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Friday, January 07, 2011


this morning we had this very interesting knowledge sharing session, which was a bit rare cuz knowledge sharing sessions were usually boring.. the topic for the day was about Will/Wasiat.. i think this topic was interesting to all (i assume je sumer interested), mainly cuz everyone could relate to it.. it's not one of those sessions about theories or work-related u's basically about how important a will is and since there are only two things certain in the world, death and income tax, it relates to every single person in that room regardless of their age.. of course, usually parents will have wills for their kids and such, but it's also important for the young ones to have 'em to.. which i am now considering to have.. i have an unofficial one though, in a letter form of course, hidden somewhere in the house (or maybe was already thrown away).. but i remember writing one down in my room not too long ago..

cuz really, anything could happen to u.. u hear news about ppl dying at a young age through natural causes or maybe through accidents (which are more common), so what makes u invincible enough not to be on the list... nothing, actually.. u could be one of them, u're just not sure for certain.. i've noticed how important a will is ever since 2006 when i lost 2 of my uncles.. one died suddenly from a heart attack while the other had cancer.. only the latter manage to write a will since he suffered for months, n well for someone who got the news form ur doctor saying u have stage 4 cancer, it's something that's anticipated.. death, i mean.. so he did managed to have a will written right before a few of them went to Mekah.. little did we noe, another uncle of ours was the one who passed there, (which i think havn't had a will yet).. now i don't know whether this incident made my parents have will, cuz i could honestly say that material things doesn't really blind me much.. even if there was a 3 Abdul case in my family where both of my sisters got more than me, (for the time being, n hopefully foREVer) i wouldn't care much about it.. i mean, i'm the middle kid remember.. i'm used to that.. but what i do know that things were set into motion after that year..

for starters, death was always a possibility (not that it wasn't before).. instead of saying, u need to noe how to change the pipes, my dad will say, u need to noe how to change the pipe in case i passed so it's important for u to learn.. it's those kind of things that might seem little or minor, but actually have deeper meanings.. but greatest impact i think would've been the Hibah on the house.. my parents only have daughters, which would mean that through hukum Faraid, my parents belongings were to be shared with my uncles (or something like that).. so this Hibah was basically a disclaimer to say that only in the events where both my parents have passed, the house will be given equally among us sisters.. i could still remember the process.. it started light but ended with us crying =b it was very emotional for us especially when we had to lafaz the Hibah.. the person came to our house, had a litlle chat on the subject n started the process.. we tried to find humor at that time by saying that our signatures were almost the same, but really we were all quite solumn that day...

so really, i don't noe if my parents have their will, n i dun really plan to ask.. the house was the biggest asset my parents shared,that i noe of anyway (the story behind the house always amaze me).. but nevertheless, it is indeed important to have a will to protect the ones u love, regardless how much money or assets u have.. so lets us all take that crucial step together (poyo)..

one week down for 2011, enjoy the weekend all...