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Friday, March 19, 2010

for you i will

ye2.. nnt kiter upload pics2.. mls nk upload byk2 but i'll filter maner2 yg kiter rs ok la right..

so anyway, went to Disney on Ice which was fun.. as expected, it was a bit similar with the few shows that i went before, but i never seem to get enough of it.. i literally grew up wif disneys' cartoon so i'm head over heels for 'em, especially the princesses.. no wait, cut that.. especially Aladdin.. i'm totally in love wif him, n brad kane's voice is heaven... *drools* but there was no princesses this time, just The Incredibles... so yeah, we did enjoyed ourselves.. although getting out of the parking area was like hell, it was still worth it..

honey... where's my supersuit??


tempe said...

waa g disney on ice...why still blur? bukan hari2 pon blur ke?