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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bloody Hell

so here's the scoop... Maybank had it's blood drive yesterday, n i'm not sure if you know this but i was trying to dontae my blood for like years.. sumthing about needles that gets me excited.. i really like the pain... n so far, the only pain i get from a needle is when i pierce n i have 6 peircings altogether, 3 on each ear... back when i was in KDU, they'd organised the same thing but i was underweight at that time, (u have to be more than 45kg) so i only manage to get students name n helped out a bit.. so yesterday was officially my first time to donate blood... and also my first time to blackout, but i'll just put that aside for the time being.. we'll get to that later... so i went down n filled up a form.. went to test my blood type, n found out i was a type B... den went to the next table to check my blood preassure which was fine n all, n registered... so now i have this little red book to prove it.. then i proceed to the chairs where we had to lay down for the big thing...the nurse straped my arm so dat my vein will pop out i suppose, then rubbed some kind of liquid there n took out her needle.. it kinda made my skin have this bubble inside n i was fiscinated that i didn't even notice she took out another needle which was bigger than i kinda shocked me but i didn't have time to react.. i guess that's why they had this bubble in my skin so that the big needle could fit in easily... so i spent like 10 minutes just pumping my hand so that the blood would flow...n when i was done, i rested for 5 mins b4 getting up to get a drink.. i didn't feel dizzy or anything so i just took the hot milo that they prepared.. they had bread as well but i didn't take it n i that was a huge mistake.. as the milo was hot for me, i only drank half of it... then i went back to the office n continue working... later dat day on my way home, i felt something different while in the train.. i felt like sitting down but there was no empty seats left so i just stand up.. n when there was only 1 station left, i felt very weak to the point i could no longer raise my hand.. it got blurry when the speaker said the next station was tmn bahagia, so when the trian stopped, i just knew i had to get out.. i really thought that i could make it to the seats, but apparently i was wrong... everything went blurry n the moment i touched the wall to get a hang of myself, i blackout.. i wouldn't say i stumbled but i had to sit to contain myself... 2 girls came up to check on me n they took me to sit for awhile.. without having to lie down, i could still feel like passing out so with all the energy i had left, i took out my purse n asked for a drink.. u see this usually happen to me but not to this extent.. it always happen at home so i usually get the chance to sit down or lie down in time, n give and take a few minutes, i was fine again.. i usually have a drink to.. last time it happened in public, i was in Gulati's at jln TAR.. i felt dizzy, maybe cuz i didn't eat that much, so i just sat down in a corner n breathe in deep breath.. so it was fine.. i never really get to that point where i really felt like passing out.. so yeah, yesterday was the first for two things.. anyway, i settled for a few minutes, n d 2 girls took me downstairs.. i was feeling a bit better n managed to cross the road without having to stop traffic =b deffintely a good experience for me.. so my advice, always get some rest n eat after donating blood hehehe

i hope this world could be a better place

Monday, March 22, 2010

i don't know what to say

i've had my fair share of being immature.. it may sound fun n cool or hip, whutever u call it, at that time.. but really... looking back on things, i felt so dumb about it.. it started out as something unimportant n irrelevant to u... but play along with it, n it eats u up... u can't help but get hooked to it n somehow, at some point, it became a part of u... the slightest thing can trigger u n make u react.. suddenly u burst n say things dat contradict each other.. u dun care, yet why are u ticked?

well i guess some people just wants drama.. they think their life is a lil wee dull without it.. i'm not sure if i've passed dat phase of life yet but i think i could settle with what i have now.. i'm very close to my family n i wouldn't have it any other way... i dun go out much n hang out with my frens but i do appreciate the ones i have now.. sure sometimes i feel distance, but i'm kinda used to it.. for the time being, i really enjoy just going out with my family especially my sisters.. so yeah, i guess whut i have now is pretty much enough for me.. so i dun think i'd dwell into petty things or being totally immature about it..

i dun wanna loose my family.. i love them so much =D

Friday, March 19, 2010

for you i will

ye2.. nnt kiter upload pics2.. mls nk upload byk2 but i'll filter maner2 yg kiter rs ok la right..

so anyway, went to Disney on Ice which was fun.. as expected, it was a bit similar with the few shows that i went before, but i never seem to get enough of it.. i literally grew up wif disneys' cartoon so i'm head over heels for 'em, especially the princesses.. no wait, cut that.. especially Aladdin.. i'm totally in love wif him, n brad kane's voice is heaven... *drools* but there was no princesses this time, just The Incredibles... so yeah, we did enjoyed ourselves.. although getting out of the parking area was like hell, it was still worth it..

honey... where's my supersuit??

Thursday, March 11, 2010

so much to say, to tired to care

i dun really feel like blogging even tho i hav quite a few things to say.. i'll try to pour everything out while i getting into details only when i feel like it.. first of, as noticed, i dun hav a post about my new's cuz i actually have a post reserved which i saved but was just waiting for pix.. being me, i keep delaying things n up until now, i dun have a pic of my bb yet.. so, dat'll be up some other time..

next, we went to Ipoh last saturday n boy, was it hot or what..i noe we currently have this heat wave thing were temperature are rising everywhere, but saturday was almost unbareable.. the heat was literally burning my skin.. as if i'm not charcoal enuff already.. anyway, we drove to Ipoh, was out the house around 8:30am.. along the way, it was raining on and off so it was a pretty cool ride.. wasn't really heaty n all.. MJ was on so it was enjoyable.. owh my mum had to pass cuz she had class.. reached there by 11am i think.. met a few cousins who came along.. was starting to sweat but the fan helped cool things down a bit.. then when it was time, we drove to arul's house n that's when the heat was rushing thru.. we had to park a few yards away from is house (how far is a yard anyway?) cuz off course we need to walk a distance 1st b4 reaching d place.. n i hav 2 say, it was hot as hell... skins started to burn n all n i could feel my face turning red, as in trying to blend in with the way i felt yada yada... anyway, had lunch, which was nice.. took pics again.. stayed a few more minutes or so n went back.. which we had to walk d same distance.. good thing was went we reached the homestay, aunt wahidah baught cendol (again) n abc which was like heaven.. had a few servings i think.. n even tho we just had lunch, n it wasn't even time for high tea yet, it was a much needed course indeed.. lepak a few more hours before we headed back home... owh uncle zul was also there, whom i rarely meet.. family history, dun feel like telling.. mohsin stayed overnight for golf (what else)

so work has been interesting...NOT.. some1 pls teach me how to force myself to like this job.. it's not just whut i do but the nature of it really... i can't seem to relate to this environment, treasury in particular.. as my new boss says, can u appreciate the things we have here?? so yeah, i rephrase that but whut the hell, i noe whut she means... how will the things that go on here impact me? recently there was an increase in OPR (which i yet have to grasp its full meaning) whut do i see of it? whut implications can i come out, out of that? i noe there's still a lot to learn, i just need that teacher to do so.. but then lets just face it.. this ain't a university.. u learn things differently here.. no more lecture ok.. anyway, we were told that we'll have to go thru BAU 1st before we could really start doing project, which i agree.. i didn't have enuff time to learn things here, n i can't really configure a system without knowing whut i want or whut should be done etc..i just hope that this decision came sooner.. maybe i was supposed to voice this out, but it didn't really occur to me this yeah, i'll be learning more things coming next week.. previously, i was only doing the intraday n cob reprt.. so i just noe roughly bout a few things.. so far i could understand bits here and there about some stuff..i havn't really come to that stage where i see it as a whole picture.. i've only got fragments of it in my mind...i noe i'm supposed to ask more questions, it's just beside the normal why? i'm not really sure whut am i suppose to know.. which might be the dumbest thing ever...

sigh.. that was more then i bargain for..anyway, i'm always tired now.. i'm not sure if it's the things i do or the unhealthy lifestyle i live =b i feel like i need a good massage.. how heaven will that be..i've been doing some hula hoop recently.. not consistently but maybe more than whut i manage to do last year..last 2 weeks, i tried to do it everyday n watch the portion of my food.. as a result, i manage to fit in my baju kurung for sara's wedding (if i didn't mention it earlier) but off course la ade tight sket =b den did a bit last week... took a day off on monday just to lay i had an extra day of leave dat i carried forward frm last year... i manage the hula till 20 mins i think.. but confirm, 5 songs... was thinking of waking up a bit earlier each morning, to do 15mins everyday, but then again, me being me.... the biggest loser asia finale pretty much sux.. not worth mentioning... watched Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton in 3D.. gav a bit of a headache with d extra glasses.. this saturday, will be catching Disney On Ice (again!!) hopefully we scored good seats like last time.. kelly clarkson will come over next month.. still undecided whether to go or not.. it's outdoor so it might sux like avril.. but then again, we baught the cheapest tix.. so u pay peanuts.....on the other hand, West Side Story will be here in May...sounds very interesting yet cost a whole lot more then i could afford.. if u wanna catch a show, might as well make it worth it kn? so if i manage to save up a bit (have i ever?) with whut's left of this month n next month, then i might just go... we'll see...

fucking tired

Monday, March 01, 2010

Sara's Married!!!

it's currently raining heavily outside n i'm stuck in d office cuz i can't bare walking in the rain =s so while i have nothing to do, i guess i'll just update this with a post about saras' wedding.. it was anticipated for some time, n when it was finally here, it went by so fast...

before i dwell on dat, just wanted to mention bout the occasion on d night before.. it was my boss's last day in d office n we decided to buy a cake just to have a small gathering as a token for his service throughout the year (padahal br kerje ngn dier 3bln) so i emailed jackie to get her permission on this n she replied while i was in a meeting.. keeping it short, we had no cake at 4:30pm but sent out invites nevertheless for 5pm...Hani n i went downstairs, hoping to get a cake at starbux but they didn't sell any whole cake except if we pre book it first.. so we had to walked all the way to central market for secret recipe.. we managed to have the gathering after everyone settled down, n i'll just say dat 30mins of cake hunting in the heat was worth it =b den our division had dinner at TGIf Pavillion where i shared a meal wif hani cuz i dun think i can stomuch all dat food what with me not fitting into my baju kurung for sara's wedding n all...

so come Friday, the big day, we got ready n went to klang aroung 11am+... reached there n helped out a bit... solemnization starts at 3pm so we changed n made sure the bride was ready.... everything went well n sara n arul was finally married...loads of pics were taken, where as usual won't be posted here cuz i pemalas (just check out fb) after we had high tea, n there was this small panic where there was no enough food n drinks, we went back to freshen up... later that night we had a small tahlil, n dinner... stayed back till around 11pm+ i think but i was already sleepy...

so next day, we had to wake up a bit early than usual cuz dier khatam quran.. so we reached klang around 10am, n luckily too cuz then we mnaged to had brunch n i ate quite a lot.. the reception started around 12+ i think, that's when ppl started to arrive n all... arul came at 1pm n they took pics n all (u noe d drill) d best part was cendol i think... had 2 servings hahaha didn't manage to have my 2nd round of lunch cuz there wasn't enough food which totally sux.. i hate it when that happen... time kak fariza n kak fashira nyer wedding pon samer gk, but time tu lg teruk cuz xmkn langsung huhuhuh but late that evening, papa went to buy fried chicken so we had our late lunch... lapar siot kot.. but it wasn't the same... there was high tea too as well as birthday cake (dis week byk mkn cake) n later dat night we had a simple dinner n sara n arul opened their presents... hmmm i kinda make this sound soo boring, but we actually had fun... i miss my kazens n it was nice hanging out with them.. i think i didn't do justice to the ceremony, so i might post up pics.. but then again, maybe not =b yesterday some of us had dinner again with the newly weds..looking forward to this coming weekend.. going to ipoh, bertandang!!

welcome to our family arul!!