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Thursday, February 04, 2010

freaking bored

i'm dying from boredom here.. i have nothing 2 do which sumtimes makes me feel guilty.. i'm not sure whether i should go around asking ppl if they need any help or anything, or just wait for a task to drop on my lap.. of course i was advised to look for sumthing to do within the 1st few months of being here just to show how proactive i am and keen on working.. but i dun see much dat i can do to contribute.. i think i'm the one who needs more help as oppose to them.. heck i noe nothing here.. 3 weeks here, just a bout to get the hang of things, a new kid comes in n i'm suppose to teach him a thing or 2? with the lack of knowledge i have, i dun see dat could help him much.. i even find it hard to explain sum stuff to him at first as i myself dun really understand whut i was doing.. of course over some time, i do learn a thing or to n picking up bits here and there..but i dun feel like i've gain much after working here for 2 months already... not even sure if it's normal..

the project hasn't really kick start yet so i'm juz slacking here, sumtimes reading my book or surfing around.. and with all these spare time, i dun noe whut other sites could keep me entertain..been sending email back n forth wif my sister.. planning on my bb hunt soon.. texting mohsin about random stuff.. n only now, contacting jue.. bosan siot.. n with my boss inches away, it's kinda hard keeping this under wrap.. i'm not really sure if he noes i'm slacking here.. i think i'm expected to learn things on my own rather then depending on others but i'm not really sure where to start..

well, since i have all the time in the world, lets have random chats.. i'm gonna be 24 this year.. how old is dat? very as far as i can remember.. 5 years ago, have i ever thot if being here like this? not so sure.. whut i can remember tho is that i thot lots will change when i'm 20.. of course when i was a teenager, that seems like a long way down the road.. i thot i'd have more freedom.. i'd be more mature n stuff.. i've accomplish a lot yada yada... but when i was 20, nothing much seemed to change.. i didn't have the guts to really tell my parents dat i snuck out when i was in form 3, i still need to get their permission when i go out, curfew is still midnight.. all might seems reasonable but when u're 24, like i am now, u can't help but wonder when will things start to change.. or perhaps not.. maybe it's just me =b so whut the heck, i'm weird like dat..

boring topic, lets move on... Glee!! thot of dedicating a post for this but malas ar.. awesome series.. puck is hot!! i watched it a few months back n without downloading it, i dun really watch it on a weekly basis.. mainly cuz gossip girl was my priority back then.. it kinda slowed down a bit when i dun watch it continously, so now when mohsin got d dvds, it starting to rock back.. i watched episode 6 onwards on sunday night, after watching arsenals' sucky game with mu.. i noe they'd loose but 3-1 is too much... sloppy la their performance.. it's all in their heads.. of course mu has d better players with their sub also being good, but i juz can really root for them.. sumthing about how overated they are make me hate them.. okla maybe dislike since hate is a strong word.. well moving on, i watched d 1st half n went downstairs to watch Glee on my sis laptop.. manage to watch 2 cds n felt like it was super late so i saved d last for later.. which i shouldn't have cuz my comp n dvd player couldn't play d damn cds... my comp was basically screwed up after we sent it for reformatting.. so i need to wait till my sis gets back dis weekend to continue..

bored bored bored... i really really need to find sumthing to do here.. *sigh*


Corrina said...

dh dpt pun kan??????? bb..hahahah