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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lite FM vs Hot FM

off course la i'll choose Lite fm any day.. so now that ur radio is on Lite fm, please don't change it back to that annoying Hot fm with extra annoying songs.. see whut u've done to me, how much u innocently tortured me by having these songs stuck in my head... never did i thought i'll noe such songs =b i heard songs by The Carpenters, Grease etc today so that's a good sign... so please la, no more Hot fm k? hahahaha

anyway, that foot patch is making my sole sore.. feel like getting a reflexology (is dat how u spell it) aarrggghhh this thing keeps on smelling... regardless of that, will still be sticking it up again tonight...

cepat la weekend...


so i went to OU last night wif my lil sis to buy Sims 3 Late Night.. Woot!!! jom hbskn duit bli Sims Original =b

yeayy our collection is complete.... so far... then went to Parkson a bit, n suddenly felt like there was a lotta clothes that i wanted to buy... sabar2, save sket duit tu, nk bayar keta hahahah izad also tried to resist a cute purse.. nk sy blanje ker? =b so jln2 a bit, n we passed Coach.. as mentioned here in my previous post, i saw this cute handbag there but this one cost rm525... i'm pretty sure it's the same one but i donnoe why the price differs... maybe i saw a bigger version of this..
cute x? n no, this is not a hint for you to bank in money to me n ask me to go buy it for my birthday present hahahahah but if u insist, my acct no is ########### =b i like the colour of it, it's so bright n cheery, don't u think? anyway like i say, i won't really splurge my money just for a handbag, no matter how cute it is.. i used to like collecting handbags (yg cheap2 la) n change once in a while when i do go out... now i always use my Miss Whataver skull handbag cuz it's easier.. it's always there in my room.. except for saturdays.. whenever i remember, i'll bring my Tropicana Life recycle bag or whatever u call it.. cuz of the no plastic bag day.. bukan sbb kedekut byr 20sen, cuz sumtimes kluar, kitorg amek gk plastic if byk sgt barang.. just the thought of saving the earth is fun hahaha

had a nice nap just now.. seriously, skrang slalu ngantok jer...padahal before this pnh gk tido around 2am or like dat.. last night i slept at 12:30 n ngantok gler.. maen Sims nyer pasal... can't wait for weekend, then i can play the whole day hahaha next week blk pd yeayy nk jumpe baby b.. tp kne mkn kari =s oklah, back to work...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maybank Cahaya Kasih Sales

maybe i should've taken some pics to lighten this up, unfortunately i didn't.. so today was the 3rd n last day of the sale.. managed to buy a box of Ice Cream Cupcakes =( wanted to buy 2 cuz mama wanted 1 to herself huhuhuh anyway hope we could share... n also 2 boxes of foot patches... personally, i think this kinda sale is a very good way of fund raising (better than washing cars).. i think i spent about 100 just to buy things from there.. seriously, these are my weaknesses... i dun spend money on expensive things, or what not, but most of my money flies away from these little things... not really sure if i could catogorise myself as a big spender tho.. lets see what i bought within those three days..

2 small ice cream cupcakes = rm10
1 cookie = rm3

2 large ice cream cupcake = rm14
1 small ice cream cupcake = rm5
1 box of foot patch = rm15
1 kek batik = rm4

1 box of large ice cream cupcakes = rm40
2 boxes of foot patch = rm30

Overall damage? rm121... all in the name of charity? well honestly, the food comes 1st then the charity huhuhu kejam x? so imagine if they have this kinda sale for the whole week.. aiyo, duit mmg hbs kt ice cream cupcakes tu jer la... my latest addiction!!!!! strawberry je tau.. this time i will take a pic of it n anyone out there noe where i can buy this, lemme noe aight...

Paul the Octopus

i took the morning paper just now n read the front page for sports 1st like i always do... n what do i see?? R.I.P Paul.. yup, Paul the Octopus, famously known during the World Cup this year had passed on.. Paul became such a hype at that time cuz he, so called "predicted" the winners for GErmany's game as well as the finals.. i did watched several of the videos n it seemed to me that he picked those on the right.. so by right, the person putting the flag there is the smart one rite? owh well, it was based on home or away anyways...

moving on.. i went home from work yesterday n thought of taking pics of the Ice Cream Cupcake i bought.. but as soon as we had dinner, my sis ate one then i shared the other one with my mum, n didn't managed to snap a pic.. mum loved it so much, dat she wanted 6!! that's a whole box..all to herself hehehe was thinking of sumthing like dat too, but i guess i'll ask the ppl downstairs where they got it... owh, i tried the foot patch, n the results were just as i expected... it was freaking black!! yuck, it's so disgusting but i can't help staring at it n thinking, where did u come from?? so yeah, officially i have a whole lotta toxins in my body that i need to cleanse.. not so sure how many patches i'll be needing till the before and after results won't differ, but i think i'll buy 2 more boxes later... hahahha shopping sakan xingatnyer...

got a surprise from Jue n Kin... will post later about it..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


this must be the most boring day ever!! been sitting here not doing much.. did my BSC.. sent my test script for review yesterday (minus Fx Option), so didn't have much to do now... i noe i'm suppose to at least have the initiative to figure sumthing out, but it's one of those lazy mode day... owh wait, that's everyday to me..

anyway, Maybank had their Cahaya Kasih sales again today.. i bought 3 Ice Cream Cupcakes n kek batik... n also, after reading Hani's post here, i felt the urge to buy something out of the ordinary... a box of Foot Patch.. my mum used to try this once, and yes the results were blackish/brownish... not really sure what kinda toxin is in my body but i bet i could see a major difference in the before and after colour hahahaha will try 'em tonight n see the results then...

10 for rm 15..

Ice Cream Cupcakes that i bought..

Monday, October 25, 2010

5 in 1

so last Saturday didn't really start out in a good way.. since my birthday had passed, papa decided to go for a family dinner as a note to celebrate our birthdays (the 5 of us) in one shot.. hence, the title... so we decided to go last saturday, n as any normal days where we have plans for dinner, we wouldn't usually have lunch... i told my mum that i wanted popiah for our snacks since we dun't wanna eat anything heavy in between.. so mama bought some ingredients on friday, n had only prawns left to buy on saturday... yada yada, i went for breakfast with mum that morning...

after we were done, went home, n it was time for a lil bit of spring cleaning.. the kitchen was our aim.. brought the laptop downstairs for some music while we cleaned up, n mama was upstairs playing Farmville.. relax some bit after awhile, then mama got ready for her class which was around 1pm ++ at that time... it was quite a slow day as usual.. after chilling for a bit, papa came back from his ritual golf.. did the laundry and it was almost 5pm where we thought we might not be making any popiahs today... so at 5:30pm i grated the ingredients for the popiah for tomorrow when mama came back... wasn't sure what her problem was, but i got a feeling it had to do with the computer being occupied, cuz she came downstairs asking about the laptop n whether it could be used or not.. one thing lead to another n suddenly everyone wasn't in a very good mood which sux cuz how r we suppose to g to a family dinner when we dun really feel like being there, rite?

so anyway, that's not really the point of this forward a lil' bit, we got ready n heaad over to Solaris Mont Kiara... papa being papa, he told us a bout this restaurant which had halal steak that his fren recommended, but didn't get the name of the shop or the exact location, so we were wandering around the area at first.. there was this meatshop, but mama refuse to go in cuz they were serving liqour, n she was still in a lil bad mood at that moment, n so was i.. n i didn't want papa to make a fuss out of it while he's in a good mood, so we wander off a bit till we saw this restaurant call Ole-Ole Bali.. sounded safe enough, so we entered there... i guess the whole surrounding with it's nice decor helped soothed the mood a lil bit cuz we were all fine the moment we entered it.. maybe we were suddenly all excited about the dinner.. or maybe that's just me.. owh well, pics of the food we ordered coming up soon.. we ordered quite a lot for our standards... but was all worth it..

Beef Steak Ciabatta (papa)
Seafood Platter (mama)
Sup Buntut @ Oxtail (yaya)
Sirloin Steak (mine)
Lamb Chop (izad)
Tipat Cantuk @ Gado Gado

Cumi Cumi @ Sotong tepung

so everyone had their own dish.. i dunnoe why yaya only ordered oxtail but anyway, she had one, n we ordered another one to share.. n had 2 sets of that Cumi Cumi.. so all in all, there were 9 dishes.. yes there were afew things that we didn't manage to finish but whut's the use of being Malaysians if u dun tapau (i ne, dat doesn't make sense).. Overall, we had a really good time together, doing what we do best.. the place was good, very cooling environment.. food wasn't bad (except u could taste a lot of serai in most of the dishes, but then again that's Bali for u).. i would say the price range is affordable la kot if u enjoy eating n indulging once in a while.. total for the whole thing including 5 drinks, cost about rm315.. too expensive? so-so? i dunnoe, depends la.. but for a 5 in 1 dinner, i'd say that's good enough..

Go Gunners

just a quickie to say Woot!! Woot!! the Gunner won against Man City away... was a lil scared to watch the match knowing Arsenal's usual performance is.. but then they play rather good for their standards.. playing against 10 men did help a ot.. off course defend still gelabah sket here n there.. Fabianski is still Fabianski.. maybe Wenger should buy that Hart guy.. he seems good.. owh, how much i miss my Lehman.. not sure till when can we find a good keeper as he was.. foREVer will be in my heart hahaha he was nickname Pak Leman during 2002 World Cup.. was happy that Adebayor didn't just failed to score, but was also a sub hahahaha in ur face traitor =b yer2 jgn emo2..

anyway, we're tied with them and also with Manu.. Chelsea are doing great as usual n it's gonna take a lot of effort to keep up.. 5 points gap.. haishh... can't wait to see the Gunners win a silverware...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eat My Yoyo

it's been such an exhausting week... i could barely stay awake at work hahahah i didn't noe there's some kind of 'punishment' for taking leaves =b after taking 2 days off, it feels like the workload doubles.. padahal xpon, it's just the same work that is yet to be done... i feel so tired constantly, n it doesn't help that i have sleeping problems... i'm not sure if it's the mattress or the heat, but sumhow i keep waking up at 4++ n it's frustrating cuz it'll den feel like i just slept for an hour or so.. last night i asked my sis to switch places, just to see if it was really the mattress problem (she did say it was heaty these few days) n last night i felt like i slept for 8whole hours, when i was then awaken by the sound of my lil sis entering the room... i looked at my phone n it was just 1:30 am.. so i'm not sure whether it felt like a good sleep cuz of the different place i was sleeping or cuz i was already lacking of sleep and it's all just started to catch up.. anyway, i woke a few times after that which might reject my mattress theory... fine, so i might not be the princess n the pea type of girl, but there's just something wrong which i can't put my finger to it... maybe it is high time we get a new bed.. we're just procrastinating...

nothing to do with the title actually.. i kinda do that sometime.. it's like naming a song... or maybe not.. kinda miss playing Nightmare Ned... i dun think i managed to finish the game but i'm pretty sure i was close... i dun play computer games anymore... it's always just Sims now... if only life was that easy, then i could cheat n get rich just like dat *snaps finger* (ctrl+alt+shift+c....type "motherlode"... press enter) and... wala.. i'm 50k richer.. in simleons that is... anyway, been staying back in the office these few days, which i dun really approve of hahaha went back at 8:50 pm on monday, 6:20pm on tuesday and 7:45pm last night...aiming to get back on time today, but we'll have to see... havn't really finished my work yet *yikes*...

i can't imagine all these ppl being a workaholic or just willingly doing these things cuz of their obligations.. well, some might really be into it, that's why it's bareable to them, but i just can't find any spot of this job that i could find slightly appealing... it's wishful thinking but i'd really like to get a job that i could really make a living with and enjoy it at the same time.. then i won't mind all the hard work cuz my heart will be into it as well... n no, learning about the Black Scholes model is not in that scope (which was what i was gonna do a few minutes ago, then realise, am i crazy?? i can't understand this thing... says the devil.. n the angel says, way to go, give up even before u try.... *slaps angel*)

story of my life

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Go Shawty

so yesterday was October 16th, aka My Birthday!! nothing special about it, never was anyway... i'm officially 24 years old.. owh, how time has passed.. not sure if i feel old or anything, but i sure dun feel like a teenager anymore (duh!).. so anyway, took thursday n friday off from work just to chill at home (my so called 3 days birthday bash).. chilled at home on thursday n went to selayang on friday.. kait mangga byk gler.. not sure whut to do with 'em.. might just bring some to the office...went for bowling with my sisers n mohsin that night too... played quite ok la for my standard...

anyway, yesterday i went to my colleague's wedding in Country Heights kajang n i must say the houses there are freaking huge.. where do these ppl get that much money?? hehehe
chilled a bit at home n played Sims 3.. then we went to watch The Other Guys... i'll give that movie 10/10.. too high? ok then, 9.5/10 la.. it's so worth it.. n having Mark Whalberg aka Marky Mark in it, helped a whole lot.. even the annoying Will Farrel that i dun really like did well in that movie... it's so hilarious, not a dull moment in it... highly recommended for those with a faint heart hahaha

so mohsin will be leaving today, he'll be gone for 3 months (boohoo) he's going for training in Belgium first before heading off to Gangzhou for Aesan Games.. Go Malaysia!!! *roll eyes* let's hope the equestrian team excel hehehehe then he's going to Guatemala for FEI competition or sumthing...

All the best to Abg Omar n Mohsin!!! bring home that Gold!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Butterflies are Over-rated

that's why i prefer skulls

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CamWhores Unite!!

since uploading pix here is like hell, i'll try to make this as simple as possible.. i've finally managed to get pix of USS from other cameras that were uploaded on fb.. so without any caption, i'll just upload the pix and hope u enjoy them...

Monday, October 11, 2010

over the weekend

didn't do much.. woke up early on saturday from the voices of my little sister.. sitting in front of the laptop trying to book tickets for a movie.. it was around 7:40 (yes, that's early in my dictionary) so decided to have breakfast with the big sis at pasar besar.. havn't been there for quite sometime, as i dun get up dat early usually.. was craving for their murtabak with loads of onions which surprisingly are yummy (huge compliments as i dun like onions, but theirs are sweet of some sort).. big sis had nasi lemak cuz there was a queue for roti canai n i dun think she wanna wait that long.. had breakfast, head home.. cleaned the house a lil bit.. managed to vacuum n stuffed the sofa cushion back to its normal form.. big sis dust the table n the vase on it.. we chilled for a bit, watch some tv.. we were in little girls mode that day where we we put make up for each other, thanx to Michelle Phan from youtube... then when it was a lil after lunchtime (since we had heavy breakfast) mum started to make roti jala n chicken curry.. was basically after i had some at work for raya celebration.. anyway, i washed the kitchen's window (wanted to do that for a long time) n now they're super clear... feels like the back neighbour could see our every move.. we ate later, the relax at home.. big sis n i attended a wedding on our parents behalf dat night.. they served the usual but i like their lychee drink.. i think i had most drink dat night compared to any other night.. so the day ended with me having another of my mums' roti jala, n calling it a night quite early.. n by early, i mean at around midnight...

sunday was a more lazy mode... woke up around 10 cuz the thought of Sims popped into my mind... got up n showered, run down to make a simple breakfast, den went up to play sims.. but before that, dried the laundry but minutes later, had to run down n put them to the side since it rained.. didn't even noe where it came from.. it was in a sunny day category anyway... watched tv in between.. ate nasi lemak that mama brought home.. watched a couple of movies, Grown Ups and The Last Word.. then watched more tv dat night... ate McD for dinner.. bbm with Mohsin fro a few hours, den went to bed..

end of the weekend

Friday, October 08, 2010


this was actually a draft for something else, but i dun feel like continuing it so i decided to post about something else... so my dad called the salesman yesterday (12/10/2010) n he said that my car will arrive within this week.. woot!! can't wait for it.. i'm taking two days off starting tomorrow.. however i guess i'll have to finish my test script today... i dun really fancy the new team, not cuz of the members but it's more complicated than whut i did before.. this consist of more calculation n in depth knowledge of the products here which i lack.. i think if i were to really learn n understand the products better when i first started here, there wouldn't be any problem.. so now it's a little bit of a struggle for me.. i'm really not sure whut to do.. i gave myself till end of yesterday to tell my line manager that if possible, i would wanna go back to my previous team.. but then i need to have something to show them that i've at least contributed a bit.. so maybe i'll just stick to this first then... (how did the topic went from my car to work, from happy to solemn)

anyway, back to the happier note, i'm ecstatic that my car will be here this week, cuz it's very good timing =D yes2, this saturday will be just like any other day there is.. but something about this year makes me look forward to it more.. i've accepted the fact and come to terms that i dun really need to care about others (yes, i'm dat selfish).. i just wanna be with my family cuz with everyday passes, i'm more obsess with them than i've ever been hehehe well, a colleague of mine will wed that day.. i might just stop by, especially if my car is here =D but we'll see...

owh n i had the weirdest dream last night.. don't u just hate it when u can't control ur dreams? i mean i can't even count the number of times where i dream of myself running (not sure from what) n i swear to god, i could definitely run faster than that even tho i'm not that fit at all.. i mean everything else is in normal pace, but for some reason, i'm in slow motion!! slow mo i tell u.. n even tho i always win (example, the person chasing me never seem to keep up) it's so frustrating that that could be qualified as running... same goes to flying (yeah i noe humans can't fly, but it's a dream ok) i keep flapping my hands, which replaces wings, n no matter how hard i flap them, i can't seem to fly higher..same thing, the thing trying to catch me below can't seem to reach me even tho i'm flying low.. anyway, last night didn't consist of any running or flying for that matter.. i remember bits here and there, but i can't seem to connect one scene to the other... one scene left me goosebumps but i'll just keep that to myself.. it happens twice this time, but this seems more daring than the other.. the previous one seems sweet...

ok enough talk, gotta get back to work.. looking forward to a long weekend.. and my car.. woot!!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

New Purse?

this here is the Fossil purse that i've been craving for... not sure if u remember, but i mentioned before that i wanted to buy a new purse from Fossil.. while looking for a shirt for papa the other day, i stumbled upon it again (i think it's d same one).. can't really see the yellow here due to the lighting, but don't u think the combination of the colour is nice? it cost about rm200+, so right now, it's a lil high price since i already went way out of my budget for the month.. but if i always look from the point of view that i didn't really indulge myself with anyhthing with the bonus i got, it seems well-deserved..

but do i need a new one? well, i'm not really the type of person who likes purses (n i dun think ppl change their purses that often right?) the one i have now is actually in a good condition, except for the coins conpartment which is torn a bit.. but it's still very usable.. i bought this one from Kak Ita at aroung rm10-rm30 i think.. can't remember the exact price.. n i bought it just for the sake of buying it (support die cuz dorg br nk start business)... it's a 2 in 1 purse, Fendi pattern but with Anna Sui marking on it hahaha yes, d fake purses u see tepi2 jalan tu.. anyway, before that i was using another purse, which i bought along with my elder sister n mum.. same thing, it was in good condition when i switch to my current one.. it was just a little dirty.. n prior to that (in my teen years) i was using a Nightmare Before Christmas purse that my sis bought for me (cuz of the skull) so guess why i switch? no reason hahaha it was in good condition, but when my mum n sis wanted to buy a new one, i joined them... before that (we're going backwards here) i was using a Bum Equipment purse i think, n i switched to a new one cuz my sis bought it for u see the drill here right? i dun wait till my purse is 'destroyed' before i buy a new one.. it's just that this Fossil purse cost more that whut i usually buy, hence the delaying..

so whut do u think? should i get a new purse?

might just post pics if i rajin =b
yes, becuz sy ter-rajin, i've got pics of the said purses (except for Bum Equipment, dunnoe where that is)

my current purse, Fendi + Anna Sui bought from Kak Ita

the previous purse i bought to match my sister n mum.. see, it's a little bit dirty n no, i dun really like pink.. just a coincidence..

the purse my big sis bought for me.. Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas..

Open for Busines??

a few days ago, i mentioned that my lil sis n i have a plan.. so actually we were thinking of opening a franchise.. Faiz started by opening Ayam Penyet, den Zain opened Tutti Frutti.. so we were thinking of opening either Tutti Frutti too (but nnt cm rivals plak) or maybe Subway.. the point is to open a fanchise that doesn't require much staff n tedious work.. Tutti Frutti would be simple as it's self-service, n employees are required just as cahsier or to clean up d place (roughly la).. i asked Zain n he said we'll need aroung 300k to start off (where to get that money).. another option would be to open Subway.. i'm not really sure whut goes on behind the scene, but up front, it doesn't seem much tedious..

so i's nice when u think about it.. the idea of having ur own business is appealing.. but the real thing instead is whut's uncertain.. yeah it may seem like another daydream for us.. but it's something that i'm really excited about..we'll see, maybe as a young adult *cough cough* i might actually do something about it.. inthe meantime, i'm just browsing websites to see the possibilities...

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa!!

a big shout out to my dad for being awesome.. woot!! woot!! he's officially 59 years old, n hopefully will live a long n healthy life.. us sisters went to buy a shirt for him last night (n went for bowling too, 79 n 92) and a cute card too..will leave my lil sis to give him the presents as she havn't signed the card yet.. anyway, will keep this short.. lazy mood overwhelms me at the moment but i just had to make this post for my dad, tho he doesn't read this..

anyway, lots of love, i only wish for the best for him n our family.. may our lives be blessed by God...


got a text from him at 10:45am today.. "Hi girls. Tks for the shirt n card. Love dad."

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Oh Work

how i despise u.. eventually we will part, n i have to say i'm looking forward till dat day comes.. my sister n i have a plan, n at this moment, that's the only thing it is.. a plan... but we will make it real..someday.. somehow.. but till then, noe that i am only compromising my time with u.. i have no feelings for u, nor that i intend to...

off for a movie with mohsin.. my sis dun get why i wanna go even tho it's a late night movie.. it's not about him but more on how i dun go out much, n i do but i'm not at home always by choice.. life gets tiring, n sometimes there's things i gotta do to keep me sane..

stop all the bullshit

Friday, October 01, 2010

Guilt can eat u up inside

sorry for yesterday.. maybe i should've insisted more.. i can't blame them cuz maybe they didn't noe.. yeah it may seem like a small thing, but i think something similar to that happened before too right? i could see the disappointment in ur face.. i felt so bad after that.. i hope u will forgive me..