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Monday, October 10, 2005


mood: so-so
music: my destiny by 'sumbody'

as always, my blog will be abandoned. i can't find the rite time to post anything. juz a quick view of whut's happening. i'm about to finish my 1 week break, which wuz a bit relaxing to me. i wuz suppose to do sum research but.. u noe whut.. n i'm now fasting, it's Ramadhan.. i set my mind to be a better person then last year, tho i doubt dat. my studies are going ok for sum subjects n not ok for the others. i failed my accounting mid sem test.. bleag.. hope i cud get extra marks for cuming to the moderation dat day. yup, we get to see the moderator from Murdoch University. my law is doing ok.. we got a few tips to score in the finals, since it's an open book exam. marketing is ok. i didn't get better marks but dat wuz expected. i didn't put much effort in it. during the break, we did our accounting assignment. n suppose to do the management assignment. which i think i'll be skipping tomorrow class n do intensive research.. i dun think i can get much in 1 day. but i'll try. bad me.. shud change my attitude, about diz, or i won't be wanted in any group later on =c management is as usual. i dun get whut the lecturer said. the book is impossible to read, whut else, to undertand. but i'll DO my best.. yup 'do my best' instead of 'try my best'. gotta brush up my accountinh. i think that's the subject i gotta worry most. i can count on my assignment for management but i can't really count on anything for accounting cuz basically i flunk my test, the assignment can't do much, n the tutorials, dun even think about it. at least i can get tutorial marks in management. cum to think about it, i juz have to worry about the final test for management whilst accounting, i gotta worry bout the whole thing. i'm really proud of my law so far. 70% failure is a lot n i was sure i was gonna be one of those but not anymore. not to brag or anything, but whut mr khardial (i think) said, really gave me more encouragements.


nuff said about college.. in a week time is my birthday..i'm gonna be 19!! is dat old? ~hmm~ well, it's still '9TEEN' so i guess the word 'teen' would considered as young. anyways, can't expect much for my birthday. jue called juz now to 'book' me. sorta make sum reservation for me.. maybe we'll go out. hopefully to one utama cuz i really dun feel like going anywhere else, i mean, OU feels more like home. unless mid valley, which i highly think will be the choice, where i'm not really comfortable. 1st of all wif all the ppl there, it's too 'sesak'. then i dun really noe the place like i noe ou.. it'll be easier to jln2.. ehehehe. juz watched to sleepover club the other day, it wuz about a birthday too... when sumone say dun make a fuss about it, they mean make a fuss about it..that's basically whut they mention. n i guess it's true. i mean it's ur birthday, n even tho u dun really want a grand birthday party or whutever but u want people to remember. it's the thought that counts. off course.. u might feel dissapointed if there's no present but u'll still be happy when people wish u happy birthday, (without u having to remind them).. ~ Happy Birhtday Papa!!!!~ (5/10)


nuff bout birthdays.. i juz remembered the dream i had.. wuz it last nite? or the nite before? i'm not sure, but za'im wuz in there.. i noe he's old story but like i said before.. whut feez said IS true..dun really wanna think about it. he changed number, not as if i care or anything.. aishah's car got stolen.. i dun really noe the whole story but i think sumone broke in their house.. geez, juz when she's flown to UK, her car is gone..i forgot to type this sumplace else first, now i can't copy juz in case sumthing goes wrong.. i hate it if i have to retype this again.. so i guess i'll stop here... cuming up next is 'stop n look'...