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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Interlude Before the Wedding Post

Iklan jap.. after this hopefully i'll have some post of my baby's wedding.. but before that i want to ramble a little bit.. as i may have mentioned before, i dislike unwanted visitors (or in this case readers).. sometimes i don't think about it and care.. but other times it's somewhat annoying to me.. off course you'll think that the easiest and most logical thing to do is to change the setting to private right? well, although i don't have that much readers (kire gune sebelah tgn pon cukup), the people i do know read my blog don't have an account.. and agak leceh to ask them to sign in and what not so i'm leaving it public.. not that i expect people to read but that's just the way it is..  but then there are also people that i prefer not to read this blog just cuz i don't ok.. it doesn't help that i get ask questions about things that other people shouldn't have known (cuz lets face it, i'm not much of a talker).. or even get a random text that makes me go, "what the fuck are you getting at?!?" rimas ok.. get the hint already.. i'm ignoring you for a reason.. 

malas nk type dah.. wanna continue my Sherlock Holmes before the year ends huhuhuh bye