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Thursday, January 06, 2011

30 years of freedom was taken from you

how would u feel about dat? there's so much that u've missed out on, and i don't think a lump sum of money could fix that.. surely u could go out and buy a house, cars and all the other thing money CAN buy.. but when u're locked up for 30 years, it's the things that money CAN'T buy that ticks u most.. which basically was the very first thing taken from u anyway, time.. all those time spent with your family, gone.. now i don't really noe how jail works, but i'm sure u dun get to go out for a simple meal with your whole family.. sure u might be able to get a phone call a day, separated by a glass.. or maybe if u're charges are not that heavy, then u might get to see them face to face and even hug them n all.. but we all noe that it isn't the same.. something has caged u in.. something was lost...
there are many cases where ppl are wrongfully convicted for several reasons.. mostly due to the lack of technologies for DNA testing.. a guy charge for rape since a girl wrongfully identify him in a line-up.. but who's to blame? the latest case of Cornelius Dupree is an example.. jailed at 26, that's about a year from where i am now.. and after 30 years, someone suddenly tells u "oops, wrong guy".. that's just wrong.. go here for some light reading, it's very interesting to noe how weak the system is sometimes, n how we've been improving, but not without a few sacrifices made.. some ppl are 'lucky' enough to have the rule overturn, but there are also sad cases like Tim Cole.. just think about what his family have to go thruogh, n think about what he went through... hopefully, with the technologies we have now (n praying that CSI isn't just a tv show) these cases would be omitted altogether..
a lotta things going on at work, so won't be able to update that often... just things i felt like sharing, that we should be aware of... good day all...