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Monday, January 03, 2011

3rd Day of the Year

already? wow that was fast.. 3 days of weekend never seem to be enough.. so how's the new year treating u so far? nothing much different for me.. picked up izad from UKM Thursday night.. stayed at home on Friday.. played Sims and watched 3 Idiots, the best hindustand i've watched so far.. the plot is simple but the twist at the end makes it better.. the script is well written with funny lines thrown in here and there which made the movie work.. and don't get me started on the drama part.. i feel like cursing the person in charge for making the sad scenes super sad (which i didn't expect from a comedy), n made me cry.. a good cry that is.. highly recommend this movie even for those who aren't hindustand fans (like me).. i could almost give it 5 star @ 10/10.. yup it's that good, merely cuz it exceeded my expectations..

Anyway, that night i just went out to our front gate to watch fireworks from far.. saw the one from OU.. the next day, woke up and had to prepare the ingredients for the night... then went to Ikano to buy some French Loaf n Burger buns.. parking was a bit of a hell @ the Curve.. they closed the entrance at Ikea n Ikano n there was full of cars dat day.. New Year n lunch hour at dat time so no-brainer la..didn't managed to buy burger buns, so went to Petronas, Mobil, pasar raya tmn tun n 7/11.. sumer xder.. so malas nk gi tpt laen kitorg blk jer..

not sure what time we reached selayang but the boys were already there.. xbuat keje plak dorg tu =b org dh sruh kait rambutan n potong pokok tu sket.. haishh byk dh merah2, mcm rugi jer.. so since i geram, i took out the galah n did some.. it was almost dark at the time so didn't managed to kait much.. in my head, i planned to come on sunday tp malas nk kluar la plak yesterday... anyway,we set the tables n got the grill ready... the food were great, didn't take much pics, but got some from camera alang.. i tried to take some pics of the 'chefs' grilling with my bb but the quality wasn't that good cuz the lighting outside was a bit dark.. only managed to get a pic of my fisrt full meal of the day..

baked pasta with potatoes n grilled shrimp.. super yummy.. i noe, i noe, supposedly bbq but where's all the meat?? i'll take pics from abang later on, not much tho sbb sumer busy makan n grilling n tgk tv =b so the menu for the night was lamb chop, chicken wings, shrimp, hot dogs, burgers n potato for the grill, then mama made baked pasta and fried potatoes (as above), sweet corn and mixed vege.. sumhow, after starving the whole day (konon) i didn't eat that much.. maybe teroverdose pasta kot hehehe only ate 1 lamb chop, 1 chicken wing, 1 shrimp, 1 hot dog.. baked pasta byk n also potatoes.. or maybe we drank soft drinks so gas n cpt kenyang? whatever it is, thanx a lot to alang cuz he sponsored most of the food above =D dh plan, maybe next bbq in April, where we'll have more burgers (without the buns pon xper) n less chicken wings.. we usually make extra just in case org dpn dtg.. n dat night Fidaus dtg amek present baby, so since dh ade, jemput mkn la skali..
didn't do much on Sunday... i did, however, managed to wake up early and had my walk with papa.. almost 3 rounds again, about 4.5km (woot!!) then head to jasema for drinks hehehe maybe i could do this.. i missed out on the previous 2 days, n last week missed out on 3 days.. but baby steps, lets start small n my version of small so far is once a week.. so lets do this.. lets make this year a blast...