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Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Been Days...

...and still i miss you,
we were sitting alone together, in silence,
not a word spoken, but thousands of words in our head.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Your work here is done,
You may go now.

scarred for life
it was done before i could think,
and now i'm scarred for life,
i lost control, i wasn't sure what ticked me,
and now i'm scarred for life,
i wanted you to hit me, it'll make things much easier,
but reflex had the best of me,
and now i'm scarred for life,
don't think for a second that i don't respect you,
although that is all you asked for,
i love you with all my heart,
more than you may ever know,
i live life trying to be you, to make you proud,
but that one moment took that away,
and now i'm scarred for life,
out of all the things in this world,
i'd wish to turn back time and erase that moment,
i wish that never happened,
and i'm embarrased at how that past has made me who i am today,
i'm scarred for life now,
things may or may not be the same,
i miss you so much, even more when i see you,
i kissed your hands this morning,
asked for your blessing,
and being the greatest person i know ever,
i felt that you have gave me that,
i never know how to repay your kindness and love,
but i have a rough idea about it before,
i'm not sure about things now,
i still wish i could fullfill my part of the bargain,
i know i will,
even more so now,
now that i'm scarred for life.

= iloveyou =

Friday, January 21, 2011

Marrakesh Restaurant

so the first birthday dinner outing for the year was at this Marrakesh Restaurant at Bukit Bintang... papa wanted to go their for months already, so even tho it wasn't his birthday, we let him choose the venue.. since we were having a long weekend, we decided to go on Thursday cuz my sis n i were taking the day off on Friday.. got ready, n we drove to Pavilion to park our car there..didn't realize that papa n izad haven't reached Pavilion before, so that was their first time.. although xsempat nk jln ape sgt pon cuz straight away walked to the place...xpnh jln2 kt kl mlm2 like dat, so it was a nice short distance walk for us... reached there, n the place didn't look so bad... nice decoration n all.. got the menu n were amazed by the pics inside.. mouth watering cuz the food in the menu were very photogenic hahahah everyone had a meal each, n papa ordered extra appetizer for the sake of it... i dun really remember the names of the dishes, but enjoy the pics..

the menu

the deco inside

papa's kous kous and the appetiser

my lamb chop

mama's food (ade lamb underneath those pile of rice, don't be deceived)

izad's lamb mandy

yaya's lamb something (xingat name)

budak gedik with our drinks

doesn't the pics look yummy.. but nothing special about it really.. should be ok if you want to try it once.. total damage about rm200++ for 5 main dish 2 side dish so i won't really say it's that pricey.. but like i said, one off time blh kot.. would prefer Asal instead of here..  it was a fun night anyway...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Man vs Nature

while the citizens in Brazil and Australia are fighting for their lives, working together to survive, the ppl in Tunisia are doing the same... however, Brazilians and Australians are overcoming the disaster they suffer from mother nature, whereas Tunisians are fighting againgst themselves, for a democracy...
at times like these, i'm thankful to be a Malaysian...
p/s: might take a bit break from blogging... hope everyone had a good weekend...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where Are They Now?

we've put them so high on a pedestal,maybe more than they truly deserve, but when the time comes, we were just getting ahead of ourselves... maybe it's our opponent that makes it important, rather than the game itself.. yes, i think it was because they beat our rivals, which makes the victory sweeter and was hail by the nation... maybe it's also cuz we noe that's the best that they could do... that that moment, was the peak of the game for us.. that they won't go any further anyway, so we'll go celebrate them all out.. some might say i'm harsh, but it's the truth, logically speaking...

did i not say they wouldn't stand a chance? but it's true... Asia Cup is already in their quaterfinals, but where are we now?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday

just a quickie here.. i wanna give a shout out to both my beloved mother n sister.. it's their birthday today!! woot!! i hope they live a happy n blessed life.. i noe one of my resolution was to get presents for them, but i didn't manage to.. although i'll surely buy them a belated present each when izad is here so we could go shopping together.. but in honour of the day, i bought cakes for us.. we don't do whole cake, just slices.. not only will there be lotsa leftovers, but we all like different flavours so each a slice that is..
nothing much to say.. work has been boring n busy, but lets start about that... gonna end this n leave this short.. once again, Happy Birthday Mama n Yaya!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

What Makes The World Go Round?

into the 2nd week of the year.. didn't do much during the weekend.. it was just one of those relaxing weekend, so it's all good.. managed to go for my morning brisk-walking on saturday, but only did 2 rounds, so it was like 3 km.. went out a bit late, so didin't join papa.. then watched some tv n followed mama to Masjid Wilayah at around 6pm for Habib Umar.. Sunday was more relaxing.. cleaned the house a bit in the morning, had McD for lunch, watched more movies, played sims.. then we decided to go out for light dinner n have Coffee Bean later... we went to Q Bistro n had a look at their menu, then decided we'll eat dinner here n have coffe bean some other time..

i had mee rebus and Raspberry Lemonade (that tasted like Antibiotics, yuck)

izad had maggi goreng ayam with Orange Jiuce...

yaya had Nasi Goreng Special n Chocolate Mocha (i think) n Honey Lime (i think).. didn't manage to take a pic tho.. the food price was reasonable la, but the drinks weren't.. for a place like that, it's a bit pricey la.. 3 food n 4 drinks, total damage of rm54.. whut do u think? the taste so-so jer, nothing special..
speaking of so-so taste, my colleagues n i went to KLCC for lunch last friday.. n damn it was like hell looking for a place to eat.. lastly we settled for Madam Kwan after waiting for 15 minutes.. due to time constrain, i ordered Nasi Lemak cuz it would arrive faster.. n that rm10.50 nasi lemak didn't do justice... i rate it 2/10 out of pity... not that i havn't had that kinda nasi lemak b4.. nasi lemak at kopitiams are a bit like that right?

E for Effort

anyway, with all these food going on in my life (haha), it's no wonder my pockets are getting dryer.. if i only had these at disposable, how lovely would it be... could u imagine anyone working for a short period of time n getting lots of money.. i could.. Roy Hodgson worked for 6 months with Liverpool and got a whopping 7 milliom pound after being terminated... aahhh life in the football industry is to die for.. no wonder i'm aiming to marry one (no i'm not talking bout the local footballers, =p) another week, another game..

sing it with me people, money, money, money, money.....MONEY (form The Apprentice tu la)

shame on u John Henry....

Friday, January 07, 2011


it's been awhile since i last hear that word.. Ted post it cuz it was supposed to be Yasmin's 53rd birthday today... time passed n it's almost 2 years since she passed.. in some ways, i kinda miss her.. off course i wasn't that close to her as some might be, but i follow her blog for years n i do consider myself as a TSCers.. we chat amongst us at comments which made us TScers frens.. we meet up at screenings n get to know each other more.. n before u noe it, u're network has expanded... i made some frens from her blog, like Ted, Kekure, Kamal, Rajaie, and Nadrah.. they're good ppl, where without Yasmin, i might even get the chance to know them..

i remember hearing the news about Yasmin collapsing in TV3 n i straight away texted Kamal.. he said it was true (he confirmed the news from her husband, Daddy Tan).. met with them at DSH where there was already a number of ppl there.. u could tell how much impact she has on ppls lives.. then the very next day, i was off to Australia.. i remember hearing my phone ringing that night but was too sleepy to answer.. woke up with 2 texts from Rajaie n Nadrah informing me about her passed.. i remember feeling numb for a few seconds.. i kept telling myself the day before, that she'll get some rest n get better, n i'll give her a huge hug when i get back.. i also remember how hard it was for me to leave the hospital that night, as if i would never see her again (the exact same feeling i got when visiting aunt Midah before she passed), but i ignored that thought.. then i got in the shower n cried.. when i was done, i tried to enjoy the rest of my vacation..

anyway, i keep track on the rest TSCers in facebook.. haven't seen them for some time now.. maybe will do soon.. whatever it is, we will still remember our beloved ma'am and the legacy she's left..



this morning we had this very interesting knowledge sharing session, which was a bit rare cuz knowledge sharing sessions were usually boring.. the topic for the day was about Will/Wasiat.. i think this topic was interesting to all (i assume je sumer interested), mainly cuz everyone could relate to it.. it's not one of those sessions about theories or work-related u's basically about how important a will is and since there are only two things certain in the world, death and income tax, it relates to every single person in that room regardless of their age.. of course, usually parents will have wills for their kids and such, but it's also important for the young ones to have 'em to.. which i am now considering to have.. i have an unofficial one though, in a letter form of course, hidden somewhere in the house (or maybe was already thrown away).. but i remember writing one down in my room not too long ago..

cuz really, anything could happen to u.. u hear news about ppl dying at a young age through natural causes or maybe through accidents (which are more common), so what makes u invincible enough not to be on the list... nothing, actually.. u could be one of them, u're just not sure for certain.. i've noticed how important a will is ever since 2006 when i lost 2 of my uncles.. one died suddenly from a heart attack while the other had cancer.. only the latter manage to write a will since he suffered for months, n well for someone who got the news form ur doctor saying u have stage 4 cancer, it's something that's anticipated.. death, i mean.. so he did managed to have a will written right before a few of them went to Mekah.. little did we noe, another uncle of ours was the one who passed there, (which i think havn't had a will yet).. now i don't know whether this incident made my parents have will, cuz i could honestly say that material things doesn't really blind me much.. even if there was a 3 Abdul case in my family where both of my sisters got more than me, (for the time being, n hopefully foREVer) i wouldn't care much about it.. i mean, i'm the middle kid remember.. i'm used to that.. but what i do know that things were set into motion after that year..

for starters, death was always a possibility (not that it wasn't before).. instead of saying, u need to noe how to change the pipes, my dad will say, u need to noe how to change the pipe in case i passed so it's important for u to learn.. it's those kind of things that might seem little or minor, but actually have deeper meanings.. but greatest impact i think would've been the Hibah on the house.. my parents only have daughters, which would mean that through hukum Faraid, my parents belongings were to be shared with my uncles (or something like that).. so this Hibah was basically a disclaimer to say that only in the events where both my parents have passed, the house will be given equally among us sisters.. i could still remember the process.. it started light but ended with us crying =b it was very emotional for us especially when we had to lafaz the Hibah.. the person came to our house, had a litlle chat on the subject n started the process.. we tried to find humor at that time by saying that our signatures were almost the same, but really we were all quite solumn that day...

so really, i don't noe if my parents have their will, n i dun really plan to ask.. the house was the biggest asset my parents shared,that i noe of anyway (the story behind the house always amaze me).. but nevertheless, it is indeed important to have a will to protect the ones u love, regardless how much money or assets u have.. so lets us all take that crucial step together (poyo)..

one week down for 2011, enjoy the weekend all...

Thursday, January 06, 2011

30 years of freedom was taken from you

how would u feel about dat? there's so much that u've missed out on, and i don't think a lump sum of money could fix that.. surely u could go out and buy a house, cars and all the other thing money CAN buy.. but when u're locked up for 30 years, it's the things that money CAN'T buy that ticks u most.. which basically was the very first thing taken from u anyway, time.. all those time spent with your family, gone.. now i don't really noe how jail works, but i'm sure u dun get to go out for a simple meal with your whole family.. sure u might be able to get a phone call a day, separated by a glass.. or maybe if u're charges are not that heavy, then u might get to see them face to face and even hug them n all.. but we all noe that it isn't the same.. something has caged u in.. something was lost...
there are many cases where ppl are wrongfully convicted for several reasons.. mostly due to the lack of technologies for DNA testing.. a guy charge for rape since a girl wrongfully identify him in a line-up.. but who's to blame? the latest case of Cornelius Dupree is an example.. jailed at 26, that's about a year from where i am now.. and after 30 years, someone suddenly tells u "oops, wrong guy".. that's just wrong.. go here for some light reading, it's very interesting to noe how weak the system is sometimes, n how we've been improving, but not without a few sacrifices made.. some ppl are 'lucky' enough to have the rule overturn, but there are also sad cases like Tim Cole.. just think about what his family have to go thruogh, n think about what he went through... hopefully, with the technologies we have now (n praying that CSI isn't just a tv show) these cases would be omitted altogether..
a lotta things going on at work, so won't be able to update that often... just things i felt like sharing, that we should be aware of... good day all...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Sometimes It's So Hard To Name A Post

=b not that i have anything to write about.. currently reading my 1st book of the year The Pact by Jodi Picoult.. ok maybe i cheated a bit cuz i started on 31st Dec, but that was only a few pages..not really the kinda book that i can't put down, so might take it slow this time (hopefully not too slow).. something to add to my resolution (or have i not yet included this) is to read a maximum of 6 books this year.. although i noe that my average time it takes me to finish a book is around 3 days (when i'm not working), so in this case i'll give it a week, i havn't really thought about books i read that aren't that interesting, thus will take me much longer to finish (remember Mercy anyone?) so i'm giving myself about 2months to finish a book, or a month then rest for the other month.. although another point to consider is actually having books to read.. so i hope that within this year, i'll manage to read Cecila Aherns' books and maybe one Torey Hayden book that i might be getting for gift exchange (or maybe not).. what ever it is, i'll try to read more this year.. it's good right? reading i mean.. then Janet's Sizzling Sixteen should be out in paperback this year.. so i should have enough materials..

on another note of things i like, i had this for breakfast..

Capati yummy yummy.. my dad loves the capati here, it's near Maybank.. he used to come here about twice a week for lunch back when he worked here.. now he doesn't get to eat it as much as he'd love to.. so twice now, i've tapau this when i had half-day off.. the first time i was on mc, n the other was 2 weeks ago... n 2 weeks ago, he almost ate 4 capatis... that's a record so far.. i bought 8 altogether n i only had 1 cuz i already had lunch dat day... the capati here is softer than what i've had before.. the kuah dahl also is nice and a bit unique where they also include something mcm kacang hiaju yg sometimes buat bubur tu.. not really a fan of capati, as opposed to roti canai, but definitely the best capati so far.. especially when it's served hot...

Monday, January 03, 2011

3rd Day of the Year

already? wow that was fast.. 3 days of weekend never seem to be enough.. so how's the new year treating u so far? nothing much different for me.. picked up izad from UKM Thursday night.. stayed at home on Friday.. played Sims and watched 3 Idiots, the best hindustand i've watched so far.. the plot is simple but the twist at the end makes it better.. the script is well written with funny lines thrown in here and there which made the movie work.. and don't get me started on the drama part.. i feel like cursing the person in charge for making the sad scenes super sad (which i didn't expect from a comedy), n made me cry.. a good cry that is.. highly recommend this movie even for those who aren't hindustand fans (like me).. i could almost give it 5 star @ 10/10.. yup it's that good, merely cuz it exceeded my expectations..

Anyway, that night i just went out to our front gate to watch fireworks from far.. saw the one from OU.. the next day, woke up and had to prepare the ingredients for the night... then went to Ikano to buy some French Loaf n Burger buns.. parking was a bit of a hell @ the Curve.. they closed the entrance at Ikea n Ikano n there was full of cars dat day.. New Year n lunch hour at dat time so no-brainer la..didn't managed to buy burger buns, so went to Petronas, Mobil, pasar raya tmn tun n 7/11.. sumer xder.. so malas nk gi tpt laen kitorg blk jer..

not sure what time we reached selayang but the boys were already there.. xbuat keje plak dorg tu =b org dh sruh kait rambutan n potong pokok tu sket.. haishh byk dh merah2, mcm rugi jer.. so since i geram, i took out the galah n did some.. it was almost dark at the time so didn't managed to kait much.. in my head, i planned to come on sunday tp malas nk kluar la plak yesterday... anyway,we set the tables n got the grill ready... the food were great, didn't take much pics, but got some from camera alang.. i tried to take some pics of the 'chefs' grilling with my bb but the quality wasn't that good cuz the lighting outside was a bit dark.. only managed to get a pic of my fisrt full meal of the day..

baked pasta with potatoes n grilled shrimp.. super yummy.. i noe, i noe, supposedly bbq but where's all the meat?? i'll take pics from abang later on, not much tho sbb sumer busy makan n grilling n tgk tv =b so the menu for the night was lamb chop, chicken wings, shrimp, hot dogs, burgers n potato for the grill, then mama made baked pasta and fried potatoes (as above), sweet corn and mixed vege.. sumhow, after starving the whole day (konon) i didn't eat that much.. maybe teroverdose pasta kot hehehe only ate 1 lamb chop, 1 chicken wing, 1 shrimp, 1 hot dog.. baked pasta byk n also potatoes.. or maybe we drank soft drinks so gas n cpt kenyang? whatever it is, thanx a lot to alang cuz he sponsored most of the food above =D dh plan, maybe next bbq in April, where we'll have more burgers (without the buns pon xper) n less chicken wings.. we usually make extra just in case org dpn dtg.. n dat night Fidaus dtg amek present baby, so since dh ade, jemput mkn la skali..
didn't do much on Sunday... i did, however, managed to wake up early and had my walk with papa.. almost 3 rounds again, about 4.5km (woot!!) then head to jasema for drinks hehehe maybe i could do this.. i missed out on the previous 2 days, n last week missed out on 3 days.. but baby steps, lets start small n my version of small so far is once a week.. so lets do this.. lets make this year a blast...