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Monday, March 22, 2010

i don't know what to say

i've had my fair share of being immature.. it may sound fun n cool or hip, whutever u call it, at that time.. but really... looking back on things, i felt so dumb about it.. it started out as something unimportant n irrelevant to u... but play along with it, n it eats u up... u can't help but get hooked to it n somehow, at some point, it became a part of u... the slightest thing can trigger u n make u react.. suddenly u burst n say things dat contradict each other.. u dun care, yet why are u ticked?

well i guess some people just wants drama.. they think their life is a lil wee dull without it.. i'm not sure if i've passed dat phase of life yet but i think i could settle with what i have now.. i'm very close to my family n i wouldn't have it any other way... i dun go out much n hang out with my frens but i do appreciate the ones i have now.. sure sometimes i feel distance, but i'm kinda used to it.. for the time being, i really enjoy just going out with my family especially my sisters.. so yeah, i guess whut i have now is pretty much enough for me.. so i dun think i'd dwell into petty things or being totally immature about it..

i dun wanna loose my family.. i love them so much =D