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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Chilis @ KLCC

lazy weekend.. as usual.. had fun hanging out with Hani and Ady last Friday... went out to eat Chilis @ KLCC after work.. nk hilangkn stress supposedly hehehehe i guess food usually cures everything (regardless whether it's temporary or not) we had these for dinner..

i had Lamb Shoulder

Hani had SMK Steak (dunnoe what SMk stands for)
and Ady had Salmon
then later we shared this yummy desert

then lepak KLCC for a while with my sis while my lil sis nk mandi before fetching us.. tgk handbags, best gler.. rs cm dh lamer xshopping.. tp now kering huhuhuh den went to look for my Fossil purse lg, but unfortunately they didn't have it.. the guy said it was an old model.. owh well, i guess it's not meant to be then.. showed yaya my poppy handbag from Coach.. cute sgt2 but totally not within my budget (unless i marry Prince Harry, then maybe i'll consider it) =b

went karok yesterday.. loan ngn yaya hahahhaa no matter how often or how long karok, i think xkn pernah puas... best sgt2, i love screaming my heart out even tho it sounds horrible, mcm nk pecah tekak tarik tinggi2... then jln2 sket n went to KL nk tunjuk my sis the way to Time Square n got stuck in the jam.. hentam jer jln blk but we managed to find our way... before we reached home, sempat singgah OU jap cuz yaya nk bli mouse.. then izad went to sent her shoes for took an hour for it to be done so jln2 kt OU jap.. n i must say, their Christmas decoration this year is the best of it all... Curve is usually my favourite n they did good... but OU was's a bit of a hassle tho if u're wearing high heels... bought Subway for dinner then went home to watch Scott Pilgrim which was so-so cuz i can't really hear whut their saying.. sound effect kuat but the conversations a low...owh n Arsenal won!! woot!! currently leading, thank you =b

found this cute little fella
didn't do much just now... washed the kitchen n played Sims all day...i asked a vampire to move in with me... had mcd for dinner n watched some tv while my sis braids my hair.. now i'm playing a bit of SL before i'm off to bed.. another week coming along.. i hope i can manage.. i'm actualy tired of it.. i dunnoe how some ppl manage it...