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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i need a life bad

first thing's first, i feel so stupid rite now n i'm not sure if i'm even supposed to.. wait, yes i do.. everyone should noe whut facebook is by now, so i was browsing through it after like weeks of not logging in.. big mistake.. i stumbled across dis girls' page whose name is not worth mentioning here n it turns out she has diz stupid application where she can track who visited her page.. i didn't want her to noe for sure!! but it was too late by then.. i scrolled down n my face was at her page saying, shafinaz was here... fucking damn it!! so i ended up deleting my account in hoping dat it will appear at her page as account has been deleted or sumthing which i can't say fo sure if it does cuz i went thru all d trouble of having a new email n account n went to her page again but i can't view it... fucking damn i!! i'm not sure if it's a big deal but it is to me cuz i hate her n i'm not sure why... wait, yes i do.. aaarrrgggh!!!! i'm just pissed off at myself... i'm supposed to do my assignment but i delayed it n now she's gonna noe dat i'm snooping her page.. fine, so i do care whut she says, in fact i care whut everyone says about me, which i dun think is much considering i dun have a life... i mean look at me, i could shameless say without a doubt i'm pathetic... i cry for no reason at all, or maybe some that might not seem necessary, like rite now for example... ok so i'm not crying but i'm close to it... i have nothing better to do besides chores and assignments... n most mportantly I HAVE NO FRENS.... n this has been bugging me for like 2 yrs or 3 yrs now n yeah i am pathetic... i dun wanna sound desperate or anything but this is how i feel rite now... n all i worry about is who is gonna be at my funeral... why?? why?? i need a hobby.. rite?? no... i need a life... bad..


updated: turns out it was just a prank facebook did to freak ppl out... i guess i did freak out for no apparent reason