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Friday, April 09, 2010

i likey

bored in the office while waiting for lunch.. it's Friday n Glee will continue soon.. woot!! excited to watch it.. currently obses with the guy's mash up of It's My Life n Confession Part 2.. as also their rendition of Endless Love.. heaven!!

random time.. so movies that i love to watch n cry after aka inspirational movies... top list will always be Coach Carter... who in the world wouldn't like the ending.. i noe, i'm a huge sucker for movies based on true stories but this is by far the best... at least to me.. after a smack in d face to realise with success, comes struggle.. n after working so hard to defeat their rivals, Richmond High lost.. Samuel L Jackson was awesome n he gave those 'final speach' which wasn't overrated or overdone.. it was simple yet meaningful without being all mushy n fake.. n when they walked out of their locker room to a crowd of supporters cheering for them (queue Hope by Twista feat Faith Evans) it was an amazing moment.. can't u just feel how touching it was to hold their chins up after such defeat an sumwhat disappointment at first.. *cries*

owh n another story that made me cry this morning was in the news.. about a nanny suffering 2nd n 3rd degree burns after saving a boy she babysat from a building on fire.. either it's the story itself or a superb journalism, i cried reading it (in the train, mind u hehe) it's one thing having parents rescuing their children or siblings, but this is someone unrelated to her, whom she babysat for only 2 months.. of course, sumtimes it's just pure instinct or our mind just being spontaneous, some will say, if it happen to others, they'll do d same thing... nevertheless, this act of kindness needs to be applaud *standing ovation*..

today feels good... will be catching Clash of the Titans later with the usuals ie; my sisters n Mohsin.. updated twitter for blackberry on my bb n deleted ubertweet.. although i've been using uber for a short time, was already comfortable with it's layout.. the one for bb have small display pics =b use it only to read whut A-listers r tweeting.. owh n there's also tumblr for bb which i yet will dl but havn't got a acct yet... i just dun wanna abandon u blogspot... we've been together fo so long, dated back in 2004 i think before there was any amethyst.. back then i was inasty n i was young n immature hahaha as if i'm not immature now... of course i'm not.. i've grown out of things... someday, i'll take sum time reading previous post n laugh at how young n naive i sound... till then, toodles.

West Side Story, i have vow to catch one of ur shows next month..currently have 600+ in the bank but i've saved extra 250+ this month from the usual although by right, i've actually spent more.. nevertheless, about 2 weeks to go till my next pay check n i will have a sum of money dedicated for u only, n yes, i will get good seats for us.. will be seeing u soon, can't wait.. (sorry Kelly Clarkson, there are more things more important then u, although ur songs r entertaining, some sacrifice have to be done for the greater good)