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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Need More Sleep

and having Sim 3 around the house ain't helping dat i feel sleepier than i used to when i wake up for sahur.. but thankfully we're only about 3 days left till Raya.. Woot!! so this coming 2 days will be such a long day anticipating Raya.. won't have the mood to work, which started to kick in yesterday actually... looking forward to a long break.. duit raya is done, managed to squeeze in the last bits last night... this night, i'm planning to call it a day a bit early as i feel sleepy already... might head to the surau to take a short nap, but i dun usually fall asleep fast enough as i should..

anyway, was trying to google this Coach handbag that is aw in OU.. it's so cute.. the colour is so nice but it's small so i could only fit in a purse n phone there.. owh did i mentioned it cost rm1000+? no? well yeah it does.. not that i'm planning to splurge on it anyway.. can't afford it.. owh wait, of course i can, but i rather spend it on something else.. maybe something like... i dunnoe... FOOD!! hahaha actually i had my eyes on a Fossil purse (or weekender as they call it, whutever that means) that looks so unique.. been wanting it for a few months now, but when i went to Parkson last saturday, it was gone =C anyway, can't find a pic of dat as well.. *sigh* all i can think now is food (stop it!)

anyway, time to put our thinking caps on cuz it's time to work..

we're doomed