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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Perth with the Family - Day 5

Last day in Perth (well sort of).. pagi tu papa sempat jog for one last time and izad and i menjalankan tugas amek pic papa jogging hehehe finally dapat gak..


 taking a picture of me

 taking a picture of you

 look how clear the sky is today

 compared to yeasterday

got back, had breakfast and we were ready for the day.. jom tgk pamphlet dorg, ape lg dorg tipu psl tpt2 tourist kt aussie ni hahahah next stop, Mandurrah.. why? Sbb ade miniature village (katenye…) ok lah benefit of the doubt.. jom gi.. it’s about an hour drive there.. the initial plan was to go there then Riverwood or something utk gi nuts factory.. papa nk bli kacang2..again with mama’s navigation expertise (who needs gps when u have my mother), sampai kat the town.. it’s like a harbor gk la like Fremantle tu but they had this pretty lake.. so while mama n papa went inside the information centre, ape lg, we took pics.. they joined us later..


catwalk pastu nak terjatuh?

 behind the scene hahahaha



Got the direction, drove to the miniature village..for starters, they don’t claim to be big la and after previous letdowns, I don’t expect much.. I remember faintly going to a miniature village in London (thanx to pictures we had) and that was more better compared to here.. oklah xnk complain, just enjoy the pics..

 buying the tickets

 concentrate ok

 this is called a running maze.. so i ran..

Later we went to another small chocolate factory opposite it.. sedih xbyk sgt choice.. the 1st one we went to was better tp rugi je x bli.. it was still early and since mama ‘jelous’ tgk our pics kt city, we decided to jalan2 kt city again.. plus I need to buy more shirts heheheh drove back then jalan2 around town.. haa jumpe this halal place, Penang Delight ke ape tah.. jom lunch.. if u convert everything mmg mahal habis la tpt ni.. mee goreng $10 cmtu.. nasib baek rasa blh tahan gk.. just udang je undercook sket..

Perut dh kenyang, sambung jalan.. the main place mama wanted to go was through one of the lane there.. mmg cantek and bersih.. but sadly, it rained at that time.. sempat jalan sket je la..ok dah last2 ni malas nk type n xde mood.. so malas nk filter pic..


after seeing the previous pic, kin kate kite takot ngn kangaroo.. hahh ni siap peluk2 k

so we walked back home after it stopped raining.. dorg jalan laju je but izad and i stopped a bit and amek pic sket2.. got back and rest.. our flight was at 6:50am but we had to return the car at about 2:30am.. so we packed early (or at least they did).. sian after mama packed, i had to 'ransacked' her bag for the pan sebab nak habis kn vegie in the fridge tu hehehe packed slept a bit.. got ready and checked out around 12am.. we had to return the car with a full tank so we stopped at a petrol station.. a scary incident there but malas nk type.. i've told everyone that i want to know so ok lah hehehe reached the airport and waited.. walked a bit in the airport and found a store that might have wan's neckalce.. and boxer hahaha tapi tutup huhuh texted kin cuz i'd figured she'll be the only one still up.. slept about 30 mins or so before headed to the gates.. boarded and let a big sigh out.. finally going home..

 spotted, husband and wife using the internet

 boarded and ready to head home..

so that wraps up our whole family vacation.. tgk mood la if nk add more pics later.. our next family vacation? well so far we're targeting New Zealand (Hobbiton, here we come... My precious....) but first thing first,  i'll be heading to uss with my bestie so next vacation will be with them.. miss them so much *hugs* lets see their baby bump (gonna be an aunt soon weehoo) ok peeps, that all.. love u..