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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Bad and The Good

omg so much happened today.. more or less.. well, i dun think the bad is worth mentioning but it has something to do with work.. i totally hate dat guy... *screams*

on another note, the kazens will be heading to Singapore this coming 16th September for Universal Studio.. there will be more ppl than the previous trip i guess cuz the aunts n uncles wanna join too.. but too bad mama & papa won't be joining us... papa said he's been there before, yg original n best in the world.. huhuhuh he was referring to the Universal Studio in Florida which we went when we stayed in New York which was a gazillion years ago hahaha yerla2 maybe not a gazillion years la kn... so anyway, was calculating my budget, n off course i have money la but a bit out of my usual budget which means i'll have less money to save.. but whutever, it's not always dat i get to hang out with all the kazens n all... raya xkire la, tu wajib kot.. so bottomline, really looking forward to that..

and on another note, i'll leave u with a song but my one and only A7X.. a sad song that could make u cry if u noe the story behind it..