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Thursday, September 22, 2005


mood: tired
music: a song by jac

i'm currently busy with lots of assignment n test. so i can't really find the time to blog. there's a law test cuming tomorrow, which i yet have to finish study very hard, considering dat i failed the first test. then there's the marketing report which i have to submit to pang by week is our marketing test n the week after is my holiday. which i can't really relax cuz there's another law test after dat week, n i've gotta do my accounting n management assignment which if i delay, will cause loads of difficulty to me. so to be on d save side, i'll try to keep myself preoccupied wif all these works. faiz is going to russia next monday n aishah will be going to uk tmorrow. all the best for them.i hope i won't have any prolems with my studies this time...


frenster had thing ew features which is the same with myspace now.. we can insert html and so on.. n i've put up new pics.. 1 is awal from beat tv, n the other is the pic of us when we were young... how i miss those times when we were younger... i can't post the pic here so too bad...

Saturday, September 03, 2005


mood : tense
music : LFO girl on tv

lots of assignment that's due juz around the corner. honestly, i really can't find the time to blog. i'm so damn busy. even now, i'm searching for info for my management assignment. i had marketing n commercial law test last week. it wuz okey. can't expect grades too high tho. this is about it. wish me a successful life aight. much luv.