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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

technically employed

i just can't seem to stop talking about this.. i wake up every morning around 6am, get ready n take the train to Maybank... stay here around 8hrs doing nothing then i go back n sleep... this goes on for five times a week, every week, for the past 3 months or so... i get paid at the end of each months but yet i feel jobless... so technically, i am employed.. i do have a job, or rather an occupation.. when filling in forms, those sections aren't left empty n i am obligated to income tax.. but on the other hand, i dun feel like i have a career.. if asked, whut do u do for a living? should i answer, well, basically nothing... i get paid to come to the office and say hi to ppl... waste their expenses by turning on my computer n surf the web.. do i help the bank grow? no.. in that case, do make it go down? hmmm not that too... so whut is it that i really do?

i could only say my thanx and accept the fact that i have the best job invented in the whole world!! Ever!! a big round of applause to Maybank for lowering the unemployment rate.. i salute u...