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Monday, March 20, 2006

:: it's been ages ::

i noe it's been ages since my last post. apologise. i'm currently in the comp lab trying to finish up my first assignment in this second sem. it's statistics and it sux. well, at least the lecturer sux. i juz don't get the way she teaches. i started my class on 20th feb and after 4 weeks of class, i'm having my first break, already. whut? going to college during my break? yup, juz cuz our microsoft office is not working (thanx to me) and i gotta finish this assignment today. the due date IS today b4 4, i guess. so here i am. doing my job, at least some of it. i figured i won't be blogging any other time, so i 've decided to do it today, now. for this sem, i'm taking 4 subjects. statistics, econs, IT and business comm. so far, so good. except for stats lecturer that is. hope i'll get good results this sem. better than last sem, i hope. *prays*


well, this yr, the commonwealth games is held in Melbourne Australia. my sister was supposed to go there but she canceled her trip. Malaysia is currently on the 8th spot. i watched nicol david played in the semi finals. she did well, but not well enuff. she'll be playing to determine the 3rd place. *fingers cross* so whut else is new? not much actually. i'm basically the same me as i've always been. making up plans, turning over a new leaf (for the umth time), still, nothing really happens.


my opah's house has been finish building. she's got a new house now. i'm so happy for her and my aunt. for the first time ever, she gets her own room. how lovely is that. it's samll but it'll do. i'll be super happy if i get my own room. i always have to share with my sis, being in the middle of my siblings. tho, i can't complain. at least i've got shelter. haha. well, the new house is quite smaller than the old one, but it's much better. it's brand new, tho there were some errors made. snget la, aper la. i'm planning to buy my opah n aunt a buaian for their house. saje jer. i'm not sure when, but i'll definitely buy one. i'm totally out of ideas here. i guess i'll go now b4 i write crap. so, it'll take sum time b4 u hear from me again. i hope this won't be the last time tho. no matter whut, i'll keep u up-to-date. see ya *hwuggs n kisses*