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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Step by Step

taking a day off tomorrow.. will be going back to PD for Bada's wedding... be sure to wait on that... nothing much to say... i've been taking the stairs at Masjid Jamek LRT station every morning now instead of the escalator.. not really a major workout but i hope it helps... my thighs do get sore a bit but then again i'm unfit so any work out is a work out for me, regardless how minimal it is.. baby steps right? thought of doing the hula at nights but that never seem to happen so i'll just stick to this for the time being... hope everyone have a good weekend.. i noe mine will be fun =b

Asean games are over.. mohsin didn't win anything, but at least he didn't QUIT LIKE QABIL DID... kodi gler... nk msk competition yg blh menang jer... xnk compete sbb team laen send org power2?? duh!! who the hell sends losers to compete for the country??