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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Much desserved weekend

it's 26th Ramadhan already, and just a few days to go till Raya.. Woot!! so after a so call tiring week of work, i could finally lay back and chill for the weekend.. so my sis n i planned to go n buy my dad's baju melayu for Raya (3rd time we did this so far) n my lil sis wanted to buy new shoes for our trip to Singapore.. so dat day we woke up sumwhat earlier than we used to n got ready...yaya didn't wanna tag along so it was me, my lil sis, n mama..

our day started different dat day.. driving out of our driveway, our car had diz funny sound it was making, so i asked my mum to stopped the car after we passed a few houses cuz it didn't feel right.. turns out, we had a flat tire.. so we called our dad, n he did the necessary.. so instead of going out at 10am, we left around 10:30am i guess.. so after bonus, i had a few spare change so i had more to spend than usual =D we went to Parkson n baught my dad dis green baju melayu together with it's sampin.. i asked my mum to get herself one new baju kurung instead since we never bought her anything before, but she wanted new footwear as well so we went to scholl n we bought her new shoes.. scholl mmg best gler, very very comfy indeed.. then we went to JJ for izad's shoes... then yada yada, it was almost 1pm i think.. then we decided to go to Hurul Ain in TTDI to check out some jubah. mama said if jubah, confirm we went there n they didn't have her size, but the girl told us to try check at their kota damansara branch.. so we decided to go home 1st to pray then head out again...

izad was sleepy so she didn't follow us, so it was just me and my mum.. around 3pm we left n found the place... we went to Arianni as well, n mahal gler tudung2 kat situ... bukannye cantek sgt pon.. aderla certain yg ok2 but i dun think they should cost dat much... then masuk Hurul Ain n found the exact same design for the jubah my mum want in her size.. yippee!! there was another jubah cantek gler but xtry la.. dun think it'll fit me dat well... so anyway, we bought dat n headed home.. but before dat singgah masjid jap amek bubur lambuk.. was the last day... and dat was around 5:10pm kot.. den we went to my mum's fren house to get somethings n by d time we reached home, it was about 5:40pm.. rest jap den kluar lagi to buy some food.. owh yup, today mama rest masak... just panaskn lauk semlm, we had subways, n papa had his roti naan.. finally dpt dhal lebih.. hehehe when we were done eating, n the girls tgh lepak kt dapur, suddenly my dad came down with his new baju n said selamat hari raya hehehe so happy for him..

so yeah was quite a tiring day yesterday, going out n all... we bought Sims 3 World Adventure so i played last night till 3am dis morning.. so today was just like d normal weekends where i dun do much... tired tired but happy... can't wait for Raya to eat n hang out with the whole family.. wasn't able to bake any cookies or cake, though that was supposed to be d plan for today... anyway, Raya is just around d corner which means Uni Studio is just around d corner as well.. woot!!