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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Perth with the Family - Day 3

xpenat ke lagi going through all the pics? Hehehe so third day, papa couldn't jog cuz it was raining.. we decided to go see the pinnacles that day which was about a 2hours drive from the city.. so we woke up a bit earlier, got ready and had thing that I might forget to mention, the first time papa drove at perth, rs mcm terhuyang hayang je keta sometimes hehehe I think he was trying to drive and look at the view at the same time.. so I offered to drive.. he said he forgot to put another name for insurance claim but then decided to take turns with me.. so whenever we go somewhere he’ll drive, then I’ll drive back home.. fair enough right.. merasa la gak drive obersi hehehe

the place was so far that I felt like sleeping, tp sian la plak papa drive, so we all tried to talk sembang2 whenever we can.. the view was quite nice, bushes and fields je but somehow nice.. I tried to take pictures sometimes, but it doesn’t seem to translates..there were roadsigns at the side saying beware of kangaroos and such, but the only wild kangaroos we saw were roadkills hehehe kne langgar malam2 kot sbb xde lampu jalan.. finally after 2 hours of driving, we reached the place.. it felt so first papa thought the pinnacles were by the ocean, but it was far from it.. it was a desert.. here, the tripod was handy..since it was a desert, most of the pics might be yellowish – orangey so enjoy.. (as usual, pics berterabur sket)

yes this place pasir2 and batu2 je.. after walking, we took the car and drove through the desert.. that’s where we stopped at the looking point.. well, basically wherever you go, you get the same view hehehe so when we were done, we drove to the nearest city to pump gas and look around..we stopped by this fishing port (or something like that) and they had lobsters.. so since we didn’t eat lobsters at Fremantle, we decided to eat here.. I told myself I can’t recall when’s the last time I had lobsters, but papa said I never had any hehh weird.. so the three of us had lobsters while mama and papa had fish and chips.. sedap la gak, dah lapar kan hahaha so this was our first lunch there.. we actually brought some snacks with us seeing that the day earlier we were a bit hungry and wanted to munch.. but then time bwk la kitorg gi lunch plak kan heheheh

so after eating, we went by the ocean at the looking point and took pictures.. then later went to this lake which was supposed to be ‘pretty’.. one thing I always say after the vacation is Australian ni penipu.. pamphlet kemain lagi cantik and menarik, tp sampai sane je sure hampehh.. benci!! Hahahah so enjoy some pics yg view xdela seberapa cantek, especially yg lake ntah ape2 tu...

so as usual (usual ke br 3 hari), we got back before dusk..i drove back so merasa la drive kt jalan yg kosong tu ngn speed limit pon rs slow jer.. mama said that during spring time, that stretch of roads will be filled with wild flowers.. but then we came during autumn, so agak2 la kan.. got back home, plan nk lepak tgk tv, but then I slept and woke up at 10pm huhuhuh hungry so ate a bit.. tgk2 tv then slept zzzzzz  ok done for Day 3.. wait for the next post?