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Thursday, September 09, 2010


do u noe how we forget our dreams most of the time.. like u wake suddenly smiling, and can't remember whut u dreamt about but u noe it's good.. or u woke up with ur heart beating fast cuz u dreamt of something horrifying but can't recall the details (n it never happen like in the movies where u sit up straight sweating.. or does that happened to u?)

well i had a weird dream last night n it seemed so real that i was freaking out.. it all started with a bunch of us taking an exam (n i was pretty sure it was a marketing paper) n when we all finished, we went outside to say goodbye to Pang n his gf (still can't remember her name) so we were saying like how we should all hang out as it's gonna be d last few days for them here, n i called Nam Yen cuz sumhow, he wasn't there.. the suddenly Cat n Lee Ooi were saying like how they can't make it n were rushing towards someplace else.. by this time they were jogging across the street, and some african girls were doing the same.. Pang's gf joined them, n we were taken by surprised n started to follow them.. they all went into this strange building n were ripping their clothes off, revealing a formal evening dress for some kind of event.. shocked n tired, me & Pang tried to follow them n sumhow along the way, we got separated (cuz i ran faster.. booyah!) then they all went into this room n the door shut right in front of me as i was about to enter.. it was a creepy place, the one u see in horror movies, with long corridors, n with bathroom walls.. water leaking here and there, pipes rusted everywhere.. seriously, it felt creepy n all i could do in the barely lit place was to squat down, n put my head between my knees...

a moment later, i heard some hustling and feets shifting, heading my way.. i didn't have the nerve to find out what it was but when it got closer, i manage to tilt my head a bit n saw this group of men wif weapons n gas mask searching the place in a SWAT like manner... i was totally spooked especially by dat time, the place was dark, n they were using their torchlight for their vision.. exactly how the movies are like... then one of the guy said something in Chinese which sumhow i understood it as being, switch on the lights.. then when the lights were on, everyone saw me n pointed their guns at me.. by this time, i was already crying my eyes out n shivering n all.. they were asking questions like, where are they? are you with them? whut are you doin here?.. n this part was weird, cuz they were 2 'endings'... the first one was that i was too scared to talk, that when i did tried to, they got fed up n shot me.. i literally felt the bullets sunk in me head, but there was no pain.. then i was like this soul looking from the side, n i saw myself fell to the side being lifeless n i thought there i go.. dead as i could ever be.. then Nam Yen n his dad came, n talked to the guys with weapons.. n at that moment, i started to rewind.. only me, while the rest was looking.. i could breathe again but was still a bit shaken, tho i could talk.. i pointed to the room next to me, and the SWAT guys were ready to ambush..they knocked on the door n i could see from the "letter hole" that the girls were in huge robes, with candles lit in almost every corner of the room.. it seemed like there was some kind of ritual done by a cult or something.. when someone opened the door,the men went in to do their check.. by this time, a few things were starting to unfold.. i say this thing with lots of candles on it, carried by one of the girls with two others behind her... when the men were about to get rough, i made clear of the view in front of me... it was actually a cake.. yes, a birthday cake with candles on it, for an old aunt.. turns out that they were gonna celebrate someones birthday, n the ritual thingy was just part of the play... then i found out, that Pang got spooked so he called the cops.. n when Nam Yen arrived, he told Nam Yen i was inside n so were the 'cops', n his dad followed him to make things right.. not sure whut happened then but a few minutes later i woke up, with my heart still pounding n i can't get the image of 8 guns pointing at me..

so basically that's it.. boring i noe, but it seems real.. so real that after 3 weeks or so, i could still recall the whole thing... it's just a fun thing somethimes, recalling ur dreams/nightmares, cuz it doesn't happen that often.. i had one last two nights (it's 27 Sept today) which left me all smiling dat day.. once again, it felt real n i love the feeling in that dream..

wait till u hear about that wild hog running around.. hahahah that's a funny one...