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Monday, December 05, 2005

My Snoop Dogg

that's whut i call the guy i hav a crush on. his real name is rudy. to be honest, he's not the guy i'm usually attracted to. he's quite good looking, cute, but style wise, no comment. maybe it's becuz he's working. the 1st time i met him, i juz think he's cute, no crushes whut so ever. i didn't really had the chance to talk to him cuz he always seems bz. n when he's alone, i dun hav the courage to go up to him. weird. i dun hav butterflies tho. but i luv his smile. n those eyes juz make ya wanna melt xb he plays the guitar, so dat's good news. anyway, ever since i got back here, i can't stop thinking about him. sumtimes i'm not sure if i really like him, or i miss being in luv. jue noes about this. i asked her to help me out abit, see if he's interested. but then again, if he is, i'd doubt that 'we' would work out. u noe i can never survive long-distance relationship. i can't even say that i'll meet him once a yr. i got his hp num from botak. unfortunately, he doesn't hav his own hp n so he replies vary late which frustretes me. n juz now, he said he'll be quiting his job. how on earth will i get to see him then??

*** my heart hurts ***

Journey To The Past

i havn't posted anything for a super looong time. so here's an update. a quick one. i'm so not in the mood to type rite now.


first of, during the fasting seasons, i watched Gubra. Yasmin had a 2nd screening at the leo burnett building or sumthing like dat. so as normal, i lied to my parents dat i was going out wif my college frens.. so i hung out at klcc till 7+ and by 8, i wuz at the masjid jamek lrt station.. waited for a gurl name jaja n wif 2 other gurls, we walked to menara building. it wuz my 1st time there n it was so cool. i get to meet yasmin for the 1st time. i won't really say dat she inspire me, but i luv her movies. it's not the high class movie but when u think about it, it's worth much more. the actors in Gubra was superb. i luv nani. i think she's great. the poster for that film is out n i think it's cool. to most ppl, they might thing it's juz a picture. but yasmin is not dat sorta 'woman'. even the picture is in depth. it's about a gurl, finding it hard to let go of sumone she luv, when she's actually married. not really a spoiler here, cuz basically no one reads diz blog, but the movie has 2 seperate stories. not a single thing is related but both share the same theme. forgiveness. such an original movie. her up cuming movie is Mokhsen. can't hardly wait for dat.


during raya, we went to pd n serendah. my opah's house is under construction so she went to stay wif her sis in serendah. it was a nice raya. not dat busy. my sis had only 4days of raya to spend wif us, so it wuz a bit of a rush. we invited sum of our relatives for dinner. which wuz seperated into 2 cuz we wouldn't want such a big crowd. nuff said.


my finals r over. at least for the 1st sem. it totally sux. i juz hope my results will be fine, ie all pass. i'd hate it if i had to repeat the same subject. which i'll hav 2 wait for 1 yr.. how can i survive such a thing. results will be out mybe in 2 weeks time.. pray 4 me..


next is about my opah. she called me one monday n said she's having a stomachache. i told my mum n to keep things short, she was admitted to the hospital. there wuz sum stone in her bladder or sumthing. she stayed there (damansara speacialist hospital) for exactly 1 week. it cost about rm20000. bloody hell. that's why our family is reducing our spending. well, actually, tryin to. we later found out that she HAD cancer but it as remove. so i guess, she's recovered. my mum told her not to worry tho. but i bet she is. i am.


beleive it or not, i went to labuan for 6days 5nites. i won't say it was awesome but it was good. couldn't actually jln2 cuz we didn't hav the transport n basically my fren sleeps alot.. the only time we had fun wuz at nite. at her shop, n strawberry ( a karaoke bar ). we had fun tho, we played pool n she sang. i wasn't in the mood to sing in front of those ppl. well, i met new frens n guess whut, i had a crush on one of the workers there ( i'll tell u more bout it later). overall, i'll rate it 6/10. does dat sounds bad?

Monday, October 10, 2005


mood: so-so
music: my destiny by 'sumbody'

as always, my blog will be abandoned. i can't find the rite time to post anything. juz a quick view of whut's happening. i'm about to finish my 1 week break, which wuz a bit relaxing to me. i wuz suppose to do sum research but.. u noe whut.. n i'm now fasting, it's Ramadhan.. i set my mind to be a better person then last year, tho i doubt dat. my studies are going ok for sum subjects n not ok for the others. i failed my accounting mid sem test.. bleag.. hope i cud get extra marks for cuming to the moderation dat day. yup, we get to see the moderator from Murdoch University. my law is doing ok.. we got a few tips to score in the finals, since it's an open book exam. marketing is ok. i didn't get better marks but dat wuz expected. i didn't put much effort in it. during the break, we did our accounting assignment. n suppose to do the management assignment. which i think i'll be skipping tomorrow class n do intensive research.. i dun think i can get much in 1 day. but i'll try. bad me.. shud change my attitude, about diz, or i won't be wanted in any group later on =c management is as usual. i dun get whut the lecturer said. the book is impossible to read, whut else, to undertand. but i'll DO my best.. yup 'do my best' instead of 'try my best'. gotta brush up my accountinh. i think that's the subject i gotta worry most. i can count on my assignment for management but i can't really count on anything for accounting cuz basically i flunk my test, the assignment can't do much, n the tutorials, dun even think about it. at least i can get tutorial marks in management. cum to think about it, i juz have to worry about the final test for management whilst accounting, i gotta worry bout the whole thing. i'm really proud of my law so far. 70% failure is a lot n i was sure i was gonna be one of those but not anymore. not to brag or anything, but whut mr khardial (i think) said, really gave me more encouragements.


nuff said about college.. in a week time is my birthday..i'm gonna be 19!! is dat old? ~hmm~ well, it's still '9TEEN' so i guess the word 'teen' would considered as young. anyways, can't expect much for my birthday. jue called juz now to 'book' me. sorta make sum reservation for me.. maybe we'll go out. hopefully to one utama cuz i really dun feel like going anywhere else, i mean, OU feels more like home. unless mid valley, which i highly think will be the choice, where i'm not really comfortable. 1st of all wif all the ppl there, it's too 'sesak'. then i dun really noe the place like i noe ou.. it'll be easier to jln2.. ehehehe. juz watched to sleepover club the other day, it wuz about a birthday too... when sumone say dun make a fuss about it, they mean make a fuss about it..that's basically whut they mention. n i guess it's true. i mean it's ur birthday, n even tho u dun really want a grand birthday party or whutever but u want people to remember. it's the thought that counts. off course.. u might feel dissapointed if there's no present but u'll still be happy when people wish u happy birthday, (without u having to remind them).. ~ Happy Birhtday Papa!!!!~ (5/10)


nuff bout birthdays.. i juz remembered the dream i had.. wuz it last nite? or the nite before? i'm not sure, but za'im wuz in there.. i noe he's old story but like i said before.. whut feez said IS true..dun really wanna think about it. he changed number, not as if i care or anything.. aishah's car got stolen.. i dun really noe the whole story but i think sumone broke in their house.. geez, juz when she's flown to UK, her car is gone..i forgot to type this sumplace else first, now i can't copy juz in case sumthing goes wrong.. i hate it if i have to retype this again.. so i guess i'll stop here... cuming up next is 'stop n look'...

Thursday, September 22, 2005


mood: tired
music: a song by jac

i'm currently busy with lots of assignment n test. so i can't really find the time to blog. there's a law test cuming tomorrow, which i yet have to finish study very hard, considering dat i failed the first test. then there's the marketing report which i have to submit to pang by week is our marketing test n the week after is my holiday. which i can't really relax cuz there's another law test after dat week, n i've gotta do my accounting n management assignment which if i delay, will cause loads of difficulty to me. so to be on d save side, i'll try to keep myself preoccupied wif all these works. faiz is going to russia next monday n aishah will be going to uk tmorrow. all the best for them.i hope i won't have any prolems with my studies this time...


frenster had thing ew features which is the same with myspace now.. we can insert html and so on.. n i've put up new pics.. 1 is awal from beat tv, n the other is the pic of us when we were young... how i miss those times when we were younger... i can't post the pic here so too bad...

Saturday, September 03, 2005


mood : tense
music : LFO girl on tv

lots of assignment that's due juz around the corner. honestly, i really can't find the time to blog. i'm so damn busy. even now, i'm searching for info for my management assignment. i had marketing n commercial law test last week. it wuz okey. can't expect grades too high tho. this is about it. wish me a successful life aight. much luv.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

short update

mood : bored n tired
music : none

my life is so hectic even tho there's not much that i do. i dun follow the time table i made except for my classes. i've got unfinished assignment due in 2 weeks. presentation n a report. plus 2 test that i'm not ready for next week. can life get any worse. my dad always says that taking my degree will be different. n yes it is. not like high skool anymore. more work less play. sure. i juz can't get use to it. time passes by fast. i'm gonna be 19 this year. if i'm lucky enuff to get my degree in 2008, that's when i'm 22 i guess, i'll have to decide whether to get a master or get a job, which, both, i'm not really looking forward to. i guess i've havn't really set my mind to get things seriously. i mean, get real, it's a wild life out there. n if can't control my self, put myself back together, be focus, i'm sure gonna suffer. yes, suffer not struggle. i'm suppose to struggle now. which reminds me of whut william hung ( yep the american idol guy) said, u need to struggle in order to succeed. n he's rite. it's juz that i'm not the kind of person he can survive struggling. sumhow, i'll be left behind. n if i dun do anything about it, i'm gonna stay that way, whether i like it or not. besides, it's whut i chose. i'm very good at talking crap. makes me miss blogging. tho, i can't blog as often as i want to. once a week might seems almost impossible's not fair if i can spend time blogging instead of studying, so i mihgt as well drop this. so here's the short update. thinking of changing my counter, it sux. plus it's no use at all

there's gonna be a kenduri at ajief's house. my sis is cuming home tomorrow. i went to era's pre show which wus quite fun. it was a recording. i got to see nana, nash, adam, sham kamikaze, zahid, farah, siti, waheeda, sazzy, awal, dayang, reshmonu etc. but bezz of all, when we were about to go home, kak anis ( doing her practical there) told us that jeff timmons from 98 degrees is here on ho live. so we dicided to go see him as well. hey, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. it was a nice experience. i'm on my holidays now. dunnoe whut else to type. i'll drop by soon...

Monday, August 08, 2005

computer break down

my computer broke down. n it was all my mum's fault. she's in bali rite now, having a holiday. i'll be fetching her from the airport later. i'm searching sum info for my sis project so i'll update later.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

damn it!! could things get any worse than this?!?

mood : frustrated
music : bodies by drowning pool

well, as u noe, i'm starting college now. n whut's so frustrating or 'menyakitkan hati' is dat out of 4 classes, 3 of them, i'll be classmate with intan!! yepperz. that bitch dat i hate. i noe she's my x's x, but once i hate sumone, it's very hard for me to accept dat person. like i sad b4, i have a problem of letting go. now my mood to study have completely gone. n i juz can't ignore her cuz the feeling of disgusted by her is always there. even at the other class where we're not in the same class, her frens r there, n even tho i dunnoe them, at all, i hate them. aarrggghhhh!!! damn it!! could things get any worse than this?!?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


mood : bored
music : *none at the moment*

today, i started my first class for my degree. we didn't really study today since the lecturer just gave a bit briefing to us. our class does combine with sum mass comm student so kathy, hannah and zi hui were there as well. there were also 2 of 'dat gurl' frens there. n there's thiz one bossy gurl, raja zarith i think ( i heard sumone call her that ). unfortunately, she'll be in another same class with me. i hope she's not as bad as i think she is ( 1st impression counts ) cuz i dun wanna make any more 'enemies' in college than i already have. i won't say that 'they' r my enemies, but i think it's all clear dat we dun like each other, or shall i say, dun click.i won't be having any class 2morrow. wonder whut i'll be doing. i can't really study since there's no thing to study. i havn't got a clue whut my lessons will be like. maybe, if my mum's free, i'll ask her to buy my text books. they're so expensive.hmm. i noe college might be a boring thing to write about but that's whut's happening in my life rite now.

on my way back after picking up my sis from her skool, i swear i saw zaim. i guess i feel juz the same like feez ( as stated in her blog ). anyone who has ever owned me will own me for the rest of time. i can't help it. i won't let go. u see, i'm pretty sure i have the problem of letting go. i noe he doesn't mean a thing to me now, but it's very hard to forget him. not juz bcuz whut he did to me ( tho that wuz a bit expected ) but also how much i cared about him. even tho i noe whut we had would not even last ( better yet, even serious ). bleugh. nuff said.

i really wanna take guitar lessons. i love playing the guitar ( u noe whut i mean ). i luv being able to sing while playing the guitar. it'll be so damn cool. i'm prepare to practise even if it takes a year to be very good at it. i'm willing to do it. yeay!! =b i could imagine myself playin. hahaha. i'm so blur rite now. i have no idea whut to type, but like always, i'll update this blog as often as i can. at least once a week.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

a new blog for a new life

mood: normal
music: life goes on - leann rimes

from now on, i'll be posting in this new blog. new website, new nickname etc. i've finished my foundation n now starting my degree, tho my registration is not approved yet. wishing i could take guitar lesson starting next month. i've set up my mind to change my attitude. i'm gonna do my best to achieve whut i want. i noe i've said that b4 but hopefully i'll be able to do it for real now. last saturday, i had a small gathering wif jue, shikin, n anis. che'ah wus there too. we had fun, it was nice meeting them n remembering the gud old days. here's a pic of us at mid valley.

we're planning to have another gathering which is yet to be confirm. i dun hav much to write at this moment, but i'll do my best to update this blog as often as i can. till then, wish me luck in whutever i do.