some accomplishments done here and there..

well for starters, i just bought a car... even thought i didn't save up much to pay off the deposit, i'm thankfull to have my dad for that.. my goal of saving 1000 min a month might have run off its course for certain months but i'm getting the hang of it.. the money left in my bank is in some ways, saticfactional.. but lets not talk about working out... i fail big time in that area.. if there was a skool for exercise, i'd never graduate till i'm 50 =b the Broga Hill trip did prove how unfit i am n i did plan to make it a monthly trip but we'll see.. i dun have high hopes for it, but i'm sure that i'll be taking another trip there next year so yeah, i'll put that on my list...

come to think about it, i think i'll make a list of things to do next year.. i'll still keep 'em achievable, but i won't make it as a weekly or monthly thing.. so here goes, these are the things that i wanna do in 2011:-

1. Climb Broga Hill twice within 1 year period and reaching the 4th peak at least once out of those attempts...

2. Save at least 5000 for the whole year (i've estimated this after paying for bills, my car n other essentials)

3. Have an extensive workout (1 hour straight hahaha) at least 3 times.. (i should mark this down whenever i do make it to an hour straight)

4. Track down my spendings for a whole month (only 12 chances for this, so i gotta do it right)

5. Buy presents for my family on their birthday (there's only 4 anyway)

6. Get my waistline back to 26" =b

7. Fit in my Goggles jeans comfortably (this one jeans used to be loose)

That's all that i could think of for the time being... might update more...anyway, hope u all have a wonderfull n blessed year ahead.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What Is This??

i can't imagine going through this.. haishh u're so lucky nothing major happened =b

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sungai Tekala Pics

next stop, Sungai Tekala... my sisters and i didn't join them, picnic jer.. enjoy the pics...

last pic of the day... overall it was soooo tiring, but totally worth it.. had fun hanging out with the cousins... next outing tpt aircond je tau.. bowling n movies on top of the list =D

Broga Hill pics

Pics from last Sunday.. minimum caption cuz i'm lazy dat way =b enjoy..

sumpah xtau namper ade Mat Cool kat situ...

the boys with Mat Cool..

kak long sedih xdpt amek pic sorg2.. ade jer org menyelit hahaha

the highest peak that us girls didn't reach...

suraya after jatuh from that rock hahahah

so now tgh menahan malu...

Sungai Tekala pics coming up next... mls nk caption cuz dah citer bout it in my previous post...