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Monday, August 18, 2014


So I’ve drafted a post before raya but didn’t manage to published it and now it’s a bit basi.. Nevertheless, why waste the time spent writing it and scraping the whole thing when you can recycle and edit a few things here and there… .. so short (short ke?) interlude of my NZ trip which has taken me ages to complete.. sorry to my ‘fan’ who has been waiting for an update.. I’m sure you’re just curious to know what happens next hahahah

I feel like this Ramadhan has been better for me.. I try to be more conscious of the decisions I make.. I try not to have too much entertainment (except my daily dose of Shaytards and a few vids here and there.. plus I’m so in love with Sorted Food at the moment) and also not to indulge too much when we break our fast.. of course the objective of the fast is to reflect on those less fortunate than us, but often times we go overboard when it comes to eating during this month and in a way defeat its purpose.. but we have been able to consume moderately this year which I think is an improvement (not that we eat like barbarian or anything, but I noticed this year, we don’t get ‘bloated’ after we eat)

As usual, we celebrated raya at Selayang first before PD.. the plan was to tone it down a little bit in terms of the food.. We thought of slashing some items off the menu, (We’re trying to avoid any food wastage since previous years our rendang ayam slalu basi dh hujung2 tu and we can’t figure out why) but that didn’t really happen.. Instead we made smaller portions, especially the rendang ayam.. since we had the weekend to prepare for raya, we switched things up a little bit this year.. instead of cooking everything at Opah’s house, we did the rendang and potong2 at TTDI.. that way (supposedly) opah had lesser things to do.. we sent the beef etc to opah’s house on Saturday but forgot about the beef stock (which was a good thing at the end).. and since opah wanted to cook her daging dendeng early, (cmtu ke spell?) I had to send it the first thing the next day.. so went to Selayang that Sunday morning (thankfully kampong dekat, about 20mins drive je if no traffic) and ended up helping opah with the daging dendeng, kuah kacang, masak paru, and the first part of lontong... I even put all the kuih raya in their jars.. waaahh sangat2 productive ok (keje office pon xmcm ni) hahahaha so I stayed there till almost 2.. then went back home.. managed to rest my eyes a bit before I start packing in a rush huhuh then went back to Selayang that evening and as usual, berbuka with lauk raya heheheh

Takbir at opah’s house was quite early this year, around 11pm I think and it was the first time papa join hahahaha sbb tpt tido die kne amek org hahaha  ok kejam =b anyway, last year’s celebration was a bit different as Alang and the gang celebrated in Penang, so it was just us 9 (excluding the extended family who came over).. this year, we had the whole lot plus a new member hehehe and finally it was the first time we managed to take a pic of the whole family (why on earth didn’t we think of bringing a tripod before).. Although we need to work on a pic with tok for next year.. we never managed to do it huhuhu sian papa xpnh dpt pic with his mother for raya.. I think above all, I respect him for understanding the situation and doesn’t make a big fuss that this is our routine for raya every single year on.. this year the crowd was slow at the beginning.. which gave us time to chill a bit and not rush around the kitchen the whole day.. 

Fiq’s parents invited us over for raya (since it’s on the way to PD) so we decided to leave a bit early and just as we did, 3 – 5 more cars arrived huhuhu usu had a fever and angah sakit kaki.. aunty ozy, well she’s her so we felt so guilty of leaving.. good thing we did managed to heat the food up before that.. it’s just the top up and all yg xdpt nk tolong.. so went to izads’ in law and they had a nice house.. a bit small inside but they had a fair size of lawn that they could renovate and extend.. then continued on to PD and got lost a bit (but did manage to see some housing area) reached there and as usual, it doesn’t feel like raya once we’re there.. but I think we need to be there on the morning of raya to really feel it.. anyway, this raya we didn’t do anything (or at least us 3 cuz the rest went to a movie the day before) so it was just a lot of watching tv and layan2 the kids especially bob, the ‘celebrity’ among us hehehe

Ok done with citer raya, now citer exam plak =s berangan nk go all out on my studies the week of the exams (it was 2 weeks after raya) although I did manage to do revision almost every day since I started class, I’ve been slacking towards the end of puasa, especially on weekends.. I took 3 days off before both exam day so hoping that those will help.. looking at what I drafted for my post (which was before the exam) I didn’t do any of it.. that’s how horrible I am.. I went to stay at opahs’ house cuz my logic was no wifi, no distraction.. well, I used less internet there but I didn’t study as hard as I would like to, now thinking of it.. the exam day itself was horrible, let’s not talk about it.. another round this week and I’m done.. let’s just hope Forex and Derivatives are better for me huhuhu then I’m going to jump on the bookworm bandwagon a just read books that I actually appreciate.. I’ve got loads to cover, and bought more during the bookfest last week *yikes* I wish to complete my Poirot collection (I think I’ve got about 20 books so far) by next year and hopefully finish reading the quarter of unread books I have now by end of the year.. yaya already has 33 books under her belt and I need to catch up.. I’ve got an idea for a post, but we’ll wait till I get all my NZ sorted out first k.. till next time, here’s a quote for you..  

 “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right” – Henry Ford.