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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some People Deserves to Die

Just like Theo van Gogh, some people deserves to be brutally murdered.. Matt Stone and Trey Parker to name a few.. havn't really been a fan of South Park.. Although some jokes were indeed funny and sarcastic, there's always a line to be drawn in order to acknowledge how far is too far.. when is enough, enough.. I have to admit that i ain't religious, but i am spiritual.. i do beleive in God n all (so on and so forth) so when my religion is criticized, off course i get pissed off...

There's only that much a person can voice out n use "Freedom of Speech" as an excuse.. i mean c'mon, i can talk shit about anything n there's no really stopping me, but i wouldn't shout about it to the world.. n i deffinitely wouldn't use the media or whutsoever just to show my creativeness when i noe i would pissed off a bunch of ppl..

so really, making fun of sum1's religion or faith is seriously ain't cool.. they might sound crazy to u, but so does urs to them.. i'm actually writing this about a month or more after i started the first sentence, so i didn't really get to say whut i really felt at that moment.. but makes no diff.. bottomline is, some ppl are just so ignorant about some stuff n when they get in trouble, their fingers never points at them for the blame..

tell them that it's Human Nature

Thursday, April 15, 2010

WTF Moment

i dun usually let out my anger here (or do i?), but dun u just hate it when u have all ur hopes high and u have this sort of positive vibe in u... den sum1 comes along n sorta burst dat bubble of urs unexpectedly... i was super eager to attend this training program which is basically about product knowldege, n it relates to what i'm doing n i'm pretty much sure that it could help me a lot with understanding the whole concept..yeah i do noe we have budget issues, which sux cuz that's always the excuse ppl give back when i was working with Marcus Evans hahaha... anyway my boss said (unquoting her) i dun think u shud go.. i'm just worry that u'll get lost... den cuz my line manager just signed my confirmation form, she went blabbering bout how timid i was yada yada.. fine, i might just admint i am a bit timid..i just dun like the way she says it..

anyway, not sure if i should be talking about work here.. a couple of days ago, i guess sum1 got busted or sumthing about firing their collegues n word went out silently.. not sure if having this private will help much but i guess it does...

super tired now.. still at the office n it's 7:20pm already... waiting for my sister, which i dun mind much since she's been waiting for me all these while.. was just thinking of taking back a policy to read at home, but might wanna consider that... i think i should sleep more, not that i am lacking those at the moment.. all my plans of waking up a bit early or hula hooping every night kinda fail.. we've been together for years so i betcha noe the drill by now.. on weekends i spend my time playing sims so go figures...

on another sucky note, arsenal lost to the spurs!!1 can't believe it.. i noe deep inside *pukes* dat arsenal isn't really a strong team.. i'm still stuck to their history back in 02/03.. back when there was Henry n Viera n Lehman.. i miss those times, tho i wasn't that into it at that moment.. now they dun play that well, but i just don't have the heart to switch teams hahahah barcelona sounds cool with Messi off course.. Henry's there too but he play less... n i dun really follow football besides EPL, so dunnoe much bout the spanish league.. so, yeah i dun think think they'll win the title this season, but still have my fingers crossed.. lets just hope the other 2 teams slip, with the spurs n liverpool n off course Man City...

Who's that team they call Arsenal

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


watched a repeat of Glee the other day where Mr Shue was kicked out of the Glee Club... this song was playing on the background which had so much meaning n which i heard more and more of after the passing of our King, Michael Jackson... it's simple yet very meaningfull.. not one who likes to link songs... i'm more of a lyricist =b

smile though your heart is aching,
smile even though it's breaking,
when there are doubts in the sky, you'll get by,
if you smile through your pain and sorrow,
smile and maybe tomorrow,
you'll see the sun come shine through, for you.

light up your face with gladness,
hide every trace of sadness,
although a tear maybe ever so near,
that's the time you must keep on trying,
smile, what's the use of crying,
you'll find that life is still worthwhile,
if you just smile.


Friday, April 09, 2010

i likey

bored in the office while waiting for lunch.. it's Friday n Glee will continue soon.. woot!! excited to watch it.. currently obses with the guy's mash up of It's My Life n Confession Part 2.. as also their rendition of Endless Love.. heaven!!

random time.. so movies that i love to watch n cry after aka inspirational movies... top list will always be Coach Carter... who in the world wouldn't like the ending.. i noe, i'm a huge sucker for movies based on true stories but this is by far the best... at least to me.. after a smack in d face to realise with success, comes struggle.. n after working so hard to defeat their rivals, Richmond High lost.. Samuel L Jackson was awesome n he gave those 'final speach' which wasn't overrated or overdone.. it was simple yet meaningful without being all mushy n fake.. n when they walked out of their locker room to a crowd of supporters cheering for them (queue Hope by Twista feat Faith Evans) it was an amazing moment.. can't u just feel how touching it was to hold their chins up after such defeat an sumwhat disappointment at first.. *cries*

owh n another story that made me cry this morning was in the news.. about a nanny suffering 2nd n 3rd degree burns after saving a boy she babysat from a building on fire.. either it's the story itself or a superb journalism, i cried reading it (in the train, mind u hehe) it's one thing having parents rescuing their children or siblings, but this is someone unrelated to her, whom she babysat for only 2 months.. of course, sumtimes it's just pure instinct or our mind just being spontaneous, some will say, if it happen to others, they'll do d same thing... nevertheless, this act of kindness needs to be applaud *standing ovation*..

today feels good... will be catching Clash of the Titans later with the usuals ie; my sisters n Mohsin.. updated twitter for blackberry on my bb n deleted ubertweet.. although i've been using uber for a short time, was already comfortable with it's layout.. the one for bb have small display pics =b use it only to read whut A-listers r tweeting.. owh n there's also tumblr for bb which i yet will dl but havn't got a acct yet... i just dun wanna abandon u blogspot... we've been together fo so long, dated back in 2004 i think before there was any amethyst.. back then i was inasty n i was young n immature hahaha as if i'm not immature now... of course i'm not.. i've grown out of things... someday, i'll take sum time reading previous post n laugh at how young n naive i sound... till then, toodles.

West Side Story, i have vow to catch one of ur shows next month..currently have 600+ in the bank but i've saved extra 250+ this month from the usual although by right, i've actually spent more.. nevertheless, about 2 weeks to go till my next pay check n i will have a sum of money dedicated for u only, n yes, i will get good seats for us.. will be seeing u soon, can't wait.. (sorry Kelly Clarkson, there are more things more important then u, although ur songs r entertaining, some sacrifice have to be done for the greater good)


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The World Could Flip 180

just something that happened which went ooposite moment i woke up from a dreadful nightmare n realising again how much she meant to me n how i really love her yada yada... next moment, i'm in the office n get a text msg from her getting all fired up cuz we didn't do our chores d day before n i felt like suffocating n shouting leave me alone..

it goes to show how things can change in a matter of seconds..

just felt like saying

Friday, April 02, 2010

Scott Roeder

so it was reported today that this man was sentenced to jail after killing a doctor who perfomed late-term abortions.. thoughts anyone?

well the issue rises again on the fairness of doing something wrong for the right reasons.. George Tiller was killing unborn babies.. and to stop him, Scott killed him.. so was Scott's actiong justified, or was it calling a kettle black? it seems more of a flaw in law itself.. since abortion wasn't illegal there, George was able to do whut he did freely without any punishment.. just because a baby isn't born yet, it doesn't mean he/she isn't alive.. the doctor's lawyer even said dat d muder was an act of domestic terrorism.. he said that women were at lost cuz they dun noe whut to do.. seriously bithces? i'll tell u whut to do.. keep ur pants on whores or just have safe sex.. it ain't the same u say? well find a guy who had a vasectomy then.. the pleasure's all yours...

as a human being, of course i think taking a person's life is unacceptable (i noe how it feels to loose someone, regardless how close i was to them) be it for the right reasons or not (mayb it's ok for d right reason =b).. practising abortion gives options to women.. and some humans are lousy with options.. i learnt economics before so i more or less noe a bit bout supply and demand.. truth is, they can't live without each other.. so if u stop providing the services, it gives them less options to do so.. sure it wouldn't have stop them completely, but it shows that it is not ok to do so.. take for instance, whut's happening closer to home with all the news bout babies found dead etc.. a fren of mine said we should give out free condoms.. cuz lets face it, ppl won't stop having sex even with or without the free distribution.. so insteaad of us having to witness hedious crimes as such, and these babies having to die for their useless parents' sins, why not let them have all the fun in the world as long as it won't burden us in the end.. but that's another story..

i guess everyone has their own opinion.. I mean, not everyone will have to face that situatuion.. n those who i knew have, did take a so-call easy way out.. off course i didn't lashed out on them cuz i noe it wouldn't make any difference, as if my thots matter that much.. but u can't help but wonder, whut is ones supposed to do then? how involve are u in it if u kept silent? u watched movies and they say things like "u're just as bad as he is".. does that apply to me too?

Of course Dr George has his own family who loves him, a set of parents maybe, a wife n children.. n they all must have felt his loss deeply.. but on the other hand, it goes in line with whut he do.. just cuz a mother @ father said thay dun want this baby, does it make it ok to terminate him/her altogether? why can't u just wait till the baby himself/herself is born n ask him/her, do u want to live? n if they say no, then just kill them.. so really, how will u feel if u found out that u were a mistake n if it wasn't for the law or anything, u wouldn't be here... breathing, eating, loving and doing anything simple.. won't these babies be better of with foster parents who might have yearn to have a baby but couldn't.. whut gives u the right to determine who should live n who shouldn't..

but then again, i ain't perfect either..

Everyday, I thank Allah for everyday things like the ability to breathe, the ability to love, the ability to laugh, and the ability to eat and drink.
-Yasmin Ahmad-

who would have thoguht that those words could hurt so much..

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I'll always love you till there's no more me

it's been a year already... i do still think of him sometimes... i remember the emotions i felt that day... how overwhelming they were... how hard i cried n how short each breath was.. i guess the thing that i miss most about him is his pressence itself.. i guess that's the only thing u can't have back.. u can look back at pictures n remember how he looks like.. or watch old videos to hear his voice.. but it's the moment when u're in a room with him, in his presence, that's special... maybe it's not just him... it's evrybody, anybody that u lost... sometimes i live in fear of knowing whut will eventually happen.. i can't really prepare myself for that.. the people i love most, dearest to me... it just hurts sometimes.. n i feel dumb of even thinking about it in the first place.. but it's inevitable, i just can't help it..

i miss u