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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Perth with the Family - Day 2

Ok moving on to our second day... we didn't really set a time to go out, but we got up early and had breakfast.. papa on the other hand had a different idea.. he went out and went jogging at the swan lake hehehe semangat (it was a suggestion we had before we went there so he already got brought along his jogging shoes) we went out to buy some eggs and bread and sempat snap a few pics..

 sakit kaki ke?

 the architecture of the churches here are lovely..

By the time papa got home, we got ready and ate and went out.. our next destination was Swan Valley.. which was about 45 mins drive give or take.. We got there and stopped at the information centre.. because it was a Monday, the lady told us that some of the places are closed after the having a lot of people over the weekend, bummer for us.. but she did mentioned some of the places that were opened and recommended a few that was good for taking pictures.. We stopped at a small chocolate factory and regret not buying any chocolate here.. now terbayang2 chocolate macadamia situ huhuh we also stopped at a winery which had one of the most beautiful driveway I’ve seen.. here are some pictures tp berterabur (malas nk susun), enjoy..

i love the trees here..
 free samples

time ni lupe nk bwk tripod, tertinggal kt hotel la plak.. so only managed to take one family picture.. we also managed to go to the Wildlife park.. bende wajib tgk kat aussie? haruslah koala and kangaroo..

so dh tgk koala n kangaroo, patut blh balik msia dah kan? hehehe anyway, then since we have more time, we decided to go to this place which papa saw in a map, Coventry Village.. navigator cun, mmg smp la gak area tu it’s just that we didn’t manage to find the exact street.. we saw a mall and decided to stop there.. one of our favourite things to do there was going to Woolworth hehehe it’s like cold storage so yeah we shopped groceries there.. didn’t buy a lot of things.. just some broccolis, carrots and mushroom for me to do my mix veggie (and I love the results) salts and sugar, and off course we found some corned beef.. borong habis la hahahah we thought of looking for the place papa wanted to go but it was late so we head back..
 my mix vegie

sedap gak makan sbb lapar huhuhuh

so far our routine is to wake up and have breakfast, go out jalan2 then go home by 5, have dinner and rest.. yes maybe rasa cm rugi je xjalan2 mlm2 but most of the place are closed at night so there’s not much things to do.. laen la kalau jalan2 kat Malaysia ni kan.. come to think about it, our country is a good place for vacation.. nk cari breakfast pagi2 pon senang, and mlm kalau nk jalan2 pon shops are still open till at least 10pm =b  bangga jap ngn negara sendiri.. anyway we rest and had corned beef for dinner.. sumer tgh syok mkn lepas gian erkk hahaha ok till the next post..