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Friday, January 07, 2011


it's been awhile since i last hear that word.. Ted post it cuz it was supposed to be Yasmin's 53rd birthday today... time passed n it's almost 2 years since she passed.. in some ways, i kinda miss her.. off course i wasn't that close to her as some might be, but i follow her blog for years n i do consider myself as a TSCers.. we chat amongst us at comments which made us TScers frens.. we meet up at screenings n get to know each other more.. n before u noe it, u're network has expanded... i made some frens from her blog, like Ted, Kekure, Kamal, Rajaie, and Nadrah.. they're good ppl, where without Yasmin, i might even get the chance to know them..

i remember hearing the news about Yasmin collapsing in TV3 n i straight away texted Kamal.. he said it was true (he confirmed the news from her husband, Daddy Tan).. met with them at DSH where there was already a number of ppl there.. u could tell how much impact she has on ppls lives.. then the very next day, i was off to Australia.. i remember hearing my phone ringing that night but was too sleepy to answer.. woke up with 2 texts from Rajaie n Nadrah informing me about her passed.. i remember feeling numb for a few seconds.. i kept telling myself the day before, that she'll get some rest n get better, n i'll give her a huge hug when i get back.. i also remember how hard it was for me to leave the hospital that night, as if i would never see her again (the exact same feeling i got when visiting aunt Midah before she passed), but i ignored that thought.. then i got in the shower n cried.. when i was done, i tried to enjoy the rest of my vacation..

anyway, i keep track on the rest TSCers in facebook.. haven't seen them for some time now.. maybe will do soon.. whatever it is, we will still remember our beloved ma'am and the legacy she's left..