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Monday, February 22, 2010

the biggest loser

yikes!! scream!! run!! i've gained weight!! seriously.. i'm getting fatter by the seconds!! *gasp* last november i sent a few kaen to the taylor for my baju kurungs.. i wore one to kak fariza n kak fashira's wedding end of december last yr, n it fits fine.. so last week my mum picked up the remaining clothes from the taylor, sebab dorg lembap sial.. n when i tested it out, it was tight!! tight i tell u!! it was a ver unpleasent view indeed.. n i'm supposed to wear one of 'em this coming saturday to sara's wedding... cmner ni?? whut the hell am i supposed to do?? i immidietly went n got my hula hoop out n started my version of exercise.. broke my own record n managed to last bout 12minutes or so... then my sister helped my with some sits up which i basically suck at.. i only manage to do 10 sit ups.. i could tell dat it worked a bit as i could feel my muscles ache, but it won't seem to be enough to make me fit my outfit perfectly.. nk pakai bj laen, but it won't match the theme which is pink.. n i dun have much pink outfit huhuh

this is not much about fitting into my clothes as much as how unfit i am.. i barely excercise and i'm so out of shape.. i think i should get a trademill by the end of the year so we can all ecercise together hahaha would be awesome... only problem is we dun have enough space in the house to put it...

i might as well be the winner for the biggest loser