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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dinner With The Boys

i don't really have the mood to write this past few days... anyway, aunty ozy and the boys came over last night after going to Bently Music n Ikea.. my sister told me this around 7 sumthing..alang drove to work that day but only knew about it when he reached Parliment so he didn't have time to tell me dat hehe so i reached home and changed a bit before we head out for dinner.. papa had some kenduri to go to, so there was 8 of us.. we went to Santai cuz it was nearest.. it was full when we reached there but luckily there was a table for us.. didn't take pics of food cuz we were hungry... i had Mee Bandung, my sis had Nasi goreng padprik ayam, mama had nasi putih with tom yam campur n telur dadar, alang had nasi goreng ayam merah and telur dadar, aunt ozy had nasi putih with kerabu mangga n sayur kailan, abang had nasi goreng pattaya, isa had mee hun goreng, n ilyas had mee hun tom yam... haa it's amazing how my mind remembers odd things =b anyway alang blanja mkn,so thanx a lot.. total damage was rm73.40 for 8 ppl.. not so bad compared to the last time we went to santai which cost us rm63 for 3 ppl huhuhu

xready lg, looked up n saw aunty ozy aiming her bb to us so last minute pose =b
L-R: yaya, me, abang n ilyas

checking out the menu n ordering food before getting seated

L-R: ilyas, isa, alang n aunt ozy

reserved just for us, cuz we're special like dat hahaha

evryone is full.. nyum2.. L-R: isa, alang n abang

owh on 1st Jan, we're gonna have our family bbq again!! woot!! i love this occasion.. this family is rather small compare to my dad's side (obviously, duh) but we still have fun during gatherings.. we tried to make this an annual thing.. oklah, actually tried every quarter of the year but i think we managed about twice a year.. normal menu would be lamb chop, chicken wings, steak (for those yg xmkn lamb), hot dogs n some other random thing we felt like doing... last time we had baked pasta, n might have dat as well on yop of burgers n shrimp.. agak overla just to feed 14 ppl but when else can we go all out kn.. can't wait for dat..

on another note.. will be taking half day leave today and continue till friday.. woot!! long weekend =D