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Monday, September 27, 2010

Raya Pics

Papa eating yummy dishes..

Yaya n Izad finishing their food

Me and Izad

With Mama

Abang with Izad

Izad with her duit raya.. yg atas tu roughly around rm25o.. no wonder she can get total of rm1000 this year.. jelez gler..

Only pic of Opah sitting with Toksu Mahmud

Mama n Papa (like papa's baju melayu? we bought that for him.. i like the green there.. top-up for mama's jubah as well from Hurul Ain.. happy for her..)

Family Potrait.. since we'll have this same view everyyear....

...we decided to switch it up a lil bit, by just moving the couch hahaha

Alang with his family.. L-R: Ilyas, Isa, Aunt Ozy, Adam, Alang
as i said, didn't take much pics this year.. so didn't have pics of Pakusu n Usu n Angah =( will try for Raya Haji...

Zara, budak ni jatuh tangga..

Nabihah cute!!

Izad with Umi n Ani..

Mama with Kak Ina's 1st child.. xingat name but tembam gler!!!

katil opah yg dh patah tu.. so bought new one (no pics tho) this day, rumah opah banjir =b

Tuesday night, we went for Raya at Aunt Hyzurah's place.. aunty Anne was in town so we had a 'small' gathering.. here are the '80s babies.. the guy in black is hot =b
except for Myra (front, middle) we are sitting in a line by family.. Johan is still in Aussie so Myra took his place..
(Back L-R: Yaya, Ruzana, Aidil. Middle L-R: Me, Zawani, Afiq. Front L-R: Izad, Myra, Alia)

The dads.. only a few of them.. (owh on the right is Capt Ismail, the one i said dealt with Sosilawati's suspected murderer.. yikes)

The mums.. frens from Labuan, n still going strong.. best bunch of ppl that we are fortunate enough to know.. i mostly miss my time there becouse of the bonds we share between all families.. picnics on weekends.. Kesuma dinners.. fun times indeed..
well ppl, that's a few pics of raya.. i dun like posting pics much cuz it's so tedious (cmner hani nyer senang gler?) but just a bit to share.. will be posting USS pics soon.. hope u won't be disappointed..