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Monday, February 22, 2010

much better weekend

i have no idea why this is a seperate post.. only the birthday shout out was supposed to be separated.. but anways, on another note, after my lil outburst, i had a rather better week compare to the previous one.. played sim3 again friday night, woke up d next morning n had breakfast.. watched some tv a bit n played sims again i think, then around 2pm got ready for the astro fest.. usually we only sit at the table n get food but the was a different agenda on astro's mind i guess n tables we're scattered.. i wasn't prepare for this n wore my heels which made things worst.. it was sumwhut boring.. bt mr. spotty made it worth it.. shout out to mr spotty!! he's basically a kids entertainer.. we ate a bit n checked out whut other stuff they had there..went back around 6pm where it started to rain... was still hungry when we got back but waited till late night to grab a bite.. in the meantime, more sims!! hahaha izad's new laptop went a bit kookoo after a week n we had to send it for repair after CNY so we decided on sunday.. so we had to play all the way before it's admitted to the hospital for laptops =b

sunday was a different story.. yaya n i went to kolej komuniti selayang to do some baking for was fun.. they had big oven.. it's soo cool.. aina n norain was there too.. so we baked 2 batch of cookies n also did muffins... 5 flavours altoghether, strawberry, chocolate, banana, orange and coffe... tasted ok cuz i dun usually indulge in other flavour besides choc n vanilla.. n i only do original banana n not the flavouring only.. but the texture was nice... very moist... we're supposed to do about 2000 cookies n 500 muffins but didn't have the time.. really wish dat i could take a day off n help out but starting tomorrow, tings might get busy, plus i have 3 fullday meetings in line for this week... so i can't possibly take a day off now... anyway, went back almost 6pm, even tho we promised izad to try n get back a bit early.. went to send her aptop at OU n baught Subway for dinner.. watched Spy Next Door, wasn't really dat good.. but overall, i had a fun weekend.. i think better than the long weekend last week...

can't wait to hang out with all the cuzzies this week, when sara's getting married yeay!!

the biggest loser

yikes!! scream!! run!! i've gained weight!! seriously.. i'm getting fatter by the seconds!! *gasp* last november i sent a few kaen to the taylor for my baju kurungs.. i wore one to kak fariza n kak fashira's wedding end of december last yr, n it fits fine.. so last week my mum picked up the remaining clothes from the taylor, sebab dorg lembap sial.. n when i tested it out, it was tight!! tight i tell u!! it was a ver unpleasent view indeed.. n i'm supposed to wear one of 'em this coming saturday to sara's wedding... cmner ni?? whut the hell am i supposed to do?? i immidietly went n got my hula hoop out n started my version of exercise.. broke my own record n managed to last bout 12minutes or so... then my sister helped my with some sits up which i basically suck at.. i only manage to do 10 sit ups.. i could tell dat it worked a bit as i could feel my muscles ache, but it won't seem to be enough to make me fit my outfit perfectly.. nk pakai bj laen, but it won't match the theme which is pink.. n i dun have much pink outfit huhuh

this is not much about fitting into my clothes as much as how unfit i am.. i barely excercise and i'm so out of shape.. i think i should get a trademill by the end of the year so we can all ecercise together hahaha would be awesome... only problem is we dun have enough space in the house to put it...

i might as well be the winner for the biggest loser

Happy Birthday!!


a big shout out to my baby sister.. her birthday is today n she's officially legal!! just turned 21.. wooww.. we're all grown up now.. can't believe how fast time flies by...

go shorty, it's ur birthday, we're gonna party like it's ur birthday

Thursday, February 18, 2010


i was on my way to the office this morning when an old man greeted me..

Good Morning!!

he said with a wide smile that shows how toothless he was..

whut a way to start my day

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

another round

it's a sunny day outside and the temperature is rising,
feels like a good day to relax, unwind and do some reading,
with a glass of iced lemonade on the side as a refreshment,
i pulled out a good book and moments later, was in my element.


that blinking red light knows how to get my attention,
without even hearing a sound or feeling any vibration,
i know he's calling me because i could see,
that blinking red light on my brand new blackberry.


a long weekend with nothing to do,
i'm starting to feel the wednesday blue,
but no worries cuz the weekend is coming,
well i just hoped that it won't be boring.


heart aches, eyes swells, another day without you,
red nose, tears flow, i wish u knew whut i'm going thru,
the day u left everything changed, the world turned upside down,
and as ur body rots in that grave, i'm packing my bags cuz i'm leaving this town.


lame attempts, desperation screams,
nonsense, rubbish, all filling up this screen,
why bother, just ignore,
lay ur head down, cuz it's a snore..

technically employed

i just can't seem to stop talking about this.. i wake up every morning around 6am, get ready n take the train to Maybank... stay here around 8hrs doing nothing then i go back n sleep... this goes on for five times a week, every week, for the past 3 months or so... i get paid at the end of each months but yet i feel jobless... so technically, i am employed.. i do have a job, or rather an occupation.. when filling in forms, those sections aren't left empty n i am obligated to income tax.. but on the other hand, i dun feel like i have a career.. if asked, whut do u do for a living? should i answer, well, basically nothing... i get paid to come to the office and say hi to ppl... waste their expenses by turning on my computer n surf the web.. do i help the bank grow? no.. in that case, do make it go down? hmmm not that too... so whut is it that i really do?

i could only say my thanx and accept the fact that i have the best job invented in the whole world!! Ever!! a big round of applause to Maybank for lowering the unemployment rate.. i salute u...


whut a boring long weekend.. at first i was looking forward to it den on friday, i kinda had a hunch dat it won't be much fun cuz nothing ever happen as it's planned.. so woke up on saturday, hoping to go for bowling, then my mum was in a bad mood as usual so we figured dat bowling won't be happening today.. then my dad decided to go back to PD so only the 3 of us went, myself, my dad n yaya.. izad stayed wif mama sbb dier mls ikot.. mama ader cls like always n gi visit opah cuz she fell... PD wasn't much fun either.. we were stuck in the traffic for 3hours n reached there around 6pm.. lepak2 tgk cds, n played with the little one n went back on Sunday.. left around 4:45pm i think..the bowling plan was shifted to Monday morning but as usually, mama was cranky dat morning, saying "cuti jer kluar".. n asked us to tidy up d room...we weren't really in d mood but ended up re shuffling the whole room... moved d bed so there's only 2 beds left cuz we're planning on buying a queen size bed later on.. so dat night izad n i sent yaya to kl central cuz she's attending her frens' wedding in kelantan, den we headed to OU to buy some stuff for our room.. so next day, we finally went foro bowling but it totally sux cuz izad was having some drama with her frens n i'd like to blame her for being the party pooper..i didn't feel like playing while her head's not there.. apparently ika is still depressed after being dump by her bf till the point where her parents took her to see a psychiatrist.. not worth elaborating but yeah, she's got issues.. so went back after dat, had lunch n bumped into arff n sofia.. they asked me 2 join but i dun feel like it.. n my sister said no wonder i have no frens.. truth is, i'm already used to having zero social life, i couldn't care less to even make a change about it.. played sims the rest of d days.. which kinda imitate real life sumtimes.. u don't keep in touch wif ppl, n u stop being frens.. only acquaintance.. just like the ppl who i've came across thruout my life..

so basically dat's my boring weeked.. well actually dat's my typical weekend but i was just hoping for sumthing different for a long weekend.. dream big sista =b in d office n super bored.. e-learning is super slow n can't seem 2 be doing anything at d moment.. surfing the web 8hrs a day is getting kinda old.. i need to do sumthing productive =s *sigh*

chat wif sara a bit jsu now.. only a few days till the big day.. can't wait to get together wif all cuzzies... miss having fun together..

i dun feel good

Friday, February 12, 2010


so CNY is just around the corner and i'm sitting here staring at the clock till it strikes 4:45pm... FREEDOMN!! can't wait for the long weekend.. dun really have anything planned to do.. but bowling would be a must..couple of movies perhaps.. whutever it is, can't wait 2 get out of here... nothing much to do at the moment.. still being paid to surf the net hahah well, i took my first e-learning just now on islamic banking.. didn't pay attention during the induction program so i basically missed out a lot... the 1st half of it was a bit interesting.. did learn a thing or two.. den it was a bit dry... thought of going thru it a 2nd time to at least put some effort in it.. might be better, it mentioned bits bout islamic products.. i browsed a bit to see whut other topics they had.. kinda sux dat they dun have e-learning on treasury & derivatives cuz i think that could help me more on understanding whut we do here in MRG... on another note, my boss would be resigning soon.. so he's currently packing his stuff n tidying up his desk.. his cubicle is actually in front of me, just to mention.. i just baught a Parker Pen for him on behalf of the others since Hani would be busy during the weekend.. at least i had an excuse to have lunch at KLCC.. they planned to hand him the gift during dinner the following week after CNY.. wherever we choose to go, i hope they serve halal dimsum.. been craving for it..remember the last time i ate was two years ago i think at Le Maridien or however u spell it.. it's a bit tough determining whether it's halal or not n my mum's kinda picky about it...

Astro Fest will be held soon too... told my aunt to get passes for us.. it's kinda like an anual thing for us i guess... been atttending since 6 or 7 yrs ago n so far, i dun think we've skipped a year before... it's basically a carnival for Astros' employees n since my aunt works there, she could get passes for guest...there are games n performances n such.. but i literally go there for the food... for years i've been praying that they serve dim sum cuz i only get that the 1st time we went, then the following year, sumhow it was omitted from the menu *sobs* they had yee sang (not sure if dat was right) but it wasn't the same... so everyyear i kinda hope in vain... but they made it up wif lamb tho... it just gets crowded sumthimes which is the low point for the whole thing... have to remember to bring a long my hand fan since it'll be damn hot there n i dun think i could bear being all sweaty like dat *bleak*

running outta things to say... n it's only 4:08... luckily i had that 2hrs lunch break or this day would seem longer than it already is... owh yeah i watched Percy Jackson last night with the usuals... kinda a cool story.. havn't heard of the book tho cuz it wasn't really my cup of tea.. got me interested to read bout the Greek Gods, other than whut i noe from watching Hercules...

*Uh guys, Olympus would be that way.. Zues!! Zues!!*

Thursday, February 04, 2010

freaking bored

i'm dying from boredom here.. i have nothing 2 do which sumtimes makes me feel guilty.. i'm not sure whether i should go around asking ppl if they need any help or anything, or just wait for a task to drop on my lap.. of course i was advised to look for sumthing to do within the 1st few months of being here just to show how proactive i am and keen on working.. but i dun see much dat i can do to contribute.. i think i'm the one who needs more help as oppose to them.. heck i noe nothing here.. 3 weeks here, just a bout to get the hang of things, a new kid comes in n i'm suppose to teach him a thing or 2? with the lack of knowledge i have, i dun see dat could help him much.. i even find it hard to explain sum stuff to him at first as i myself dun really understand whut i was doing.. of course over some time, i do learn a thing or to n picking up bits here and there..but i dun feel like i've gain much after working here for 2 months already... not even sure if it's normal..

the project hasn't really kick start yet so i'm juz slacking here, sumtimes reading my book or surfing around.. and with all these spare time, i dun noe whut other sites could keep me entertain..been sending email back n forth wif my sister.. planning on my bb hunt soon.. texting mohsin about random stuff.. n only now, contacting jue.. bosan siot.. n with my boss inches away, it's kinda hard keeping this under wrap.. i'm not really sure if he noes i'm slacking here.. i think i'm expected to learn things on my own rather then depending on others but i'm not really sure where to start..

well, since i have all the time in the world, lets have random chats.. i'm gonna be 24 this year.. how old is dat? very as far as i can remember.. 5 years ago, have i ever thot if being here like this? not so sure.. whut i can remember tho is that i thot lots will change when i'm 20.. of course when i was a teenager, that seems like a long way down the road.. i thot i'd have more freedom.. i'd be more mature n stuff.. i've accomplish a lot yada yada... but when i was 20, nothing much seemed to change.. i didn't have the guts to really tell my parents dat i snuck out when i was in form 3, i still need to get their permission when i go out, curfew is still midnight.. all might seems reasonable but when u're 24, like i am now, u can't help but wonder when will things start to change.. or perhaps not.. maybe it's just me =b so whut the heck, i'm weird like dat..

boring topic, lets move on... Glee!! thot of dedicating a post for this but malas ar.. awesome series.. puck is hot!! i watched it a few months back n without downloading it, i dun really watch it on a weekly basis.. mainly cuz gossip girl was my priority back then.. it kinda slowed down a bit when i dun watch it continously, so now when mohsin got d dvds, it starting to rock back.. i watched episode 6 onwards on sunday night, after watching arsenals' sucky game with mu.. i noe they'd loose but 3-1 is too much... sloppy la their performance.. it's all in their heads.. of course mu has d better players with their sub also being good, but i juz can really root for them.. sumthing about how overated they are make me hate them.. okla maybe dislike since hate is a strong word.. well moving on, i watched d 1st half n went downstairs to watch Glee on my sis laptop.. manage to watch 2 cds n felt like it was super late so i saved d last for later.. which i shouldn't have cuz my comp n dvd player couldn't play d damn cds... my comp was basically screwed up after we sent it for reformatting.. so i need to wait till my sis gets back dis weekend to continue..

bored bored bored... i really really need to find sumthing to do here.. *sigh*