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Friday, September 03, 2010

Finally, i think this is it

everything so far have been looking towards that direction.. i've been wanting it for so long but i guess without effort and determination, nothing would prosper.. so last night was a lil bit like a mind opener for me.. i noe some things might be very difficult to change, but i think at this age and time, i should think ahead and always think for the best.. we all need that balance in life, and before this, my scale was always tilting to one side only.. but maybe now, maybe finally, my scale is in balance.. i'm a Libra after all (not that i believe in signs).. it's gonna be a long road ahead, but i'm confident i can get myself ready n i have the support i need, mainly from my mother.. so with this new determination, and as i mention a hundred time in my previous blos or post, it's time to turn over a new leaf, and embrace the moment that is given upon me.. i hope that with this, i'll find that peace everyone is looking for.. that stillness.. that calmness.. and the blessing that i need..