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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bloody Hell

so here's the scoop... Maybank had it's blood drive yesterday, n i'm not sure if you know this but i was trying to dontae my blood for like years.. sumthing about needles that gets me excited.. i really like the pain... n so far, the only pain i get from a needle is when i pierce n i have 6 peircings altogether, 3 on each ear... back when i was in KDU, they'd organised the same thing but i was underweight at that time, (u have to be more than 45kg) so i only manage to get students name n helped out a bit.. so yesterday was officially my first time to donate blood... and also my first time to blackout, but i'll just put that aside for the time being.. we'll get to that later... so i went down n filled up a form.. went to test my blood type, n found out i was a type B... den went to the next table to check my blood preassure which was fine n all, n registered... so now i have this little red book to prove it.. then i proceed to the chairs where we had to lay down for the big thing...the nurse straped my arm so dat my vein will pop out i suppose, then rubbed some kind of liquid there n took out her needle.. it kinda made my skin have this bubble inside n i was fiscinated that i didn't even notice she took out another needle which was bigger than i kinda shocked me but i didn't have time to react.. i guess that's why they had this bubble in my skin so that the big needle could fit in easily... so i spent like 10 minutes just pumping my hand so that the blood would flow...n when i was done, i rested for 5 mins b4 getting up to get a drink.. i didn't feel dizzy or anything so i just took the hot milo that they prepared.. they had bread as well but i didn't take it n i that was a huge mistake.. as the milo was hot for me, i only drank half of it... then i went back to the office n continue working... later dat day on my way home, i felt something different while in the train.. i felt like sitting down but there was no empty seats left so i just stand up.. n when there was only 1 station left, i felt very weak to the point i could no longer raise my hand.. it got blurry when the speaker said the next station was tmn bahagia, so when the trian stopped, i just knew i had to get out.. i really thought that i could make it to the seats, but apparently i was wrong... everything went blurry n the moment i touched the wall to get a hang of myself, i blackout.. i wouldn't say i stumbled but i had to sit to contain myself... 2 girls came up to check on me n they took me to sit for awhile.. without having to lie down, i could still feel like passing out so with all the energy i had left, i took out my purse n asked for a drink.. u see this usually happen to me but not to this extent.. it always happen at home so i usually get the chance to sit down or lie down in time, n give and take a few minutes, i was fine again.. i usually have a drink to.. last time it happened in public, i was in Gulati's at jln TAR.. i felt dizzy, maybe cuz i didn't eat that much, so i just sat down in a corner n breathe in deep breath.. so it was fine.. i never really get to that point where i really felt like passing out.. so yeah, yesterday was the first for two things.. anyway, i settled for a few minutes, n d 2 girls took me downstairs.. i was feeling a bit better n managed to cross the road without having to stop traffic =b deffintely a good experience for me.. so my advice, always get some rest n eat after donating blood hehehe

i hope this world could be a better place