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Friday, April 02, 2010

Scott Roeder

so it was reported today that this man was sentenced to jail after killing a doctor who perfomed late-term abortions.. thoughts anyone?

well the issue rises again on the fairness of doing something wrong for the right reasons.. George Tiller was killing unborn babies.. and to stop him, Scott killed him.. so was Scott's actiong justified, or was it calling a kettle black? it seems more of a flaw in law itself.. since abortion wasn't illegal there, George was able to do whut he did freely without any punishment.. just because a baby isn't born yet, it doesn't mean he/she isn't alive.. the doctor's lawyer even said dat d muder was an act of domestic terrorism.. he said that women were at lost cuz they dun noe whut to do.. seriously bithces? i'll tell u whut to do.. keep ur pants on whores or just have safe sex.. it ain't the same u say? well find a guy who had a vasectomy then.. the pleasure's all yours...

as a human being, of course i think taking a person's life is unacceptable (i noe how it feels to loose someone, regardless how close i was to them) be it for the right reasons or not (mayb it's ok for d right reason =b).. practising abortion gives options to women.. and some humans are lousy with options.. i learnt economics before so i more or less noe a bit bout supply and demand.. truth is, they can't live without each other.. so if u stop providing the services, it gives them less options to do so.. sure it wouldn't have stop them completely, but it shows that it is not ok to do so.. take for instance, whut's happening closer to home with all the news bout babies found dead etc.. a fren of mine said we should give out free condoms.. cuz lets face it, ppl won't stop having sex even with or without the free distribution.. so insteaad of us having to witness hedious crimes as such, and these babies having to die for their useless parents' sins, why not let them have all the fun in the world as long as it won't burden us in the end.. but that's another story..

i guess everyone has their own opinion.. I mean, not everyone will have to face that situatuion.. n those who i knew have, did take a so-call easy way out.. off course i didn't lashed out on them cuz i noe it wouldn't make any difference, as if my thots matter that much.. but u can't help but wonder, whut is ones supposed to do then? how involve are u in it if u kept silent? u watched movies and they say things like "u're just as bad as he is".. does that apply to me too?

Of course Dr George has his own family who loves him, a set of parents maybe, a wife n children.. n they all must have felt his loss deeply.. but on the other hand, it goes in line with whut he do.. just cuz a mother @ father said thay dun want this baby, does it make it ok to terminate him/her altogether? why can't u just wait till the baby himself/herself is born n ask him/her, do u want to live? n if they say no, then just kill them.. so really, how will u feel if u found out that u were a mistake n if it wasn't for the law or anything, u wouldn't be here... breathing, eating, loving and doing anything simple.. won't these babies be better of with foster parents who might have yearn to have a baby but couldn't.. whut gives u the right to determine who should live n who shouldn't..

but then again, i ain't perfect either..

Everyday, I thank Allah for everyday things like the ability to breathe, the ability to love, the ability to laugh, and the ability to eat and drink.
-Yasmin Ahmad-

who would have thoguht that those words could hurt so much..