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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tutti Frutti

so frozen youghurt was made famous when celebrities started eating them (yeah right, actaully dat's how i got to noe of 'em).. so when i saw Tutti Frutti in TTDI early this year i was excited.. but then i never went to try it.. Zain opened a branch in Bangsar, so that was the first time i tried it.. on 17th September (the day mama buat rendang) Sara invited us to her house, kire mini open house..konon high tea, but we were the only one there... the rest decided nk dtg mlm plak.. sukati jer, dh la tuan rumah masak2 for u n u said nk dtg kol 4pm, tgk2 dtg mlm?? whutever, to me that's just rude, family ke ape.. it's still plain rude... anyway, dat night, Mariam ajak Tutti Frutti, so we went la, 3 cars, 11 of us... Mohsin tibe2 joined us (he sent Linus off for training)..

so how would i rate it? i'll say about 8/10... yummy, could taste the flavour of the fruit.. i took vanilla n strwaberry banana with a whole lotta stuff..

there's cornflakes, lychees, sprinkles, kacang n gummi bears hahahaha sumpah maen letak je... gotta be careful for those first timers cuz take whutever u want, price depends on weight.. mine cost around rm12.. Mariam blanje (or shall i say Abg Omar cuz tu leftover die bg Mariam for USS).. total for us all was rm118.. then the next day we went for Marvellous, tp xcukup... only managed to order 45bungkus.. so basically spend that whole week with my family.. fun fun time..

went for Tutti Frutti again the following week with my sisters but at TTDI only (sorry Zain).. this had more flavours.. i took Grape n Blueberry (sedap sgt2)

Bought some for mama after that (dh ajak tp mama xnk ikot) n she ate hers in less then 10 minutes.. aiyaa... we spent more then 30mins mkn k isk3... good thing she enjoyed it.. i bought Grape, Chocolate n Strawberry Banana for her.. xsempat snappy2..

jom Tutti Frutti again!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

USS Pics

Outside the house, about to walk to skool.. here we go...

With Izad in the bus..

Izad n Yaya in the bus..

Aina with bahirah a.k.a Baby B. she was once the adoration of many, that we put her pic as our profile pic in FB.. she's now friendlier, compare to b4 =D

in Pagoh after Subuh.. the guys had nasi lemak without us =/

camwhoring in the bus.. errk naper iwan tido? or buat2 tido?

already on the bridge.. first half hour, still happy lagi.. sempat camwhoring n tgk nelayan..

fast forward 4hrs n we're here... gamabr wajib on escalator..

the famous globe.. a bunch of us, not including aunty2 n bdk2 kecik..

us girls.. see how we all think a like.. sumer turns out wearing pinkish/purple-ish.. n i thought i wanna stand out..

pintu gerbang USS..Farhan on the right, our photographer =D

everyone wanna piece of Baby B.. the two in the back is Luqman n my fave Basirah..

the cuzzies.. L-R: Faris n Khair (dh kurus n handsome hahaha) behind them is Azeem.

posing with our tickets.. Aina n Suraya mmg gedik!!

entering the park (back pose alert)

after entering the park.. the road to the big circle where we'll see the theme parks.. that Faheem with the orange sling bag..

Madagascar ship on the right, n a part of Hollywood on the left..

yikes, someone got stuck on the tree n died.. cool skeleton..

izad ngamuk pic die kne potong hahahhaa

an orge.. raawwrrr.. this is supposed to be Shrek's swamp.. we rode that rollercoaster in the background..

Far Far Away...

off to the Mummy side... inside that buidling is the rollercoaster we rode (the best ride that day) i think we lined up more than 30mins.. lamer gler.. kne line up kt dlm, luar nmpk kosong je, ingat xder org... haishh kne tipu.. n ade org scary kejar Suraya hahahaha...

after going on Battlestar Galactica spinning cup, went thru Hollywood n reached the Crazy Hat Stand.. budak2 gedik esp Suraya n Aina.. i'm sure u can identify them =b

BeatleJuice BeatleJuice BeatleJuice!!! it's the guy with the white face, in case u don't noe.. Tim Burton y'all..

ok sesat castle far far away... inside was Shrek in 4D, yg same with Movie World tu...

this is in between Madagascar n The Lost World (Jurassic Park).. the only thing i baught that could be consider as a souvenir... a bottled water.. yaya n Suraya got Shrek's potion-like bottle, tp izad lak gedik nk msk pic..

we're done.. n budak ni lapar gler...comot gler mkn smp ade chicken kt rambut hahahh

with Basirah.. a big girl now.. still remember us hanging out together..she's a bit shy now, but still cute n dearest to me.. ye, pilih kasih, but sometimes we have our favourites right?

6pm n they're close..

jalan2 time.. this is Candylicious which i will be going to eventually.. it wasn't opened when we were there..

L-R: Nana, Mohsin, Me, Izad n Athirah.. Yaya taking the pic..

Hard Rock Cafe.. was later joined by Aina, Nurain, Basirah n baby B..

somewhere below the hotel or near the casino.. not quite sure.. but jalan2 jer..

sker gler die maen air tu...

we're done n boarded the bus.. sembang sket before we all slept..

except me n izad during our stop at Machang to send Adam n Jazzy... the rest?

tido baek punyer... back is Faheem, Fahmi n Naim.. the 2 girls are Kak Long's kazen (didn't get their names), n Farhan on the right..

not really clear, but that's Hakim n Irfan from the other bus..

F-B: Nurain, Khaizurann Farhan.. zzzZZzzzzz...

Suraya, Aina, Kak Long n Nurlin zzzZZzzzz
not much pics here.. there's more from other cams already posted in FB.. tgk la, if rajin might post some more..

Raya Pics

Papa eating yummy dishes..

Yaya n Izad finishing their food

Me and Izad

With Mama

Abang with Izad

Izad with her duit raya.. yg atas tu roughly around rm25o.. no wonder she can get total of rm1000 this year.. jelez gler..

Only pic of Opah sitting with Toksu Mahmud

Mama n Papa (like papa's baju melayu? we bought that for him.. i like the green there.. top-up for mama's jubah as well from Hurul Ain.. happy for her..)

Family Potrait.. since we'll have this same view everyyear....

...we decided to switch it up a lil bit, by just moving the couch hahaha

Alang with his family.. L-R: Ilyas, Isa, Aunt Ozy, Adam, Alang
as i said, didn't take much pics this year.. so didn't have pics of Pakusu n Usu n Angah =( will try for Raya Haji...

Zara, budak ni jatuh tangga..

Nabihah cute!!

Izad with Umi n Ani..

Mama with Kak Ina's 1st child.. xingat name but tembam gler!!!

katil opah yg dh patah tu.. so bought new one (no pics tho) this day, rumah opah banjir =b

Tuesday night, we went for Raya at Aunt Hyzurah's place.. aunty Anne was in town so we had a 'small' gathering.. here are the '80s babies.. the guy in black is hot =b
except for Myra (front, middle) we are sitting in a line by family.. Johan is still in Aussie so Myra took his place..
(Back L-R: Yaya, Ruzana, Aidil. Middle L-R: Me, Zawani, Afiq. Front L-R: Izad, Myra, Alia)

The dads.. only a few of them.. (owh on the right is Capt Ismail, the one i said dealt with Sosilawati's suspected murderer.. yikes)

The mums.. frens from Labuan, n still going strong.. best bunch of ppl that we are fortunate enough to know.. i mostly miss my time there becouse of the bonds we share between all families.. picnics on weekends.. Kesuma dinners.. fun times indeed..
well ppl, that's a few pics of raya.. i dun like posting pics much cuz it's so tedious (cmner hani nyer senang gler?) but just a bit to share.. will be posting USS pics soon.. hope u won't be disappointed..