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Monday, May 20, 2013

Short Vacation

Ok so continuing from the previous post.. we woke up the next morning and got ready for breakfast. the food was of the same quality as dinner, wasn't that great.. plus the utensils weren't that clean huhuhu didn't take pics of the food, nothing to show off pon hehehe but we did have a nice view to 'enjoy' our breakfast.. then took pics with our prize hehehe bummer forgot to take a team pic so pic ni xde pak usu..

then we rest a bit in our room and went out for a walk.. the registration fee for this year was rm200 which was more rm100 than last year.. it's cuz they included the tix for their park there.. but since yaya n i didn't want to mandi2 pool there, we decided to go on the chair lift and sky track (don't remember the name).. we bought the tix and walk around cuz they open at 10am.. we took a short video to share with izad but the size was too big la plak..

then went back to our room and packed our things.. next destination? Penang!! so we drove to Penang and haven't really decided to stay the night there or what.. we didn't booked any hotel, just went with the flow.. so reached there, drove around a bit kt area Batu Feringgi and stopped to eat a bit.. we were kinda full after breakfast, so we just had laksa.. agak manis la laksa die tp sedap gak.. we also had rojak buah.. tp lupe plak nk mintak crackers die tu huhuhu

then we drove around jalan pinang tu and bought jeruk.. oklah more like borong huhuhuh mama ade pesan some and papa eat almost any type of jeruk so we bought a lot.. after that, nk hilangkan craving pak usu, we went to eat nasi kandar.. dlm kenyang2 tu, yaya and i makan gk.. but nasi stengah je la..

so after discussing, we decided to go to Cameron Highland the next day.. instead of sleeping overnight in Penang, we went to Taiping.. we stayed in this hotel name Potato Hotel.. seriously.. i never thought i'd stay in a hotel call the Potato Hotel hehehe pak usu n usu heard of it before and we passed by it while on our treasure hunt.. it cost us about rm68 per night, but i was happy with the rooms there.. 


we were still full from our late lunch, so we didn't go out for dinner.. we had some leftover chicken as well but i didn't eat much.. we were tired, so after showering, lepak2 layan whatsapp and tido.. woke up the next morning, ready to go to Cameron.. we stopped for breakfast nearby.. had nasi lemak tapi xsedap sgt la.. sambal die cair.. luckily i didn't drive.. walaupon pass but sure slow jer with all the winding road.. was a nice drive though.. got up there, jalan2 at the market.. saw lots and lots of strawberries.. yaya bought some cactus.. and usu bought sayur2 byk gak.. then we stopped to have a drink.. saya plak makan nasi lemak (again huhuh) then drove to the tea plnatation tp xsinggah ape pon.. just stopped for a few minutes to take pics and pak usu bought some tea utk teh tarik..

 it was already evening and we calculated the time and didn't want to drive down when it was dark.. so we decided to go back.. on the way back kat tapah tu, stopped by this kedai and ate.. simple je the place, jual laksa and mee kari je.. and laksa die sedap huhuhu (i can still remember the taste) they ordered cendol and abc gak.. i just drank air suam cuz rasa cm dah lame xminum air hahahah

malas nk caption, too much pics hhehehe so that sums up our short vacation, from Bukit Merah to Penang to Cameron Highland.. penat and short but it was fun.. ok next entry? citer Perth blh? hehehe till next time.. byeee