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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

El Clasico

so did anyone stayed up last night or woke up early to watch the match?? i had planned to wake up a tee bit early to ctach the 2nd half but i slept through heheheh anyways, 3 cheers to Barca for defeating Madrid.. i've always despise C Ronaldo n will always will...Another Daydream may started out about him, but i didn't manage to finish it n in my head, it ended up being just another footballer.. 5-0 is a good score.. i just wished it was more.. maybe 11-1 like what happened in 1934 or sumthing.. hope they win again at Bernabeu... that would be awesome n a smack in the head for C Ronaldo.. yes, only him.. i dun dislike Madrid.. in fact, i used to be so-so with them (i dun watch football other than EPL).. i dun hate them for buying star players (hate is such a strong word) like what Man City are currently doing... but i wasn't a fan either.. they used to have Ronaldo (the Brazilian), Zidane, Raul, Beckham n Owen (boohoo).. now they have a few ppl that i've heard of, especially those new players under Morinho like Alonso (boohoo again), Mesut Ozil n off course Kaka... but i started hating them when they bought C Ronaldo for a whopping 80 million.. not sure in what currency that was but it was a new record n i hate if a record is associated with him...
lets stop talking bout him ok.. lets make this post about Barca trashing C Ronaldo.. i mean Madrid hahaha well Thierry Henry used to be in Barca anyway, that's why my heart is more towards that club (eceh) since i'm a Gooner, n he was the star for Arsenal at that time, i tend to follow him a bit... (just like how my lil sis n Ilyas follow Owen hahaha) unfortunately he transfered to the Red Bulls.. why on earth would a footballer wants to play for a US team??? they don't really excel in football (or in their term, soccer).. i dun think u could really shine there.. unless that's not really ur intention.. now that he's gone, i still prefer Barca than Madrid tho.. Messi being the top player (not that i've seen him play that much) is in that club n in a way ppl are comparing the two of them so i'm on Team Messi!!!
not sure when their next match is... Spanish League is always playing late in Malysia time so havn't really catch any of the matches.. but will surely root for Barcelona in my sleep =D

Thinking of You

I would love to see your face on this day,
To hear what may be on your mind,
If only you were here to say that it's ok,
And to know all the things that you missed and left behind.

But you left too soon to witness it all,
To watch me climb, to help me when i fall,

Everything i did, it was to make you proud,
To make me stand out from this heaps of crowd,
You've taught me a lot throughout the years,
I hoped i did enough to overcome your fears.

I miss you so much, ever since the moment you were gone,
I used to cry everyday on my own in this lonely lawn,
You taught me to be strong, that's something i'll try not to forget,
But at times i just can't help myself from being upset.

If only you were here to help me through this,
Your words have always been some kind of bliss.

I wish I could share my happiness with you,
Cuz after all, you were the one who knew me best,
I wish I could go back to that time when i didn't have a clue,
And relive that moment when i let it all off my chest.

I wish I had more time with you,
I wish I knew you sooner,
I wish your predictions will come true,
That someday we will be together.

My Meds

been sneezing all weekend with a minor running nose... i think i got it from a colleague.. so i went to Maybank's clinic yesterday n got the medications above... Meds for sore throat, flu (night n day), n also some vitamin C... the doc also said i had low blood pressure of 90/60.. i hope it doesn't stay that way for long.. anyway, if you're family, you'll noe that i'm a sore loser at taking pills... i basically suck at it.. i dun noe how the rest of you do it.. it's just so hard to swallow a pill, especially those antibiotics where u can't even break 'em in half... but luckily the pills i got this n time are small, so i managed to swallow them with a breeze... hopefully this nose won't be a problem for the next 24 hrs or so...

on another note, might have marvellous session with the kazens later tonight.. mohsin will be off this thursday to Belgium for another competition in Guatemala later in dec, so maybe sempat dinner je kot n not movie like what was planned...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tell Me A Secret

Tell me a secret for all it's worth,
And I'll be the only girl on earth,
With that power of knowing the mystery surrounding you.
Tell me a secret and I'll take it to my grave,
Since no other single soul could be that brave,
To know something and not have others to know it too.

Tell me a secret and say it to me with a smile,
And I'll think of you while walking down that isle,
Cuz this might be the last chance that you'll ever get.
Tell me a secret, I'm just dying to know,
How you really feel about me and why'd you let me go,
For I'm not ready to lose you just yet.

Tell me a secret in a simple line,
Tell me a secret, and I'll tell you mine.


Just A Thought

sitting alone in the dark,
thinking bout the times that we were apart,
we've grown a lot over the years,
we've laughed together and even shed some tears,
but now i feel like i no longer know you,
even after the things that we've been through,
we have changed and became different individuals,
we're now two strangers in a silent denial,
the bond may still be there,
but it may be broken for all i care,
the effort i put may never be enough,
for you to cherish or for you to love,
and now i've stopped trying and i've seen you have too,
we act like nothing has happened but i know just as much as you do,
that things will never be the same again,
this is one thing that time cannot mend,
for time is all that we had all along,
time is what made this relationship so wrong,
and now here we are, two strangers in this crowded room,
looking at each other, knowing this relationship is doom,
all it takes is that one tiny little step,
but we never took it for we know the depth,
the silent that may follow after that awkward greet,
the sorrow that may follow after that silent weep,
so we stood there, two strangers, and strangers we'll forever be,
and so i stood there, thinking of you and me.

Wedding of the Year

so as u noe, my family went to PD last friday for Bada's wedding n just got back yesterday... n anything that has to do with Bada, sure ade drama.. one of the best one would be the presents.. the whole weekend wasn't any different from any weekends spent at PD when the whole family gathers.. gossip sane sini, non-stop etc so i guess i'll just keep this as short as i can.. the wedding went well... jumaat mlm ade tahlil, then nikah on Saturday morning.. sanding was that afternoon as well... the fun part was the night itself...if this story xbtol sgt, izad tolong btolkn k...
i guess it all started when the bride ask where the present were, n Mak ngah sari just answered ade kt blakang, but she doesn't really noe where they are... the bride expected to have an 'opening present session' that night so all the presents were put at the pelamin itself.. n total ade 6 gifts aje... maybe we compared it to Sara's wedding where gifts2 bertimbun n they had to open 2 at a time to make the process faster... then we started to feel sorry for the groom cuz die muke innocent gler n there wouldn't be any wedding on the groom's side so this would definitely be the only present they'll receive.. actually aunty2 ade sponsor2 brg, so maybe that's why we didn't think of buying her gifts.. then we were talking2 bout this n smp ler ke aunty2... so to make this short, they told us to but more presents for the newlyweds... plg2 pon bli another 10 presents so nmpk byk sket...
so the aunties were asking us money, tong2 lar... nasib baek family besar so about rm10 sorg (except mohsin who gave rm50.. fave kazen la kata kn hahaha) n we managed to get about the meantime, kak long, izad n aina got ready utk gi kedai... so when all money were collected, they went out.. Mak sempat tanya nk gi mane, n aina hentam jwb, bli makanan hehehe... we kept this away from Tok, Mak n Mummy etc... n off course the newlyweds la..mama pon slow sket, xtau they were actually buying presents instead of food, till Aunt Wahidah had to whisper to her... most ppl were having dinner under the tent when the girls came home.. took them about an hour to go shopping n they ended up buying about 11 gifts altogether.. terer gk la... they were about to go in through the front door, but the newlyweds were eating under the tents so the girls took the car to the back of the house, plan nk msk ikot kitchen, but then mummy was there... so i thought of going through the window kt bilik tepi tu but ade grill, then lastly decided msk ikot sliding door dpn, but was facing another side so xnmpk... then we quickly unload the gifts letak kt pelamin... so mmg nmpk byk la after dat... sume sep2 sbb mission accomplish hahahha sumer nervous2 la time tu, takot kantoi etc...
then mummy ade ckp sumthing like, eh td present xbyk cmni..hehehe so when everyone dh hbs dinner, we told the newlyweds to cut the cake n open the presents... this time sumer nervous cuz xtau 'they give what present' to the newlyweds.. the girls maen hentam jer tulis name family2 n all... so we were cheering when they opened the presents.. our family 'gave' glass sets i think.. then sumone 'gave' them a rice cooker.. mohsin 'gave' them a kettle... kazen2 girls pon ade gk but i can't recall what... lawak gk la bler Bada mention this is from aunt Rubiah, then aunty mcm muke nervous sbb xtau die bg ape.. then bler Bada open, we were like yeayyy n aunty rubiah was like oowwhhhh hahahaha tu pon izad kate they forgot to put aunty wahidah's name, so aina managed to grabbed one gift n tukar name just in case xnk org kecik hati or whatever hehehe
so overall it was a good weekend la... managed to see both my grandmothers in one day sbb usu bwk opah n angah along as well.. alang pon ade jd lone rider hehehe the boys xikot so naek motor jer la... managed to eat quite a lot.. ate loads n loads of cake.. to count, i think there was about 9 cakes that day... gler ke aper kn... luckily we had a big family so most of 'em were gone, with the exception of fruit cake yg mmg xlaku pon... might post pics... lately mcm rajin jer kn.. but the last entry with pics (yg zoo tu) sgt menyeksakan hahahaha yaya left her camera there, not sure when to get it.. will wait till the rest upload pics, but there won't be much kot...
anyway, have a great week ahead... tgh in lazy mode ni...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Step by Step

taking a day off tomorrow.. will be going back to PD for Bada's wedding... be sure to wait on that... nothing much to say... i've been taking the stairs at Masjid Jamek LRT station every morning now instead of the escalator.. not really a major workout but i hope it helps... my thighs do get sore a bit but then again i'm unfit so any work out is a work out for me, regardless how minimal it is.. baby steps right? thought of doing the hula at nights but that never seem to happen so i'll just stick to this for the time being... hope everyone have a good weekend.. i noe mine will be fun =b

Asean games are over.. mohsin didn't win anything, but at least he didn't QUIT LIKE QABIL DID... kodi gler... nk msk competition yg blh menang jer... xnk compete sbb team laen send org power2?? duh!! who the hell sends losers to compete for the country??

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


heard from baby sis that Mohsin will be competing today for Showjumping.. abg Omar's name is not in there tho *sob sob*... anyway, just a quickie to wish him all the best, ride safely and hopefully Linus will jump well today... no penalty n run fast Linus!! hahahaha

i miss movie nights.... Megamind n Repunzel on the list....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


in the midst of uploading pics here, but in the meantime a lil update on something else... watched the Asean Games last weekend.. mainly badminton.. was bummed that Koo KK lost n mate lost to the Indonesia team... n Chong Wei losing to Lin Dan (coach die handsome hahahaha well at least i think he is the coach) the same night was Arsenal's match, n for the love of my country *rolls-eye* i opted to watch badminton instead of that match... Pink Fabianski?!? seriously?? haishh should i stress more how weak our defence n goallies are?? Wenger really needs to buy at least 1 super reliable keeper in thi coming January transfer window, otherwise, there's no point of fighting for the title when u play this bad... i managed to check it out a bit before half-time n they were leading 2-0... 2-0 tau... n u're suppose to defend after that... not lose to the spurs 2-3!! i've never seen Gareth Bale played before but i guess he must be good player... *sigh* buat sakit hati jer...... we had the chance to be on top, even if it's for a couple of days only... n MU winning didn't help either... I HATE THEM =b even when without Ronaldo there....geram!!!

on another note, Abg Omar n Mohsin started their rounds during the weekend i think (based on what Zain said in FB) sadly, abg omar fell down his horse =( i dun see any updates on that in the paper (or sy je ke yg xbace?) n i 've never seen a recap or anything on showjumping... haishh kalau bab qabil je, mesti ade... naper utk the rest xder?? =b anyway, wishing for the best to both of them, regardless whether they win or not... but please win hahaha

waiting for movies outing again....watched Harry Potter last night.. i think i'll need a marathon to understand the whole movies better... last part of the franchise next year *sob sob*

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lets All Go To The Zoo

yesterday was such i tiring day indeed... had lotsa fun (sadly hani xde cuz saif xsehat... hopes he gets well soon) so got up early dat morning around 6:10am (early la tuh) n got ready for the day... thankfully, i ignored my laziness n went to search for my yellow shirt n got other things ready (sorta)... so all that was ready dat morning.. i didn't, however, manage to cut my fingernails so i was rushing that morning to do just that, n at the same time, asked my mum for direction...i only noe roughly how 2 get there.. it's on d way to my aunts' house, but i've never really drove there so i wasn't really sure... i google map a bit just to reconfirm n rushed to Tmn Bahagia LRT station... we were supposed to be at the zoo by 7:30am so i told Ady to be at the station at 7.. Thana decided to go with her brother since she lived about 10-15 mins from the zoo... picked up Ady n managed to not get lost on the way there.. we reached just in time, along with Jacob gk.. n we all gathered in front of the entrance for registration, get our eco-bag n bottled water, as well as our breakfast yg seriously xcukup.. huhuhuh lapar gler pg tu, dh la nk bekerja after kn hehehe over plak...

calling all MRM... line up and get ur stuff here

having nasi lemak for breakfast.. L-R: Siti, Jia Ying, Pat & Ai Li...

when we're done eating, we gathered at Gate C for a short briefing by the zoo keeper.. we were supposed to line up according to our chores but sumhow everything was jumbled up, but who cares right... i stcuk with Thana n Ady so we could work together hehehe the zoo keeper held out stickers for us just an indicator that we were voluntaring there...

making our way to Gate C for the briefing..

short briefing by the zoo keeper...

siap ade disclaimer, we told Audrey to inform u to wear long pants and shoes but i see some of u are wearing short pants n slipars.. so if u have any injuries during ur work, we will not be liable.. don't come and sue us =b

our volunteering sticker that was given out...

in the meantime, the kids n guardians along with other maybankers (education team n nanny) had a bollywood excercise session in the morning...

after that's done, we were ready to work... so we walked to the store to get some equipments and proceeded to our part of the zoo which was near the tiger's place... we could hear the tigers n lions roaring that morning... havn't heard dat for a long time... we had to sweep the leaves which wasn't really a fun thing to do considering the fact that this could be done at home so it doesn't make it special... anyway, off to work then..

getting the equipments from the store

and start working..

owh wait, pose dlu...

Dr Kam Wah (left) cleaning the Bear den i think.. on the right tu someone from ORM kot..

Noriti & Jia Ying

Ady n Thana had to do another chores so we split up there... we then moved to another location across the path n finished at about 9:30am... it was so tiring, i can't remember when was the last time i worked that hard n was super exhausted physically... owh wait, off course i can.. i was cutting the grass at PD during fasting =b anyway, we rested at a near shop to catch our breath and have a drink... i ate waffles cuz i was hungry hehehehe

Jacob chatting with some staff while resting... tu GG, kalau blh mmg nk delete pic ni.. die bengong sket kot hahahaha
best jd nanny n education team sbb dpt naek trem (is dat what it's called?)

Jackie in action (left), along with Shazira & Boon Tze..

cleaning the turlte den while the animal is still there... looks fun right..

another job that looks fun is preparing the food for the animals... a couple of the menus here..

the final food

and the delivery... that's Kak Azni on the lorry...

Thana n Ady joined me later n said they had to clean the place for the Animal Show happening later.. chilled for a bit before we had to continue work again at 10:30 am.. Ady n Thana could enjoy the show tho, no fair hhuhuuhh

the animal show that some missed

the crowd.. izad said Abby Abadi pon ade at this time...

Azrai's kids are the cutest... his wife on the right..

we then head to our next location... we were all very tired by this time.. sapu alang2 je hehehehe but still tpt tu bersih.. we were joined by Jacob here.. buat keje gk la dier tuh... we had another place to go before we were done.. it was about 15mins to 12pm when we were finished.. i followed Anitha n the rest for a walk, watching animals before going to the Wild Restaurant for lunch...

our lunch dat day.. 2 pieces of chicken (i only managed to eat one), chicken burger n a coke (fries not in the pic)

maybe that was supposed to be a peace sign hehehe cute kn...

cute3.. Zara with Thana..

they gave out prizes to kids and also gave a mock check to the zoo.... next, group photo!! thana n i cepat cr tpt in the middle hehehe malas nk caption la... tgk pics je k..

when all that's done, Ady, Thana & i went jln2 inside the zoo... i thought we covered the whole park, but apparently we didn't cuz i didn't see the zebras n rhinos huhuhuh


and tigers...
and bears...

oh my!

brought to u by Maybank =b

the prey for snakes huhuhuh =(

Ady being himself hehehehe

my fave pics of animals of all... it looks fake up close

anyway, pics from other cameras all jumbled up so hope u enjoy the pics... it was a fun day indeed, but very tiring... ngn cari rumah Thana sempat sesat jap hahahaha but managed to find her home, then sent Ady back n i got home around 4pm... penat sgt but wasn't sleepy so sempat maen sims blk tu hahahaha tp sims skrang dh bengong!! geram gler... buat org xsker late night ni la plak.. slalu stuck2 =( ok dh melalut ke topic laen... signing off now..