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Friday, December 31, 2010

Just A Thought

are we biased? no, seriously, are we? i do think so, in some ways.. the winning of the Football match did give us hope that we can make it, somehow.. although there are still much to improve.. today, we were given the day off to celebrate, but really there were a lot to celebrate (in terms of sports) way before we won the AFF Cup.. and no, i'm not talking about equestrian hahahaha =b have we not forgotten that we excell greatly in Squash and Badminton.. do we not have the no.1 player IN THE WORLD for these two sports instead of South East Asia (lets not mention how small that is.. it's not Asia we're talking about here cuz they won't even stand a chance against Japan or Korea etc).. yet, after all these while (even when Nicol David n Lee Chong Wei was awarded the Datukship which they truly deserve) why havn't we been celebrating it as a nation? why haven't we been granted Public Holidays in honor of them, who in my opinion deserved it more..
maybe it's because we have been waiting for years just to win this.. maybe it's because we can't afford to have a public holiday, each time Nicol n Chong Wei are no.1 (considereing how often that is).. i'm not hating here, just stating the obvious n also not the only person to say this (go to twitter, ppl are retweeting this).. nevertheless, it's an accomplishment that needs to be acknowledge..and when the PM announces a public holiday, i doubt many will complain.. anyway, it's just a thought.. what's the reason really to rejoice for a certain event.. the sports that's played, the ppl who plays it? i don't noe.. whatever it is (cue post merepek), i'm gonna marry a footballer who earns $200 000 a week, who's name doesn't rhymes with Fernando or gurney hahahaha oklah dah merepek, backdated post anyway.. toodles..