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Saturday, May 04, 2013

3rd Attempt at Treasure Hunt

I hope this post won’t be too rushed.. we’re flying off to Perth this Saturday and I wanted to update about our fun treasure hunt before we go.. brace yourself for a long post? Don’t say I didn’t warned you hehehe =b so as I mentioned, my sister and I joined our uncle’s company treasure hunt event, along with my aunt..that Saturday morning, usu n pak usu picked us up from home and went straight to the starting point.. we had our breakfast and listened to the briefing and got our clues.. this time around, we had to submit two treasures during the registration, unlike last year where we had the clues beforehand but submit the treasure at the that Friday we read through the clues and got the answer so pak usu submitted the treasure during the registration that morning.. other people were also submitting the same thing so we kinda knew that we got the answer correct yeayy

Forgot what time we officially started, but we were off about 8am.. first stop? Shah alam.. boleh plak on the way there kat federal highway jam kan.. ade accident huhuhu so the first 9 clues were like hell.. instead of sentences, they used a combination of pictures for the clues.. we were cracking our heads to figure it out and spent more time than we should trying to find the answers.. there were more miss than hits for this one.. then we submitted our answers at the midpoint and headed to ipoh (I hope I’m telling this correctly, cuz I think I got the sequence a bit jumbled up).. on the way there we switched drivers cause pak usu was sleepy hehehe so I took over and drove to ipoh (I think).. I think I’m kinda getting used to the somewhat winding road driving up north or to pahang’s direction tu.. just that when the gear doesn’t pick up tu rasa geram je keta slow gler..

Anyway, we reached ipoh and saw some other cars already there which was a relief cuz throughout the drive, we didn’t see any and thought we were either left behind, or was on the wrong route hehehe the clues here were more easier to figure out.. thanks to yaya n usu.. I was driving so I couldn’t really think (alasan).. pak usu plak eerrrr.. tido? Heheheh xpe just for fun je to cut things short, we drove to taiping for more clues and was it was getting late.. teams will get penalty whenever they are late and the time starts around 4:15pm I think.. so pak usu called his friend, managed to get 2 answers hehehe then we drove off to the finish point with a few minutes to spare.. they close at 4:30pm so we barely made it..

When all was done, after we submitted our last answers and treasure, we rest a bit and ate.. then we drove off to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort.. checked into our room and bang, pengsan hahaha  got up later, mandi2 siap2 and went for dinner at the hall.. forgot to take pics but the food was ok.. wasn’t too bad but wasn’t great either.. makan sebab lapar je kot.. then they started the lucky draw and also a video montage of the whole event.. next they gave out the answers and also gave out prizes to  the funny ones heheheh (moral of the story: if you don’t know the answer, leave it blank.. otherwise u’ll get embarrassed in front of a lot of people) hahaha

Then it was time to announce the winners.. there are two categories, family and open.. we were under the open they announced the top 10 for the family category first and the family that’s at at the same table as us won 2nd *thumbs up* terer tu.. then they announced the winners for the open category.. we didn’t have high hope since we knew we didn’t do well for the first half of the when they announced the team that got the 6th place, pak usu wanted to go out and have a smoke.. yaya n usu was like ok, kalau kitorg xde dlm top 10-6, mmg xde la name kitorg.. skali die announce team for 5th place, team 49!! Whoahh that’s us hehehe cepat2 sruh pak usu gi amek kan prize hehehe we got 5th place after our 2nd attempt yo hahaha (my 3rd attempt for treasure hunt la) agak bangga la hhehehe our prize? RM200 hehehe cukupla dpt RM50 each, buat cover sket our spending for the next 2 days hehehe

Tadaa hehehe next year target dpt num 3.. xnk tamak 1st place, slowly2 je.. aim RM600 hehehe

So once again, another fun event, but we need to learn more on how to read the clues.. previously we learn about figuring out the sentence clues.. now we need to learn about the pictures.. but for sure next year ade clue style laen plak yg kitorg xreti huhuhu one thing we forgot to do was to take a team picture.. dah la pakai baju purple k hehehe anyway, since this post is already long, i'll break this post to two parts perhaps? meanwhile, here’s some pic we took..

Pit stop amek pic ngn parrot jap hehehe tp die xpandang camera adehh

Our room.. extra beds.. bleh je sape2 nak join us for the night =b

but what did we think about the room? hahahaha