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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year In Review: 2013

This was one eventful year.. my baby sister got married.. my two best friends delivered two healthy babies.. and we ended the year with a great bbq session.. so as i sit here reading of what the years before have brought, i'm thinking of what this year has been like and what 2014 will bring.. sure, everyone starts the year with this huge positive attitude and might slumber as they go on.. but i have a feeling that 2014 will be great.. but before we dwell on that (which should be in a different post), lets reflect what this year has brought us... and again, not in any particular sequence...

how can i ever forget the first real family vacation ever (and overseas, mind you) that we had in probably years.. we went to Perth Australia, and had such a good time just being with each other, the five of us... 

I'll have to repeat, my sister's wedding was also among the highlight of the year.. from the preparations, to the day itself.. now it feels likeit happened so long ago but actually was just a month..

babies cuteness.. yup, i adore those two babies so much.. although i've only met ameena (and should be visiting more often actually), i can't wait to meet addam.. and hopefully by the time i see them, i'll have the 'courage' to cuddle them hehehehe

Yes!!! I've finally paid off my car loan.. you might as well say that i've got an 'increament' hehehe but must save for new zealand.. it doesn't help that the currency keeps increasing by the second huhuhuhu

shaytober 90% success.. and i'll think of something to do for this year which should be around that mindset.. plus, i ordered a shaytard calendar and it was signed!!! Woot woot!!

Other than that i managed to hang out with my friends more last year and went to USS weehooo.. had so much fun with them.. next time hanging out with them will be so different, seeing that they're parents now..

Well i guess that's all i could think of.. kinda lazy to recall too actually... anyway, have a great year ahead.. it's almost the end of the year, and i still need to sort out my goals/plan for this year.. lookibg forward to our next family vacation.. hugs

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Interlude Before the Wedding Post

Iklan jap.. after this hopefully i'll have some post of my baby's wedding.. but before that i want to ramble a little bit.. as i may have mentioned before, i dislike unwanted visitors (or in this case readers).. sometimes i don't think about it and care.. but other times it's somewhat annoying to me.. off course you'll think that the easiest and most logical thing to do is to change the setting to private right? well, although i don't have that much readers (kire gune sebelah tgn pon cukup), the people i do know read my blog don't have an account.. and agak leceh to ask them to sign in and what not so i'm leaving it public.. not that i expect people to read but that's just the way it is..  but then there are also people that i prefer not to read this blog just cuz i don't ok.. it doesn't help that i get ask questions about things that other people shouldn't have known (cuz lets face it, i'm not much of a talker).. or even get a random text that makes me go, "what the fuck are you getting at?!?" rimas ok.. get the hint already.. i'm ignoring you for a reason.. 

malas nk type dah.. wanna continue my Sherlock Holmes before the year ends huhuhuh bye

Monday, December 09, 2013

I Can Hear The Bells

It has been awhile indeed.. updates? Well Shaytober was a better month for me.. started out motivated and vetted through but towards the end, I did fall off the wagon.. and then came Brovember and that was horrible.. I didn’t go into the month with the right mindset.. and now it’s already December, and I’m slowing down a little bit.. Shikin had a beautiful baby girl.. Jue is due in a couple of days.. super excited for that.. went to visit kin with my sisters the other day but didn’t stayed that long.. as my fear of holding newborns still remain, I didn’t cradle baby ameena.. We’ll give it a few months when she’s stronger and I stop being a loser ok.. the kitchen is done and I have my island woot woot.. I haven’t started cooking though but I have a few things in mind.. I’ve managed to catch up on HIMYM.. now I get why Mohsin like it so much.. now in their final season so will need more series to follow.. although by then, GOT will be back yeayy DRACARYS!! Hehehe.. On a side note, Paul Walker passed away.. although I’m not as gutted by the news as I was when I heard about Cory, but it’s still sad.. wasn’t a huge fan of the Fast n Furious but did managed to watch most of them.. people keep saying how ironic it is that he died in a car crash.. just wondering how the 7th film will be like.. must be really hard for his family seeing him in a speeding car on the big screen..

Anyway, with all that aside, lets talk about something else.. well, my baby sister is getting hitched in a few weeks!! 2 weeks to be exact.. it’s bittersweet but I wish her all the happiness in the world.. not sure if I’ll post pics from the big day cuz c’mon, I’m that lazy to blog now.. in terms of preparation, huge salute to my mum.. I’ve been slacking a lot with helping her.. I think I only managed to do some door gift which didn’t even add up to a quarter of the amount.. my stubborn head sometimes think that my sister should do more and be more proactive with planning her own wedding instead of leaving my parents with most of the work.. booking dewan was done by my parents.. although she did find the pelamin and all but my mum did the bookings.. caterer pon my parents went to meet them up n booking.. izad? Hmmm mcm xde buat bende je.. can’t imagine how Jue managed to do everything by herself.. it takes lots of thinking and effort on her side.. come to think about it, I wished I did play a role on helping her huhuhu I guess I’ll just redeem by supporting her through her pregnancy and being a new mom (xsabar nk tgk baby baru nnt)..

Now what’s left is the barang2 hantaran and putting the goodies in the goody bags.. perhaps the later will be done within the week of the wedding itself.. so might be a tight week for us.. planning a wedding ain’t easy, especially one that’s decided kinda last minute =b note to self, get the checklist from Jue next time hehehe I hope everything goes smoothly on that day and the days approaching it.. praying that my loved ones will be healthy and able to make it.. had a couple of deaths in the extended family these couple of months.. and reading an article that quotes Paul Walker’s dad, it rings true to me.. “I’m just glad that everytime I saw him, I told him that I loved him. and he would say the same thing to me”.. sometimes we think too much about the last goodbyes, about the last moment we spent with the departed, or the last thing we spoke of with the departed (thinking about the episodes when Marshall loses his dad) but really, when the person goes, what u want is the person to know that u love them and u know that they love you... right?

Ok la no mushy2.. anyway, don’t know what more to write.. will do my best to update pics of the big day.. all the best izad.. I love u so much.. even though it is kinda sad that u’ll be ‘leaving’ us, but I’m so happy for you.. our family will grow not just bigger but hopefully stronger.. Although our parents marriage wasn’t all fairy tales, but things have gotten so much better and you know it.. I can just pray that ur marriage will be blessed by Allah and may u have all the happiness there is in this world and hereafter.. I’ll love ur kids and spoil them (if I don’t have mine yet).. and no matter what, u will always be by baby sister.. big hugs.. muahh muahh.. (no mushy2 la bodoh) byeee