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Monday, May 20, 2013

Perth with the Family - Day 1

It's late but i might as well start now before the story jadi basi kan? huhuhu so my family decided to go on a family vacation.. the 1st overseas i guess.. where did we choose to go? Perth Australia!! wasn't really our first choice but AA had a promotion and the other place had limited seats.. little did we know, there weren't a lot of things to do at Perth, but we managed well.. i'll break this entry by days.. i might not write so much, maybe just post pics.. we'll see...

usu n pak usu sent us to the airport that day.. our flight was at 11:50pm.. so we reached there around 9pm, checked in and had dinner.. then we went in and waited to board.. what to do while waiting? camwhoring la ape lg..

 that's my dad

 and here's my big sis

 my lil sis

 forgot to take a picture with my mum, so here's a pic (busy whatsapp)

 and off course, us three on the plane.. bye msia hehehe

Boarded the plane and tried our best to sleep.. the flight took us about 5 hours.. the plane was so cold, i guess it was prepping us for the next few days hahahah luckily i got my blankie with me =b touched down, got our rental car, went out the airport and it was freezing.. it was around 6am there just after the break of dawn, and we made our way to our car.. we rented a camry and it took papa about 2 or 3 minutes to find the ‘hand’ break.. I drove a camry in Labuan and remembered that there was an extra pedal for the break, I guess papa didn’t hear me ask him.. so with a trusted map in hand and with mama’s expertise, we found our way to the city centre.. I totally forgot to tell the hotel we will be arriving early, so we tried our luck if we could check in that morning..

 posing dlu

 then baru angkat barang

breaking dawn?

unfortunately the room was not ready yet so we decided to jalan2 first.. our first venue was Freemantle.. yaya told us that there was a flea market there which only opens on Friday-Sunday, so we were in was about 30 mins drive from the city.. the roads were empty maybe cuz it was Sunday and when we reached there, we weren’t sure if they were open yet.. by this point I haven’t manage to tell my friends that I’ve reached there.. no wifi boohoo.. so when we saw this coffee house that had free wifi, we immediately decided to have breakfast there hehehe tp kalau dh pukul 8 pagi, sape je yg dah bangun kn =b so managed to talk to jue for a bit.. anyway, for our first breakfast there we had hot chocolate, cappuccino, orange juice and ate muffin, salmon bagel and banana bread.. very feeling the mat saleh one hahahaha

then we walked a bit and went to the market.. I think that would be the best place to buy stuff, ala2 central market cmtu la.. rsnye if nak cari tribal necklace utk wan ade kt situ kot, tp dpt tau lmbt la plak, that night after dh blk hotel huhuhu so anyway, jalan2 and papa bought the most tasteful grapes ever, not exaggerating ok, mmg sedap, crunchy and it lasted like that I think until Tuesday or Wednesday.. rs mcm nk tapau bwk gi sini, but then the market was close after that.. we drove around and took pictures after that, so enjoy..

ni reenactment of maya karin n her husband for their wedding photo hahaha

ok pic berterabur huhuhu anyway, we started jalan2 around 7am so when it was almost 2pm, we drove back to the hotel.. checked in, which we had to wait for another 15mins for the room o be ready, and went in our room.. for this time around (my 2nd attempt to find a hotel for the family), I was satisfied.. yg holiday inn kt cherating tu was a total let down k.. even tho mama n papa kate ok, I didn’t like it =b  I booked the superior 2 bedroom apartment.. pics cukup syarat je..

i slept here with yaya, n gilir2 ngn izad..

 ni bilik mama n papa.. rupenye xde almari besar and aircond..

they have the fan and small cabinet instead.. but they have their own tv so..

 ni katil bibik a.k.a katil izad hahaha tgk tv lepak kat sini

this kitchen area byk berjasa kt kitorg hahahaha

we were tired from the flight and hanging around, that we didn’t go out again after that.. by the time we settled in was 3pm plus and shops closed around 5-6pm I think so we just stayed in.. it was election day and we didn’t want to miss out much so we bought the wifi service.. they charge us $19 per day ok.. that’s like rm60 for a day wifi / 500mb huhuhuhu tutup sebelah mate je la swipe2 tu huhuhuh we didn’t have lunch there..most of the time only had breakfast and dinner which was enough for us.. kenyang makan aingin hahaha so for dinner, we cooked rice (kitorg bwk rice cooker), then mama had some pre made sambal and ikan bilis goreng, so adela ikan bilis goreng bercili.. then while waiting for the room to be ready earlier, papa n izad went to a nearby grocer and got eggs and a small frying pan.. so for dinner, this is what we had..

papa watching awani on astro on the go

dh lapar2 n ikan bilis still crunchy tu, sedap la plak mkn hehehe so that night we just rest and looked through the map for tomorrow’s destination (well at least papa, mama and yaya did hehehe) so I guess that sums up the first day.. we kept track on the results for the election as often as we could.. papa siap tido ngn tab saya ok hahaha first time bli pon sy xtido ngn tab tu  =b  i just chat with my friends.. a day without whastapp feels so odd hahahah till next post, byeeee