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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Perth with the Family - Day 4

by day 4, we were kinda running out of ideas what to do.. our initial plan was to walk around the city go shopping (although we don’t really shop) and sightseeing the city centre.. but it was raining that morning, so we decided to go to morley again for Coventry Village.. that 3rd day when we couldn’t find the place, we actually saw it on our way back, which wasn’t far from the mall.. and because we didn’t remember the way there, we took the long way there, through swan valley hehehe

we went to the mall first.. lagi best One Utama la hehehe jalan2 in there, merasa lah masuk the infamous K Mart.. yaya bought some cute shoes, I couldn’t find anything worth buying (sah2 mmg jenis xminat shopping sgt).. I think it took us about an hour pusing dlm tu.. then singgah woolworth again hehehe it was drizzling on our way out, sian papa had to walk to the car without an umbrella.. then we made our way to Coventry Village.. haihhh org dah cakap dah australian ni penipu.. dlm pamphlet papa tgk tpt ni cantek and jual macam2.. skali masuk? Cm gudang ape je =s

muke masa tudung xbtol

the gudang

eenie meenie miney mo

xyah lame2 dlm ni, 10 minit je cukup.. pegi tesco lg best (ok over hahaha) but it was a big letdown kinda stopped raining so we decided to jalan2 kt city.. wasn’t quite sure what time it was by then, but it was already afternoon.. mama n papa decided to go back to the hotel first and rest.. owh forgot to mention, mama demam je everytime we got back from jalan2 huhuhu sian.. so mama wanted to rest and papa teman mama.. they dropped us by the street and once we got out the car, it was super freezing.. the wind was blowing super hard that it could open the car door for me, true story.. br je bukak a bit like 5 inch, then suddenly boom, terbukak seluas-luasnye la hahaha so they dropped us and we just walked aimlessly sbb xfamiliar with the place.. haruslah camwhoring again right..

about 10 mins or so after walking, I took out my hp to take a picture (thank god for camera phones) and saw an sms from papa.. rupenye the hotel keys are with me.. forgot to pass it back to them so dorg xdpt la masuk bilik huhuhuh told papa I’d walk to the hotel and pass them the keys, but weren;t sure how long it’ll take me.. then papa said he’s at the place where he dropped us but I couldn’t recall where that was.. last2 papa called and say he’ll drive to us.. luckily we were in front of, what else, Woolworths.. papa saw it once when we passed by so he could agak2 where we were.. the only thing to worry about is to stop tepi jalan to pass the keys.. plus it was raining huhuh long story short, managed to pass the keys to them and we continued on..

 we found Lush here

those are all soaps

dlm sejuk2 tu nak gak minum milky tea sane.. but still xdpt kalahkan my gong cha.. (dh 2 months plus xminum k.. ngidam huhuhu) masuk Woolworth n went to the meat section.. ade org tu curious nk tau org sane mkn kangaroo ke x hahaha went to buy some stuff a bit then it was raining super heavy.. it was almost 4 I think when we walked and found this kebab shop.. singgah makan jap.. kebab kat gold coast lg sedap.. owhh n xsempat nk gi mkn oporto huhuhu just google je tgk ade ke x..

Gong Cha lagi sedap.. but this was Almond Milk Tea not Caramel

do they eat kangaroo meat? apparently they do

after we ate, we walked back to the hotel which was quite a distance.. hari macam nk hujan so jalan cepat sket.. and the wind was still blowing hard, sejuk gler k.. tp still nk amek pic gak..

so after we got back.. rest jap then papa said nk try jogging a bit since it stopped raining.. kitorg pon plan nk amek pick kt blakang tu.. tp siap2 lmbt sgt.. bler dh nk siap tu skali papa dah naik atas, die kate sejuk hahaha but after hearing that we were about to go out amek pic, die pon nk join gak.. mama still demam kesejukan so she stayed in the room.. mmg time turun tu sejuk gler.. sempat la amek a few pics.. and cuz we were by the river, it was open and angin again kuat gler.. then we could see the rain approaching from far.. and by the looks of it, it’ll hit us soon.. so at first jalan balik, then stopped posing2 and dah terasa hujan sket.. we were in the middle of a field, halfway to go for shelter, so dlm sejuk2 tu cabut lari la for safety..hujan sane lebat die more to angin kuat2.. so we waited for a few minutes before going back up..

 it's getting dark

 and u can see the rain approaching
 the only thing i bought for myself there.. guess what it is hehehe


 blur pon blur laa

 ok it's raining

 cabut!!! see we're only halfway through..

 pose jap

 made it!!

it’s kinda fun recalling that moment.. the whole thing jd skejap je, bout 15 mins top, but it was fun.. it’s those little things I tell u hehehe so we were done for the day.. this day not much pics cuz it was kinda slow..  just wait for the next post..