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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Backstreet's Back Alrite!!

yesterday was an exhausting yet awesome day.. class started last week n i'm taking 3 subjects this sem, IM, MDP (deja vu??) and HRM.. so far all classes seems ok but i have tons of work to do compared to last sem.. so i had class from 8 till 11 yesterday but we finished earlier.. i went home to rest a bit then got ready to have lunch with my family at OU.. it wasn't anyhting special actually but i had dim sum which my mum approve so i need not worry now to eat there.. then we shopped for stuff at Giant an after 2 hours there, we went back home.. i slept for an hour then took a bath n prepared for the night ahead.. whut's up?? well, since i dun usually have fun n excited activities in my life, i was looking forward to this nite for a week.. Backstreet Boys are having a concert here in KL at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach.. yeah!! i went with my sis n we left around 5pm i think.. the show supposedly starts at 8pm so we had much time to get there n hang around a bit.. it was raining on the way there n i prayed that it stopped when the show starts..

anyway, Sunway Pyramid had a lotta things done the last time i went there.. i was totally lost.. we bought umbrellas juz in case, n i bought a hat juz for fun.. it's not that i'll wear it often tho.. it felt a lil weird since i'm not used to it.. so we went down later to grab sumthing to eat n head to Sunway Lagoon entrance.. turns out, we had to go to McD n KFC area for the entrance so after looking at the map, we decided to take the car n park sumwhere nearer cuz we didn't want to be so far away from everyone else once the show end.. so we took our car n were looking for another parking space then realise that even the carpark was totally different.. we tought there were no where else to park besides where we just were so found another parking space n made our way to McD.. turns out, we took the long way there since we didn't know there was actually a short cut.. damn.. anyway, we walked out n saw this super duper long line to the entrance.. yikes.. by the time we went in, it was almost 8pm.. my sis didn't mind the crowd so we cramped ourselves againts everyone else.. owh bdw, when going to a concert at the surf beach, never, i reapeat NEVER, wear heels.. yup, i wore heels there thinking i'd get a better view if i was a bit taller than everyone else.. i didn't think that the surf beach literally meant beach.. duh... i never went there ok, so sue me.. not juz that, even the stage was higher than us n i mean slightly on a hill.. lemme put it this way, u're in a cinema rite, but instead of the normal screen lower infront of u, imagine the screen behind u n turn around.. so see how is it difficult for ppl at the back to see the stage.. i magine dat, plus a huge guy in front of u.. my view was completely blocked!! damn it.. luckily my sis told me to squeezed in in front of her n after a lil shifting here n there, both of us had n ok view..

so a typical concert in malaysia would start about an hour late n diz was no exception.. it started at 9pm but after the show ended, everything was worth it.. it was worth paying rm88 for the tix, worth the time we walked n looked for a car park, waiting in line, having to take my shoes off n be barefoot cuz my heels would sink if i didn't.. EVERYTHING.. i had a great time n i'm sure my sis did too n all the other ppl who were there...BSB sang a lot of their old songs which was all i knew of.. their latest song that i know were only incomplete n inconsolable.. hehehhe... they opened with larger than life n ended it with shape of my heart.. weird song for an encore but who cares.. other songs that they sang were the one, the call, show me the meaning of being lonely, everyone, i want it that way, more than that and a medley of as long as you love me, all i have to give, i'll never break your heart and .. then each of them sang a song from their album... i could say that was by far the best concert i've ever been to other that the force of nature which they were also at..

after the show end, my sis and i bought a bottle of mineral water which cost us rm4 then realised that we had no money left to pay for or parking.. so we searched for an atm machine which only had 50 notes so my sis withdrawed rm50 n it turns out that the machine doesn't accept 50 notes so i digged up my bag for coins which thankfully was enough.. it was so tiring that i didn't even bath when i got home.. hahah... smelly me.. so that was my day at an awesome an amazing concert.. it was a flashback to the 90's indeed.. i had a lot of fun.. so class has started n i'll try to update this blog as often as i can... it's gonna be a busy sem so dun expect much aight..