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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Congratulations Harimau Malaya

at least that's what they've been saying all day long... a huge shoutout to M'sian football team!! woot!! u23 right? another big shoutout esepcially to Khairul Fahmi the goallie n Safee for a superb performance both home and away.. thanks to this AFF Suzuki cup, i'm starting to get to noe the names of our local players.. n that's rare.. i used to noe the names of Syed Adney (cuz die cute nk mampos), n the glamorous twins for their celebrity WAG.. so it's actually refreshing to noe our players by their talent..
my review of the game? i enjoyed the home leg better, mainly cuz we were attacking.. they played a little sloppy in terms of passing n all (not to mention the aggression), but all 3 goals were superb.. top class indeed hehehe but i knew when they scored 3-0 at home, they'll be playing defence away.. not to be mean, i think the defenders suck.. the only reason Indonesia didn't score as much as they could've (which fortunately didn't) was because their strikers were a bit off in terms of aiming.. lots of shots but not shots on goal (don't really noe the statistics)..another reason is cuz WE HAVE A SUPER AMAZING GOALLIE!!! hahaha ok, maybe not to Iker Casillas nyer standard but really good la.. i vote him for Man of the Match =b
anyway, Najib declared tomorrow to be a public holiday (woot!!), although it's not like we won the World Cup or anything.. we have enough public holidays already, not that i'm complaining hehehe but it was typical of him so who cares.. as long as i don have to sit in the office n die slowly hehehe
on another note, the Gunners tied against Wigan.. =( shame on you... wigan kodi ok!!! if u can't even win against them, what does that say about u?? ok, back to work...
Happy New Year all... n #iheartmalaysia