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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In The Midst Of It All

while we're all out celebrating Raya, a tragic incident happened here that shocked the whole nation.. it is said that after the case of Mona Fendey, Sosialwati's case is the next anticipated case for all to follow.. the gruesome way of her murder and 3 others are really disturbing to think of, n i'm sure everyone wants justice to prevail.. i won't really elaborate on whut happened cuz basically, u'll be reading it from a more reliable source n i'll just requote them anyway..

so last night, while celebrating Raya at Aunt Hyzurah's house, (and being the 1st family to arrive), we were told that Captain Ismail actually dealt with the lawyer aka suspect.. he was buying a land from sumone, n that lawyer represent the seller.. she did mentioned that the lawyer was a lil manipulative so u have to be wise when dealing with him.. and if it's true that he was accountable for a few other cases of missing person, thank God that nothing went wrong in Captain Ismail deal... how freaky is dat!!

i pray that no one i noe (or me in matter of fact) will have to die in that manner..